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My parents "got religion" in their late 20s while in the tundra of Ak. Raised in a Fundamentalist Christian Church, I received the notion of spirit and the power of focus and prayer. But once the service was over, so was all discussion of the miracle and freedom (and responsibility) I had just heard from the pulpit. Now, as a 56-year-old woman, I actually have spent 15+ years spiritually seeking and working on my walloped soul. I've read most every book in the Fresh Age/Spirituality section at Barnes and Noble and beyond. And all of it has helped. I am centered, earnest and learning to operate from a base of love. Yet, the minute my ft hit the streets of NYC, I feel frustration, irritation, and angst. Err.... where is the software of my spiritual life? I am inconsistent with the protocol of meditation, gratefulness, and non-judgment. Plus then I read about Tosha Silver being on Dr . Christiane Northrup's Hay House Radio program. Plus I stared at the girl picture on Facebook, asking to be friends. I actually saw a neon Budweiser sign behind her and I knew I experienced for more information. It is the girl stories that crack available my faulty follow through and teach me to relax into my own "outrageous openness" of ability. I read this publication yesterday and didn't want it to end, when it did, I understood, KNEW I had the tools I'd been seeking since 1997 to live a wide open life! I actually thank all the writers and spirit guides I've read previously, but I actually inform you, this book will show you the way through Tosha's easy, clear, thrilling no strings linked honesty and ridiculously righteous power.

She breathes the wonder of affection.

Buy this book if you wish to live on entire and let the Divine truly take the lead. It is so easier and practical.

My favorite part is the tale of the spiritual woman who refused to see the God in everyone and did hilariously missing things like walking away from someone while they were talking or emptying a dryer with moist clothes in order to place her laundry. At the end of the tale, the woman is moving and catches a string of lights from the garage next to the girl and rather than stopping, lets the string tear off the garage exterior as Tosha and the other tenants watch the commotion trailing behind the girl. How many people are caught in this battle of wanting to source from spirit, but end up being horridly individual?

I don't want to live on like that.

Outrageous Visibility frees me to live a life open to prayer, help, and magic 24/7. I am fired up for all my tomorrows, and delighted to be being placed in the now of this present, my previous smiling, winded and done.

Thank you, Tosha., Just what a refreshing approach to nurturing a relationship with the universal source that guides us all. Give thanks to you for this amazing book..... I am enjoying it immensely, and I actually have already read most of the chapters more than once., This book is a delight!! This is a book that I know that I'll read again and again, there is so much to get away of it.

Each chapter is it's own little entity so you could just pick it upwards and read a chapter and sit with it a while. You could also get really fired up and read it all in one go, which is actually I did.: )

There are a few chapters that talked about Astrology but seeing that I know nothing of Astrology, it read like Charlie Brown's older people to me. I'm sure that individuals who are in the know will get something out of it, I recently didn't. The sleep of the book is so wonderful that it didn't bother me though.

I highly, highly recommend this book!, Excellent publication. This book really helped to put a lot of my beliefs into a clearer perspective. For me, what the book teaches is simply another form of letting go but facilitates the feeling there is something bigger than you that actually does loves you, can be obtained and wants to help if you just ask. I especially liked the idea, it really is ok to ask for what we think we want and then to add... or take the desire from me personally if this is not in my and everyone more who is involved maximum good. It helped to tie together a Christian upbringing with many of the quotation " New Age" psychic ideas that are available to learn in our culture today. Michael Singer, Eckert Tolle, Miguel Ruiz and so forth., This is a fantastic music recording by Tosha Silver. Totally grateful so that Tosha explains and describes about how are now living in the movement of the divine and know how to pay attention to your gut feelings/or intuition to know what is best for you in certain circumstances in life.

Tosha gives plenty of real life stories of individuals where they turn their life around simply by being present and hearing within and trusting the advice given and taking the action from their gut feelings or pure intuition rather than making hasty rational decisions from the Ego, who is always trying to keep you in your comfort zone.

Taking actions from the divine or higher consciousness are more than likely can get to go outside your comfort zone, but this OK, you simply have have trust in the messages within and take action in faith.

Just listen this music and you be enlightened on how to do this., I'm getting ready to have my first child any day now, and reading this while readying my spirit was just what the work ordered. I think this guide could help anyone going through an important transition, looking for one, or simply just just moving through life and everyday struggles. The author is fun, easy to read and presents easy to understand concepts that can often be presented in a way that's off putting or over complicated. Love this book! I actually plan to re-read it whenever I need inspiration or to just wake up to the laws and the will of the divine instead of my ego and may. Give thanks to you Tosha Silver!, I really like it when books just "appear" and turn away to be profound. Tosha Silver understands at a deep level that we can and should invoke the Divine with confidence anytime, all the time. Take that one step further and recognize that absolutely nothing is else, so give up.

This book is a collection of stories that send us back over and over to the effortlessness of just asking for resolutions to life's everyday challenges., I really like this book. In some way Tosha magically makes a totally Woo Woo view of life approachable and doable. I have use the tools in the book with much success. Each time I feel the pressure of needing to " figure it radical, " I just follow Tosha's lead... " Is actually been decided and it can all going to work out exactly how it can supposed to. " BAM! I actually feel calm in a second. It lands as truth. Thanks Tosha. You Rock. - Jesse Gros - Venice CA.

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