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This particular first volume in Cara Malone's Medical Romance series takes one familiar figure from the Rulebook series (Megan) and puts the girl in the spotlight along with Alex, an EMT trainee who needs someone to force her to want to really live her life again after a family tragedy. Yet is Megan really the right woman for the job? After all, the lady still feels accountable for the awful way her previous relationship ended and does not trust herself with someone else's heart. Sometimes the heart doesn't ask, though...

Once again, Me. Malone shows us her expertise at writing characters with chemistry. Having read many of her books, I'd say she rivals the best in her genre at that art form. And, as always, the wit and wit, as well as understanding into human nature sprinkled in at just the correct proportions, make the story a joy to see., Cara Malone is a perfectly talented writer and has written what I think is an exceptional book. She has an remarkable way of including some intense subjects into the girl stories, through the lives of her characters. Yet, she does it with such grace, sensitivity and understanding. After reading her textbooks, I end up with an improved understanding of the actual individuals that inspired the girl characters go through. I really love that whenever I am done with the girl books, I have figured out something worth addressing.

I have noticed that her descriptions of the characters daily lives is important to the story. She provides detailed descriptions of the hospitals, classrooms and of course where they live. This enables us a glimpse within their separate lives.

Megan is a third-year med student, who has sworn off relationships. She just lately broke up ready partner and that has helped in her decision not to date. When she attends a class outing, the lady meets Alex and in that instance something changes for Megan. Alex is an EMT student and has gone through an emotional year and has dealt with this in a way that fits her. She never thinks that a class outing will be the place she decides to make changes. She is drawn to Megan the minute the lady sees her, but is not completely sure she is ready for what that truly means. Can Megan see through her demons, Will Alex want to stop being numb? Can these two women let love in?

I enjoyed the book so much which i want to re-read it. I will probably re-read it several more times. The particular pace and flow of the story was done beautifully. I truly liked the way Megan and Alex bult their relationship, slowly and with the understanding of each other's situations. I believed that getting a backstory to both Megan and Alex was the most important part of the book. It allow you to get a deeper understanding of what has took place in their lives, to make them feel not worth and that they don't deserve to have love. I also thought that all Alex’s story is something many people can connect with. Not saying that Megan’s is any less important. Many of us have at some point treated with a breakup. Yet, I love the way Cara incorporates all the raw and deep feeling and important issues into her stories, but it can completed with finesse and understanding. I absolutely loved the banter between Megan and Alex. It offers their relationship some depth, early on as it builds from a friendly relationship to something so beautiful.

I will always encourage others to read Cara Malone’s books. I was currently in the process of reading the previous two books from the girl: Love in the Piles and Sleepwalking. I consider reading all of the future books she produces and more than likely re-read her books. I also enjoyed how the lady introduced the new characters from the series in this first book. I can't wait to get at the backstory on the new characters of the series and more into Megan and Alex’s relationship. I can't wait for the next book in the series. I know that Cara will surpass my anticipation, she always does.

I have received the book for free as an ARC member in trade for an honest review., I'm a fan of Cara Malone's books and have read almost all of them. Her characters are carried out well enough to like them and have enougg depth for the story the lady weaves. That one to me fell a little brief in that department. Whilst i did like Alex's character and her tale, I found myself not liking Megan all that much and honestly found her reason for acting how the lady did lacking. I know everyone deals differently with situations but Megan was just too hot and cold and then what she did right after her and Alex received together was just completely wrong no matter the justification.
(Side note/error and its a large one... following the movies Megan and Alex ride collectively to her apartment. Yet when Alex goes to leaves she has the girl car... i think she meant to come back upward to remind Megan the lady needed a ride).
Anyway... for me it was an alright read. I will read more from this creator and continue the series cause well I'm loyal like that plus their free on kindleUnlimited: ), Another excellent book from this author. I was lucky enough to to have ARC for a truthful review and I'm so glad I did. The two of the primary characters are complex with issues that prevent them from embracing relationships. However, when they meet and keep working into each other, it seems that destiny has spoken. I loved Alex straight away but Megan just made me angry. Mainly due to way she treated Alex. As I read more, I understood why Megan acted the way she did. I can't hold out for a sequel for these two!, Romance at its best. Alex is so overcome with tremendous grief from losing a parent or guardian that it is difficult for her to enjoy life again. Megan is so conquer with the idea that the lady only brings grief to her relationships it is difficult for her to take an opportunity at something permanent. Both are suffering sadness but for different reasons. Can they breach their own self imposed walls to allow for happiness? This particular was this kind of endearing love story it can easily go onto my " books to be re-read" list. Thus, so happy this is merely book 1 in a series. Ms. Malone only writes wonderful books which one follows right combined with the others. Please do not hesitate to read this------it is not to be missed!!!, I didn't immediately realize that Megan was from a previous book, but it was fun to realize that relationship. I continue to be impressed at the author's ability to create intricate characters. Watching Alex and her mom both deal with their grief in different ways, at first simply trying to make it through a later date, then the progression of finding out what life will look like after their loss. That was a great relationship and side story that only added more to the couple's journey. I look forward to the next in the series!

I received an ARC from mcdougal for my honest review.

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