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Just how one allocates stars is subjective - I would give this 5 but believe that the literary content is not there. As a story, I was spellbound, frequently the need to stop because I could not see the written phrase through the mist of watery eyes. Congratulations to Margaret Humphreys for the girl dedication to exposing yet another horrendous episode in the annals of Uk political history. It turned out children who were the patients only makes it more serious; it turned out going on when I was a child, without my knowledge only adds to the scary. I have only admiration for what the writer has achieved, not only by writing this book but for all she gets done through the years to help those whose childhoods - and adult lives - were so brutally scared by the shameful behaviour of others. Man's inhumanity to man - here it is. And as far as I can remember, it was all GUYS............., This was a fantastic read - I could not stop reading it! It tells of grown ups in Canada and Australia (mostly) who were seeking any family ties after shipping as children as young as 4 years old from Great Britain and Ireland to Canada, Sydney, New Zealand, and areas of Africa. They had produced up neglected, used and abused, without kindness and affection accorded to the least of God's animals. They thought of themselves as nobodys; they experienced no birth certificates, and sometimes even their brands and birthdates were completely wrong. They were told that their parents were dead, and their parents were told they were dead or have been adopted, presumably in country, when in fact, they had already been sent to the far reaches of the planet with no hope of ever seeing their homeland again. Margaret Humphreys began researching and making every effort possible to reunite children with their families as quickly as possible because, after 40-50 years, time was running out. Like the Holocaust, many didn't want to believe it happened, but the best way to prevent a recurrence in any form is to be conscious of it. Keep the tissues box helpful as you read!, A rather surprising expose of institutional and government malfeasance and abetting of child abuse working on for over sixty years until about 1967 when it finally halted. The narrative documented and presented by Margaret Humphreys is agonizing and frightening.

I was also horrified again by the BBC's refusal to air the whole story when it was clear from paperwork and research that hundreds of children's and their parents' lives had already been forever afflicted and sometimes destroyed. Although I normally enjoy many of the Beeb's broadcasts/videos/podcasts, this disappointment to show bad behaviour factors again to the weird blindness that the Beeb exhibits in regards to appropriate journalistic standards on select issues of these choosing (this story is 1, but the Jimmy Saville scandal, and the refusal of the Beeb to allow proper discussion of global climate warming issues (the planet is nearly certainly not warming) are others)., Simply after the second Globe War until the eighties the British Government sanctioned abductions of kids who were (mostly temporarily) in proper care and their export by ship to Australia (among other countries). The children were often told their mothers were dead and the mothers were often told that their children had been adopted. The particular truth was that their children, many as young as four, were delivered to institutions in Australia and many finished up working literally as slaves. Numerous were abused. Few received decent educations. They were part of the population program to grow Australia's population. Australia still has this program - so ridiculous inside our overcrowded world - but it does not - as far as we are aware - actually get state-kidnapped children for this purpose.

Margaret Humphreys, almost single-handedly, dragged the Catholic Church and lots of governments including the Australian and the British one, to the light to examine their criminal offenses against children and the nations they represented. The chronicle of personal enduring under bizarre, cynical, ideological immigrationist programs, which carried on to involve children until the 1980s. The government authorities and churches involved have merely changed their unsupported claims and don't involve children quite so much today in Australia, Britain and so on.

Margaret herself seems to deserve all the love and recognition she gets received from the many many grown up children the girl was your only person to believe and help for much of their lives. Just what a social worker! Exactly what a woman! What a article writer! She seems equal in goodness to the awfulness of the condition she tackled.

Her research skills, the girl ability to follow the thinnest of leads constantly for years because the girl was able to keep in mind the massive importance of her missions to bring mothers and the state-abducted children together., I learned so much. I loved it. I have the greatest admiration for Maggie Humphreys. It was as an exciting novel. I found myself going through the birth files, over and over with her.. falling into bed exhausted after routine twelve hour days. I cried with the children and parents who seemed for one another and never gave up. I cheered when they found each other. (although not everyone did) The home firms and record keepers lied to parents who trustingly put their children into proper care because of illness, or working to get a home settled.. They did not give permission for their children to be sent away!! (A movie was made in the U. K. in 2011 staring Emily Wilson, titled: " Sunshine and Oranges" This tells the Empty Cradles story. ), Damning! Tends to make me wonder what is going on today that is similar. The damage to people's lives is incalcuable. Hope there is a special place in hell for the orchestrators of this. The writer was an amazing lady.

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