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Another Wes Moore is the initial book for a school reading project I have read that has moved me a great deal that even after I was done reading it I did not want to stop reading. I read past the initial story to the after word and even the entirety of the acknowledgements. I have never done that with an e book before, period. This is a book about two boys with the same name of Wes Moore. The story experiences the very similar lives of both of these men from their childhood to adulthood. You see all the twists and turns in their lives that cause them to their fates, with one being a Rhodes College student and decorated Veteran, and another in prison with a life sentence. A person get to see the lifetimes of these men and attempt to figure out for yourself the big question of the entire book, " What made the distinction? "
Just what made the difference that led to our writer being successful and the other Wes Moore serving a life sentence? You read the accounts of both men's lives as they struggle to survive in the Bronx from declining out of school, medicine dealing, problems with the law, and young pregnancies. This book brings a complexity to the interior workings of the minds of two boys growing up in environments where everything is against them and they're anticipated to become delinquents, and then criminals, because it's the norm. You see their rises and falls as they go on paths where they commence to fix their lives however just wind up falling right back to where they were. You feel the character's challenge together falls further and further from grace and the other begins to get their life back on track. You know the end result of the history and yet you keep hoping and praying that things will finish differently, that everything will work to both parties. It makes you forget that you already know the ending to the story.

In the finish of the book you're left with many questions and ideas, but overall the message that your situation doesn't define you, that anyone can change their future no matter how hopeless this current seems. This guide leaves you with the thought that anyone can turn their life around, while at the same time wondering why the other Wes Moore could not see the same. It's a powerful history of two boys becoming men in various ways and experiencing identical struggles of identity and trying to fight society's expectations of them while at the same time falling into them at one point or another.

I would recommend this guide to many if you need a powerful and thought provoking read that will captivate you and allow you to think about your path is obviously a little deeper like it do for me., The Other Wes Moore, is a riveting and well thought out book that kept my attention in entirety. The book explores the struggles of living in a poverty and crime stricken community that influences you in negative ways, especially in teens and young grown ups. Wes talks about what both his and the other Wes's life was like after not having a father and growing up in society that expects one to become another statistic. The book starts your eyes to the hardships not only males go through to survive, but the young single mothers who work day and night to provide and look after her children with the absence of their father. It takes you through the path both got, similar in some ways, to access where they are today which is two different places. The story brings out emotions that makes you feel like it is that you simply who is going through the adversities that are faced. Another Wes Moore is an e book I would highly recommend to everyone., I really liked The Other Wes Moore. It was a really good book about the lives of the two Wes Moores. The particular author’s purpose was to show the similarities and distinctions of himself and the other Wes Moore. I really like how the stories go back and forth between both Wes Moores. I also love the way the book is based on a true history. I do not really like reading; however, this book was very pleasurable. The book goes from story to story. I believe Wes Moore do a very good job of telling the tales. Both of the Wes Moores grew up just blocks from each other. Author Wes Moore talks about how precisely neither of them had a dad in their lives. The guide also showed the many challenges of both of the Wes Moores. I feel like the biggest distinction between the two Wes Moores is the reality that one was a high school dropout and the author Wes Moore was sent to military school, which really changed him as a man. I believe military school kept him out of trouble. Overall, I really enjoyed the book., The particular Other Wes Moore is now my new favorite book. I have never been the biggest lover of reading and I always dread doing it, but this book was different. Even in the first couple pages, I knew I was going to like it. I loved how it provided the storyplot and perspective from each Wes Moore. This specific book reminded me that anything at all is possible and you are able to achieve anything if you don’t give up. It was very interesting to read this book because both Wes Moores’ lifestyles are very different than mine. The reality that this is a true story makes me realize how lucky I am to have two parents, go to a nice school, and live in a safe part of town where I don’t have to worry about getting mugged walking inside my neighborhood. It was very easy to read and follow along. It experienced so many details that I seemed I was there. I would definitely give this book a 5-star rating and I would recommend it to anyone, especially people who don't like reading., I read this book for book club and failed to review it on my blog. It was so interesting to read a guide that takes place near my house. I loved reading about these two men and how at a few moments of their life their lives could have switched places and there were many different reasons that sent them down the way that they ended upward on., I read this book for many reasons. A single that I have a friend who has expressed at one time this individual wished he could be two versions of themselves at a defining instant in his life because he had a hard decision to make and wished to be able to follow the course of each decision to their outcome to be able to live both those very different lives. Subsequently I am aware people I love who have had hard times in their lives and just like both Wes' wanted I sensed it important to show these people that only we can and should be the those who decide what hard choices define us. I appreciate all who were involved in bringing their encounters into my life through this book! I could say even I came away a changed person., I did not think this guide was well written especially towards finish. Author was not clear in comparing why the characters took such different paths which I thought was to be the concentrate.

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