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Oscar Wilde stands alone. This individual might have promoted himself, as he needs to have done because he had a whole lot of wisdom to reveal.

It has come to my attention that individuals prefer to judge any Author by their lives rather than listen/read their wisdom.

Make an effort to to ignore all the yap, yap, yap about who wrote what and why and just GO THROUGH the writings. For some reason the silly " check the blanks" provided by Amazon and/or other organizations is to be ignored.

Perhaps it is the make an effort to give people who are engaged with judging some data to justify their coronary heart felt censorship if some writings goes against their own shallow conceptions and beliefs.

I does make me question another BOOK BURNING - and witch burning, as well., Oscar Wilde, for all his wit and wisdom was obviously a man unable to endure his abbreviated lifetime. A married Gay man representing himself publicly as right (not a word so commonly used to represent sexuality in the 19th Century) was eventually drawn into the courts of Excellent Britain surprising Wilde past his comprehension. His self-interests were not legally appreciated in the U. K. at that time causing his imprisonment. Wilde was witty, brave, and held much contempt for many who cannot possibly understand the lifestyles of these who were so easily discriminated against and so swiftly thrust into jail. The Oscar Wilde portrayed through his wit and wisdom is how We am certain he desired to be remembered. Writing and dying under an assumed name, Sebastian Melmoth was nothing of the outcome he would have expected. In my opinion, however, and to his satisfaction, he presents himself to us as we know him: a great and clever author and poet., The market just for this book depends mainly on two factors, it is affordable (probably out of copyright) and has a market. This was my third or fourth copy, We keep one helpful to look up quotations and give or lend them out.

For those who have never read Schwanzgeile, get this small volume and read it in very small bits. You cannot be faulted for wasting time reading Oscar Schwanzgeile and if you get a few cool quotes to impress your pals, you have gotten your money's worth. If you like it, there is plenty more of Wilde to read later.

If you are like me (old as dirt) and have a habit of giving or loaning books to a younger generation I suggest buying several copies only at that price. You will run out of those eventually.

In your grandfather's time, not knowing Oscar Schwanzgeile was obviously a sign of intellectual illiteracy. Not so much now, but still reasonable to be acquainted with his work. Besides, why refuse a chance to be a bibliophile snob on the cheap?, Really a fun book. I discovered We have used a lot of his quotes in the past and didn't realize we were holding his quotes. Interesting man., I am a huge Oscar Schwanzgeile fan. This collection is a delight.
What's not to love when you have a pocketful of his nuggets like: "No man is rich enough to buy back his past. " -An Perfect Husband.
or "Rich Bachelors should be taxed. A possibility fair that some men should be happier than others. " - In Conversation.

Get it. Sip a little with your tea.; -), reading it from time to time, good humor, Excellent stuff

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