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I have read ever book by this author and she has yet to disappoint. This book is lighthearted and an easy read, but at the same time is able to touch base with the feels easily. It's the type of book that you can read straight through, getting out of the relationship with a content warmth in your stomach and a grin on your face., This is an excellent book. There are numerous grammatical errors which detracted from the overall enjoyment, but otherwise a great story with believable characters., I enjoyed everything concerning this book, the love, the romance and I'm a fool for happy endings so that's a given! Although I actually would've liked a little really an ending, it just, well, ended if there were to be a sequel I would definitely read it! I would love to follow on more of Kayla and Riley's love story!, Another wonderful book by Siera Maley. I absolutely love it. The majority of the reviews say it ends abruptly. I thought it ended perfectly. It would have been nice to have a epilogue. But however, I thought it was Great, It was a great approaching of age story that tells the story of blurred friendship lines that progress to something more. The story line flowed very well., Read it in about two days and nights. Good easy book, I actually thought it was a good book, but at the same time disappointing in a way. I thought the idea of the two girls thinking they might be bisexual was a little odd. It was fairly apparent that instead of proving that they were bisexual, their behavior was rather odd. It absolutely was quite apparent to me that although they were dating kids, when the time arrived to prove their bisexuality with sexual intimacy with the opposite sex, they just couldn't get it done. The true bisexual would probably have no problem being intimate with the opposite sexual intercourse; given the chance., On the Outside is all about a trio of friends: Kayla, Riley, and Evan. They've been friends since first grade, and before starting high school promised to stay best friends no matter what. It's already been hard, but they've managed to stay friends, although not quite as near. Most of this is because Kayla has a boyfriend, but since soon as they split up, Riley and Evan start dating making things even more cumbersome. More awkward still would be Kayla realizing that she's jealous because the lady likes Riley too!

I actually loved the On the Outside had a very strong concentrate on friendship. It's all from Kayla's POV, so we get to see how awkward things feel to her as she watches her two best friends snuggle up together, then go out without her. Associated with course, we also get her struggling with her sexuality. Realizing that she likes girls (or at the very least just Riley) really throws Kayla off. She doesn't know if she's really gay, but she does still like boys, so is she bi? Is usually she allowed to tag herself as bi if she isn't sure, or if Riley is the only girl that she likes? I really liked discovering this, because those are exactly the type of thoughts that lead to bi-erasure. There is not quota of same-sex people you need to want to be andrĂ³gino. If you feel just like you are, then you are. It was nice discovering Kayla come to words with that at the conclusion.

The one thing (or maybe two) that kept me from enjoying About the Outside more was that it ends pretty suddenly. I've noticed with other books by this author, that she rushes the endings. Normally it's just skimming over some final details, but in this case, I actually felt like everything was building, building, building and then just ended. Even just an epilogue could have cared for that. I actually wanted to see how Riley and Kayla being collectively affected their friendship powerful, because we got to see that with Riley and Evan. I also just wanted to see Riley and Kayla collectively, period. There isn't a lot of that at all, once the the fact is out.

I actually definitely still really enjoyed On the Outside. That is a very quick read, which I finished in one sitting. I love tales of friendship as well as friends-to-lover Romances, so this was certainly going to be a success for myself anyway. I was just disappointed with how everything was resolved.

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