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Typically the Outermost House: A 12 months of Life on the Great Beach of Hat Cod by Henry Beston. Highly recommended.

In his stories of a year invested in a tiny house on Cape Cod's great beach, on a crête between ocean and sand hills and marsh, Henry Beston recognises something of which many of us are no longer aware-the cyclical nature of life.

Also the beach itself, embattled between land and sea, wind and wave, is the result of a cycle. Beston vividly identifies the many others that take place during his year, for example, the advance and retreat of the varied plant life after the dunes and the corresponding changes in coloring and tone. Even when the dunes appear deceased, Beston finds life hiding in the development stage of its cycle; of the insects he admits that, "... yet one feels them here, the trillion, trillion tiny eggs in lawn and marsh and sand, all faithfully spun from the vibrant flesh of innumerable mothers, all consistently sealed away, all waiting around for the rush of this earth through this space and the revival of the sunlight. "

Typically the cycle of night and day had been lost to most by 1925, the year of the outermost house, as Beston notes. He says, "Primitive people, gathered at a give mouth round a fireplace, do not fear night; they fear, rather, the powers and creatures to whom night time gives power... having shipped ourselves of nocturnal foes, [we] now have a dislike of night itself. " Within the beach, however, Beston can experience the "poetry of night"-beach-combing skunks, frolicking deer, stranded skates and dogfish, and great tempests and storms that ground boats and ships and block or carry off their crews.

Of course, life and death are part of the cycle, smoothly illustrated through tales of shipwrecks (past and present), but perhaps most poignantly shown after a great summer storm, when all that Beston finds of a least tern colony is an eggshell explode, then, after further search, discovers the song sparrow determinedly sitting on the woman nest, which is now only inches above the wind-piled sand. Just like the Master, the sea giveth and the sea taketh away, just one way of life that is most clear when potential predators drive in schools of fish to feast on, only to find on their own stranded by the persistent surf.

Immersed in all these cycles and rituals-the seasons, day and night time, life and death, migration and hibernation- Beston, perhaps unconsciously, creates his own, including not only the functional such as weekly visits to town for supplies, but also the equally necessary-the regular seeking out of the Nauset light and the companionship of the Coast Guardsmen who man it and who patrol the coastline. These kinds of human contacts become the ritual of Beston's own human life, when it is not involved in observing the world and the life around him.

Beston did not write The Outermost Residence with a purpose, other than to please his fiancé e; that is, his intent was not to preach or persuade but to observe and explain. At times, the pathways ramble accordingly, but at other instances they perform, as when he states of animals, "They aren't brethren, they are not underlings; they may be other countries, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of our planet. "

Given the frequent débordement of the world, where a thriving colony of terns may be replaced by a storm-tossed sand dune in the course of one night, it seems appropriate that the Fo'castle, the outermost house, along with its beach, was reclaimed by the ocean during a winter storm in 1978. Knowing the ocean and the land as he did, Beston might have been surprised that the house survived as long as it performed. Beston does not have to resort to preachiness for the outermost house-and the fate-to please make sure about our tenuous link with our failing world and its rhythms. Typically the outermost house is eliminated. Discover, explore, and protect what remains.

Diane L. Schirf, 18 September 2006., Beston does a great job of describing the plants, animals, vistas and sounds of Cape Cod. At the time, he was able to live remotely away from others. This couldn't be written today with all the swarms of individuals everywhere. This book made me want to go back to that era where a person could enjoy solitude and nature., This is a wonderfully written book. It will cause you to decelerate to the rate of life... Nature in its raw observation distribute over the seasons is a miracle unfolding... Read this book. Decrease, none of us are getting from this alive., a lyric paean to the outermost beach, dunes, and wild occupants - experienced firsthand during a year alone on the shore. Beston is a fine writer who can support descriptions of coastal nature's dimensions - sight, noise, smell, night, wave, to name a few - with fullness and accuracy and grace. A treasure of a book and evidently a classic in literature about nature., a fascinatingly different book and life of the writer, A beautiful, fervid, literary masterpiece; it's no wonder it has already been on the web for 75 years. Thoreau would even be impressed. You don't have to are now living in a coastal area to find it fascinating and lyrical. Beston's description of residing through a true nor'easter and emerging to find his cabin surrounded by water is, alone, worth the price. Strongly recommended., Genuinely a lovely read. Espif you've been to Hat Cod., Written in detail by a writer who actually spent a year on Cape Cod - excellent.

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