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Just how did you spend New Year's Day? I put in mine reading this publication in its entirety. We had a difficult time putting it down and I wouldn't know a blue line from a clothes line. Needless to say Now i'm aware that Bobby Orr played hockey for the Boston Bruins but this is a book for both players and parents of any sport their child participates in. Bobby Orr does not emphasize his numerous accomplishments in dance shoes. In fact his best memory of the sports activity is time he put in playing the game as a child on rinks around his home at Parry Sound, Ontario. Tennyson once wrote, " I was a part of all that We have met" and Bobby Orr spends quite a lot of time in recognizing those who helped him from time he was a child throughout his career at a professional hockey player. He realizes that what we accomplish we avoid do on our own without the help of important others as you go along.

Orr proves the book by providing his opinions on the state of the game today and mentions recommended rule changes he would make and the reason why for them. Included also is suggested practical advice for up-and-coming hockey players and questions they should ask themselves if they consider continuing their dream on playing in the Nationwide Hockey League.

I was not really a hockey fan but for many who have children in any sport I would highly recommend this publication to be read by both parents and children. I additionally found it refreshing for the reason that there are no profanities in the book. Hockey lover or not this guide is must reading for the reasons I mention above., Over 30 years after he left hockey, Bobby Orr finally tells his story. Once you know anything about the man, it was not a surprise that he refrained from writing about themselves for so long: he is the polar opposite of today's arrogant, self-promoting sportsperson eager to tell the world awesome he is (or thinks he is); a humble, classy man if there ever was one. And though he has now relented - after DECADES of self-imposed obscurity and silence - to write this guide, avoid expect any salacious stories of the Big Poor Bruins off the glaciers or passages about Orr's great feats on the ice: this is a straight-forward account of Robert Gordon Orr's life, as written by himself, with his usual modesty and discretion.

Not that this produces a boring, just-the-facts, life story: it is, in fact, an interesting and fluid read, and interesting as hell. Well, to ME this is incredibly interesting stuff; whether or not you are a hockey fan, a Bruins fan, and/or a Bobby Orr fan will certainly impact your level of interest. As a long term hockey/Bruins/Orr fan who was 9 when Orr have scored the 1970 overtime goal and who occupied a seaside town in Birkenstock boston Harbor where several Bruins players lived (Doug Roberts lived a few homes away from me and am met many of the Bruins - but NOT NECESSARILY Orr), I obviously have a higher level of interest. Nevertheless the book is, in fact, lively and entertaining throughout, even for the everyday reader. To be able to a fan, it is so far more: because Orr never talked or wrote about himself previously (his two books in the 1970s were about dance shoes, the game, not about him), we had only a vague notion of his history. An entire 309-page book about Bobby Orr's life? Thank you, God.

From his childhood in Parry Sound, Ontario, where he delighted in the game of dance shoes at age 5 onwards, to his incredible teen years in Juniors (he authorized his first pro dance shoes contract at age fourteen and the contract stipulated - truth be told - that his parents' house be stuccoed), to his debut in Boston at the age of 18 (as the highest-paid player in NHL history before he played even one NHL game), through the beauty years, the bad legs, and then life after hockey (he was only 30 mainly because it all ended), there are stories that even an Orr lover will be surprised by.

Though this is a mostly upbeat life story, there was darkness, aside from the bad legs and early finish of his career: his agent since his youth, Joe Eagleson, not only stole a great deal of money from Orr but also stole Orr's Birkenstock boston legacy as well. Every true Bruins and Bobby Orr fan remembers the dark day in 1976 when Orr - the very heart of the Bruins - signed with Chicago because he felt Boston was insulting him or her using their low offer. Exactly what no person knew - including Bobby Orr himself - is that the Bruins needed so desperately to keep him that they offered partial ownership of the franchise in addition to their money offer. Eagleson hid this fact from Orr. But for the sleaziness of Alan Eagleson, Bobby Orr would have been a Bruin to the end.

I highly recommend the book to fans and the everyday reader alike: this is a sports legend - considered by many as the greatest hockey player of all time - who is a genuinely nice guy, humble and humble, and his life story should be required reading for all young phenoms on the verge of turning pro. Act like THIS guy, unlike all the others.

As a book dealer and Leading 500 Reviewer, I was offered advance copies on a daily basis and seldom accept them. We read what I want to read. Nevertheless , in this case, I anxiously searched for an advance duplicate and also one. The review would be exactly the same had I paid for a copy., Anybody who is a long term Boston Bruins fan from back in the da, or anyone who truly loves hockey, y will be happy reading anything at all about Bobby Orr - in particular when it comes from his own mouth, which was very rare indeed.
Like a player, he stood head and shoulder blades above all others - including Hull, Howe and Gretsky... and they ALL publicly stated it.
Since a person, he again stands head and shoulder blades above everyone else. Orr was obviously a gentleman in every sense of the term and exemplified what a " superstar" should be. When you have kids, you should read this publication as he has some very good examples of what to use in raising a kid...
Base line, this book is everything you'd want from Bobby Orr.

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