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Let's face it--over 22 1000 people already reviewed this phenomenal book. It's been a bestseller for years--deservedly so.
Why create ANOTHER review?

First, in order to give author Diana Gabaldon her due. Not only did she write this particular long novel (plus seven more, plus some related novellas and such), and keep it endlessly entertaining along with vivid characters and refreshing plot twists galore. Zero, that was not adequate. She needed to write several of the most vivid sweet prose around. Above and over I discovered gems--dozens of them. They usually are the type of verbal gems that make any creator gasp and say " I wish I published that. " What a feast!

Second, to opinion on my fellow visitors. While reading OUTLANDER that seemed Gabaldon was just about everywhere. I recently transitioned 6 times through airports. EVERY SINGLE airport had someone reading through a Gabaldon paperback. Many readers had no clue exactly what was going on around them because they were clearly a couple centuries again, in Scotland. I wonder how many missed their flights?

Third, to touch upon copy editing (as I usually do). This is a long book. I did spot some errors inside my Kindle version but , compared to many electronic books, only a few errors. Room for improvement but overall quite good--better than most, for sure.

Chances are slender that anyone will come across this five-star review inside the vast ocean of existing appreciation with this delightful book and its creator. If, perchance, a reside person actually reads this particular review, please let me know using a " helpful" vote. I'll know it can a good day in order to buy a lottery ticket.

Now:   Dragonfly in Amber: A Book (Outlander) , I first read the series several years ago. With the the portability and ease of reading electronically I was reliving the stories of Clare and Jamie in addition to Brianna and Roger ou al again.

How sad that people clamor over the 50 Shades of.... books. This is so much more fulfilling. As "romance" novels have turn out to be more bold and comprehensive of explicit dialog I actually find myself skipping through that. Been there done that. Insert Tab A into Slot B... etc. etc. borING. I need the feelings and a sense of the relationship.

Diana delivers the feelings, sights, sounds, smells, triumphs and failures with her terms. She always finds jinglejangle and clever phrasing in order to bring everything alive : whether it is a trip across the marine or a dangerous come across or mundane every tasks or Clare and Jamie enjoying the delights of each other intimately. The particular characters live and inhale and exhale.

There are only a few publications I reread. I am happy I chose to reread the Outlander Series. There exists so much richness in addition to depth I had neglected. I also note things I missed the very first time which deepen the experience of the stories.

These usually are excellent stories with anything for most everyone., This kind of a phenomenal series. A must read! I found book two to be a bit slow in the beginning yet it's worth powering through. I'm in the center of book three right now and I love it. I actually do wish that the table of contents in addition to chapter skipping set upward was more fluid on the kindle version. Pressing the button to by pass to the next chapter usually takes me about a third of the way through whatever book I'm on at the time. Likewise, I wish the portion read figure would monitor the book you usually are presently on instead of the entire series. Those are kindle fire issues though, not Outlander issues. Outlander is important STUDY!, I was quite enthralled with book 1 of this series, so I enjoyably bought book 2 in addition to dove in! The book began 20 years later on, with Claire, a Brand new York physician, visiting Scotland with her 20 yr old daughter Brianna, a REDHAIRED FIREBALL, hint tip, as she begins in order to seek insight into her period in 1745 with Jamie Frazier. I enjoyed the storyline with Claire along with a descendant of the reverend in book 1 assisting in her search for answers. Brianna remains stubborn and steadfastly loyal in order to her " father" Honest, rejecting the notion of Jamie, who she highly resembles, as her neurological dad. The flashback to the 1700s goes on extremely long, detailing the war between Scotland and Great Britain, and the ultimate return of Claire with her 1945 timeframe. What I actually really wanted was the story of her return in order to Frank, bedraggled and expecting, and their ultimate getting back together and continuing marriage! Wow, well..... I guess I'll must buy book 3!!!!!, Diana Gabaldon doesn't dissatisfy with the Book 2 continuation of her Outlander collection, Dragonfly in Amber. All of us fell in love with Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall inside Outlander and the adore deepens with the next installment of the series.
My only minor gripe with this installment of the series is the rather boring elements of the political elements during the first (roughly) one third of the second installment. It is only a minor resfriado though. I understand that is necessary to proceed over the details and the ins and outs of why things are actively playing out the way they may be, so I trudged through it. The payoff for being a true lover and plodding through is immense. Once past that part, the story swiftly accumulates the pace as the Highlanders head in order to their doom through the Fight of Culloden. I won't provide anything away within this evaluation, but suffice it in order to say there are enough surprises to keep everyone intrigued and entertained.
I only gave that four stars since it is difficult to get perfection although explaining the political conspiracy, but Gabaldon comes close to achieving it.
A definite must read., Diana Gabaldon weaves a web of unforgettable people that show exactly how their lives are interwoven throughout th centuries. Time travel romance at the finest. Dragonflies in Amber is the second inside her Outlander Series. I actually will continue this collection; I would like to see if Expresse is able to discover her way back in order to Jamie after fleeing for their lives, he sends her toward her period to save her coming from the danger hounding his every step.

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