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Not really a great deal is known about Mileva Mari''s scientific contributions, since her hubby, Albert Einstein, was careful to relegate her to the shadows. At twenty, the Serbian-born Mileva (known to her along with close up associates as Mitza), joined the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, where she did. She also befriended other young ladies who were determined to become professionals in their fields. Everything changed, nevertheless , when Mitza fell under the spell of her classmate, Albert Einstein.

" The Other Einstein" is Marie Benedict's fictional portrayal of the partnership between Mitza and Albert. At first, the two valued and admired one another; Mitza especially enjoyed the high-level intellectual discussion posts she had with Albert and his inner group of friends. Unfortunately, many obstacles kept the pair apart, including Albert's inability to find steady employment; parental disapproval; and Albert's self-centeredness and reluctance to make a commitment. The story is told from Mitza's viewpoint, and most readers will identify with the heroine's anguish at having recently been teased by classmates because of her pronounced sagging; her desire to please her father, who forced her to analyze for an advanced physics degree; and, when Albert in the end convinced her to put your pet first, her frustration at sacrificing her own satisfaction to further her husband's ambitions.

Although Benedict bases this poignant novel on intensive research, she admits that her narrative is mainly speculative; it is far from history or biography. Still, the author effectively recreates the atmosphere in Switzerland, Serbia, and Germany during the overdue 1800s and early 1900s—a time of class-consciousness and snobbery; sexism; anti-Semitism; strict standards regarding proper conduct between courting couples; and exciting breakthroughs in various disciplines. Mitza's plight infuriates us, not just because she could have been denied credit for her ideas, but also because she tried out, in vain, to be a proper wife to an egotistical and childlike husband. " Another Einstein" is a heartrending bank account of a brilliant female who wanted to do her duty, but instead sacrificed her soul., While not everything in this book 100% true given that research is limited with regard to Mrs. Einstein the author does a fantastic job of getting us into her viewpoint. I would certainly recommend this book in front of large audiences., Brillant and fascinating book covering a little known facet of history., This book was a page turner very well written, never dull. It was hard to put down. Although hype in content might have very well been true., I had been inspired to get started on this publication from your episode of Legends of Tomorrow where Mileva plays a core role. I had not heard of this woman before and was fascinated to learn that she might have played such a core role in Einstein's theories and celebrity. Books about obscure historical figures, especially female ones, always interest me. I actually was excited to get started on this one.

The heart of this novel is this amazing woman who so much potential yet obtained lost to history. I believe she's a prime example of how women have gotten lost in the shuffle of possible famous historical figures, smothered in the achievements of the men in their lives. She had so much to give and however was not given the credit she was due.

Yet part of the issue I feel was her. I don't know if historically her personality had any foundation in fact. However as portrayed in this work, I can understand why background forgot her. She began out strong, with desires as large as the world and the guts to pursue those desires with all of her being. She faced down family condemnation, societal obstructs, and physical limitations to pursue a degree and ideal of making a name for herself in the intellectual world.

When she hooked up with Albert romantically nevertheless , it seems like her dreams, personality, and needs became subsumed by his. It failed to happen all at once but gradually. When we approached the ending of the book, she ultimately drew the line in the sand and hit out on her own.

Nevertheless , the quest to that decision was painful. I watched this woman I had developed to admire make their self subservient and a second-class citizen to her own husband. She put his needs above her own so many times that she lost track of what she actually wanted. She put her trust in him again and again, never learning the lesson once he betrayed her over and over. At least by the end, she found her spine and stood up to Albert once his demands reached a certain unbelievable level. By the books send, I admired her again.

Now Albert... that's a figure that's interesting in this guide, whether it's in the fashion of an remarkable figure in science or a douche bag telling the truth of Hitler is upwards to the consumer reader. When even a quarter of what he did in this book really occurred, I have to question the level of appreciation given to him by history.

I do know for a fact that the list presented to Mileva at the ending of the book performed happen; that alone makes me distain him as a person. But throughout the entire book he treats Mileva horribly. He steals her ideas, cheats on her, physically and emotionally abuses her, and threaten the lives of her and his children for his ego. At least I could say the author shows her skill at characterization by making such an symbol of scientific history so in the end flawed as a human.

I think that is what can be taken away from this guide and what makes it such a gem. The author’s skill at making her characters so flawed and unlikable yet making us root for them all the same takes serious characterization chops. Even though I hate Albert as a person, his elegance and charisma still endure out. And Mileva… the crap that woman went through, partly what she allowed herself to endure, designed her into somebody who at the ending I really could appreciate and root for. Typically the character journeys portrayed in this book are the basis.

To me, this book was about Mileva as a person and historical figure. I feel the entire world lost out on a treasure once she hooked up with Mister. Douche-bag. The author requires the reader on emotional character journeys that leave you gasping and heart-wrenched. Whether you grow to love or hate Mileva and Albert, at minimum through this work, they still touch you in a deeply emotional way, right to your soul. I highly recommend this work to anyone looking to have an incredible character quest or who enjoy unknown historical figures., There's no better way to learn history than through storytelling. Aside from Albert and Maleva's relationship and the achievements, I found the backdrop of difficulties for women at the time exciting. I gave a three star rating as a neutral. It wasn't bad and it also wasn't stellar., He or she was more than a rascal and the author wrote a sensitive, believable account of living with Einstein., A fascinating look at the female behind the person and her sacrifices which were great. Mrs. Einstein was obviously a brilliant female who forgot to endure up for equality until it was almost past too far.

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