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I possess suffered with joint pain for many years from being overweight for many years. I have persistent back and knee pain which i thought for certain I would need surgery for. A few months back I started using Regenexx for this pain and it has made such a difference. Whenever I saw this book, which focuses on Regenexx I decided to check it out. First of all, I must say I was very impressed by the comprehensive knowledge offered in this book. I learned so much more about anatomy and my own body with different tests in the overall stability. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is struggling from chronic pain!, In reading Orthopedics 2. 0 I had a amount of light bulbs go off in succession! What a brilliant way to manage pain and get healing.

This book comprehensively looks at chronic pain, and where it originates, and exactly how you can address this non-surgically. Using your own stem cells for growth is a good deal more appealing than the surgical options, that in my experience, don't always do all they say they will.

I possess two trouble spots I'm hoping to address using this method. Good products!, Like a former orthopedic doctor and advocate for stem cell research, I find Orthopedics 2. 0 innovative. Not merely am I able to apply the principles Dr. Centeno discusses to my patient care, but I am also using his ideas for my own health. Regenerative medication is the future even as we learn to heal ourselves more efficiently while gaining the opportunity to prevent injuries all together. My favorite concept in this book is the fact that it is meant to be ever-evolving, growing with medication. For the none medical reader some of the discussion in the guide may be difficult to grasp, but there is so much knowledge at your finger tips in this book that it is well worth your time. As for the orthopedic enthusiast, this book is awesome. I am hoping you love it as much ?nternet site have!, Fantastic info. Had stem cell injections inside my knee ligaments and went from 20 years in a custom knee brace to no knee brace in any way and doing hiking, biking, rugby, all activities, without having problems or pain!, Thank you Doctor. Centeno for writing this book. I have had knee and back pain for five years and I now have a much better understanding of what could be wrong. I wish I had uncovered this book before my two leg surgeries because I would not have had them. I am thankful now because I know for sure I will be not having the recommended knee substitutions. I am going to explore the numerous different options that are in your book and for the first time I believe optimistic. I would highly suggested this book to anyone with almost any joint, bone, or nerve pain to read this easy to understand book that will, I know, replace the course of your health and pain road you are on., Downloaded to my Kindle app. Worked fine. EXCELLENT information for anybody looking for alternatives to surgery and proceeding with research on stem cell replacement. Regenerative medicine is the way of the future. Good reading., I simply completed reading Orthopedic 2 . not 0 and I think there is a useful excellent information here. You may never provide yourself with too much good info. It's like have a really good orthopedic Dr. come and do a house call. I wish more Doctors would approach a people issues this way. Many Thanks a lot!, This book is truly groundbreaking in phrases of putting all factors of perform and anatomy together. This is comprehensive and groundbreaking. I must read for physicians, athletes, weekend a warrior and everyday folks confronted with potential surgery.

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