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Mr. Benedict delivered the "goods" in bringing to light the perverse violent "thug culture" which has damaged the "soul" of the NBA.

His no-holds banned (screw political correctness) approach has shed the light of truth on thug-rape culture which is now the NBA.

He also peeled back the lid of college ball, exposing how academically inept players are coddled and exploited, are allowed to be a menace to society.

Gone are the days and nights of gentlemen players such as; Larry Bird, Dr. Julius Irving, and others...

Thank you Mr. Benedict for an outstanding job superbly done., Jeff Benedict presents proof of what we all instinctively knew: college basketball protects, pampers and prepares players for a lawless life in the NBA.

1. Very good basketball players are hired for their athletic talent only.
2. Classrooms provide little education and learning for college basketball players.
3. Number of college players achieve the NBA.
4. The NBA protects the image by helping pro players avoid the effects of their criminal activities.
5. Generally female victims of these college or pro players are often too terrified to cooperate with criminal investigations.
6th. NBA players almost have immunity from prosecution for any crime.
7. Million-dollar NBA players have never grown upwards and are slaves to their anger and lovemaking passions.

Benedict documents the NBA players' criminal activity, their support by owners, coaches and lawyers, in order to save the NBA entertainment business. Benedict suggests that colleges and universities stop their enabling activities so basketball players receive a real education and graduate. But, Benedict can provide little evidence that any college golf ball program will take any steps to stop the crime wave of activities and rapes on grounds or later in the NBA.

The NBA is a lawless entertainment business., Great book that scoops off into the criminal lives of the NBA's greatest (and not so greatest) players. This guide even has dirt on NBA players of crimes dedicated that was swept under the rug, by NBA league officials. The players name's in this book that found myself in previous legal troubles may surprise you., What a fantastic book! The author exposes the vastly under-reported NBA problem: many NBA players have tremendous criminal baggage. Furthermore, he exposes how and why crimes by NBA players are typically hardly punished (if at all). I'm a sports lover, so this was a sobering read for me., Fantastic insight into the NBA inner workings. Older book but still very relevant in sports., Benedict chooses a premise that is not hard to prove: Professional athletes, specifically NBA players, statistically are more likely than the general population to dedicate crimes, specifically crimes of sex and violence. Their research is very convincing as he provides data on the number of players in his sample who have been charged of crime.

But I actually do have mixed emotion concerning this book. The biggest flaw is after stating his thesis, he then provides examples. These are generally graphic and what grab the reader. But, in my opinion, he spends an exorbitant amount of time on the few examples. So, rather than concentrating on a well-researched subject, he relies on a few examples. Now these examples are horrible. Particularly Rueben Patterson. You become more and more amazed at the stupidity and sense of entitlement of a few of these athletes. It is appalling!

My second enfriamiento with this book is the story of the Iowa State freshman golf ball player who commits provided robbery but is found not guilty, per the book, generally due to the testimony of his coach, Johnny Orr. This is another detailed history which makes for interesting reading. But nearly all of it concerns an athlete with problems in college. This particular player's stay in the NBA was very quick and not crime related. Benedict has plenty to prove his point. But I used to be very unimpressed with the stories he selected. Was it because these stories are the most entertaining to tell even if they only narrowly touch NBA players?

Overall, I am glad I read this book. It contains great information and interesting, though disturbing stories. But We find it just a little upsetting on the thesis/proof connection. And it's also damning to the many good players/citizens who are painted with this broad brush. But if you are a girl and want to be around NBA players, you need to understand what you might be dealing with., Excellent book about the dark side of NBA golf ball, New and revealing stories..

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