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In his opening remarks Orgyen Chowang shares his concerns as a native Tibetan with the lingual difficulties inherent in transitioning the Buddha’s teaching from east to west. His concern is well taken. Many of the teachings translated to date seem to be awkward, mired by the transition from the Tibetan language and Tibetan rituals. So how really does Orgyen Chowang’s new text message explaining Dzogchen fare? That deserves accolades.

The author promises a “complete” explained Dzogchen, a practice considered the maximum practice of Buddhism and capable of bringing enlightenment in a single life time. It is systematically discussed without awkward linguistics or foreign ritual and certainly no requirement of expert worship. The essence of the teaching shines obviously and brightly. The author summarizes the dissimilarities between pristine mind and common mind, then lays away in some detail why we can never rely on our ordinary brain to provide not short-term happiness. He then details how to achieve perfect mind, and then how to maintain it. An individual won’t hit any velocity bumps from this effortlessly flowing writing.

Mid- publication the author outlines the principle meditation practice for pristine awareness as instructed by Padmasambhava; (1) Don’t follow the past, (2) Don’t anticipate the future, (3) Remain in the present moment, and (4) Leave your brain alone. The author frequently returns to this practice and expands on it as a useful method both in and out of formal meditation. He also discusses other meditation methods including the mindfulness of breathing as useful at times in establishing the tranquil brain necessary to set the stage to engage the pristine mind. The author is taking us over and above theory into program.

In the last few years the number of dzogchen texts and commentaries translated from Tibetan has increased exponentially, but most are still laden with tradition. This text has completely transformed itself for the western pallet and it may be a very enjoyable way to feast., I have been associated with Buddhist methods of spirituality for more than 35 years.. in that time I have explored all three phases of Yoga: hinayana, Mahayana, and tantric Buddhism... This book details in the most clear form that I have ever witnessed the practice of Dzogchen, a brain essence meditation technique that comes from the Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist order... I have read many books about this subject... and none can compare with Orgyen Chowangs book!! It is a difficult subject to address, and is explained here in a manner so amazing that reading it is a life changing experience... An additional Tibetan Buddhist brain essence meditation method is mahamudra, and associated with the Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism.. I believe it is much the same as Dzogchen, in the essence, but I have never encountered an exposition of mahamudra as clear as Orgyens writing on Dzogchen. Namaste Orgyen Chowang!!! You might have given a precious surprise to all sentient beings!!!!, Using language that is deceptively simple, in " Our Pristine Mind, " Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche teaches essence meditation without dogma or cultural bias. He speaks to our shared human condition, and offers methods to reduce our suffering. The 4th section entitled " The Good Heart" gives one of the clearest and most intuitive presentations on the teachings of the Four Immeasurables I have encountered. The final area of the book offers practical descriptions of the stages of " enlightenment" as they pertain to everyday life.

There are many techniques of approach, and this book is a great and direct introduction for those thinking about learning the key of Buddhist meditation, as well as offering refined insights for experienced meditators. Highly recommended!, Pristine Mind is an extremely straight forward book about the stages of the psychic path. Rinpoche breaks it down into intelligible steps making something which seems opaque and inaccessible precisely the opposite. It is an extremely pithy book, not a quick read, but rather one you will want to chew over and digest for a deepening of your understanding, practice, and realization. I actually believe beginners on the path as well as old timers could greatly benefit from this guide. Furthermore those uninitiated into Yoga will find value in the practical presentation. It will take away the shroud of a lack of understanding of the approach and guides the reader in a methodical and clear way. It is a publication which the reader will like to save and return to over and over, for reminders and refreshers. A great read!, This author/teacher notes that humans are mental hoarders. He admits that, “We have this beautiful Pristine Mind with five amazing senses that are like beautiful windows to the world. When our mind is pristine, everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is viewed from the perfect perspective. ” But we store clutter and rubbish in our mind, preserving negative thoughts, annoying and unhealthy belief systems. Orgyen Chowang offers methods which allow us to step outside our lifelong perceptual tendencies also to simply abide in our awareness which cultivates a good heart that is courageous, strong, and patient.

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