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I had been fortunate to have worked well with and then for Ali. This specific is a great publication, a tribute to the life span of a great man. Having been smart, astute, and the majority of all always welcomed you with a warm infectious smile and a twinkle in his attention. Never saw him once lose his temper under some stressful situations. You will read about a great leader in a contemporary society that started his life as a happy Desert Nomad.
Frank Fugate, former Aramco Senior Vice-President and Panel Member, This is an outstanding book, written by a man who knows every factor of the oil business from first hand experience as an engineer, manager, exec and oil minister. This takes the reader to the desert, the running plants, the boardrooms and the global venues. This provides a amazing combination of detail and global considerations. I have read many books about oil and this is the best and most informative., This book has special interest to me because I was on the planet Oil Business myself together achieved his predecessor in Ciro several years ago.
His story told me of the story of a young man in the early 20th of century who made it much like Ali Al-Naimi did. This is one of the books
I will be discussing with a unique reading group I belong to in whose focus is mainly on world economical issues. One of the comments I made to my local freinds in this group helped me want to get out into the Globe Oil Business again, this time, with a lot better understanding of how to be more successful at meeting the requirements of the company We worked for and the needs of the federal government agents I was speaking with. What surpized me the most is how Ali Al-Naini used the resources available to him to make it possible for the folks of his country and others to advance their schooling.
This man is an extra special man and I feel honored by having a chance to read his book, We, like many Saudis and members of oil industry, have huge respect for Mr. Al Naimi and I was eager to read this book. That said and without dismissing the value of this work, We found this book displays many negative sentiments about how exactly he progressed throughout his career and the selection requirements for leading oil men he chose such as the one he promoted centered on single encounter in a presentation session.

Previously mentioned all, I was looking forward for shedding light on the controversies around major events he was part of such as the rise and fall of international gas initiative (despite what the author tried to avoid, he sounded against it from the initial talks). It is also evident that he deliberately overlooked the events that led to the selection of KAF as a CEO and later as minister since he discussed adequately about Juma'ah's story.

In addition, the KAUST chapter includes many negative connotations that are apparent throughout the story. As an example, the story attempts to emphasize the effective use of time, but at the same time, it reflects a state of unexpected emergency!. Shortcutting and rushing everything against the opinions of world's experts in connection with reasonable time to build an institution with such plan can equally reflect what could be perceived as ego and/or major misjudgment. Within addition rather than withstanding the surprising billion diathesis that may be due to poor planning, making 74% error in estimating the endowment and resorting again to the king for additional fund is enough to understate the whole KAUST story, it questions the quality and basis for estimating the first ,50 billion and the certification of the highly paid consultants and experts. Furthermore, it unintentionally reflects another negative connotation against california king Abdullah as if he or she was naive and not aware of what a college budget should involve.

Whilst Mr. Al Naimi is renowned for his career in oil business, he was equally responsible for the mineral resources sector. However, he did not cover the difficulties he faced in this sector leaving many interesting stories unattended.

Moreover, We don't assume that the author really wanted to say that the policymakers in Arab saudi became aware of the runaway energy demand only following your paper introduced by Chatham House.

We truly hope the particular factors to be considered in future editions., I liked Mr Al Naimi's publication and found it extremely interesting. I met your pet several times while working at ARAMCO aviation, because their special flights coordinator. Having been always a perfect guy and worked very hard to get to be the oil ressortchef (umgangssprachlich). I wish him the best of happiness and good health in his long overdo retirement., A good excellent reference book on what was the history for the rise of oil prices and how important Arab saudi and the impact of Ali Naimi in this. I worked well in Saudi Arabia for 8 years and on some of the key jobs that influenced economical development within Saudi and the world., Wonderfully written publication about a man's journey from Bedouin to the most powerful non-royal on the Kingdom of Saudi Persia., Excellent book to motivate young people. Thank you very much

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