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Yes, I was shocked by this book. Had absolutely no idea it would be as comprehensive as it is. Where does this guy get the time to do all this research? I agree with other reviewers who suggest this book models the standard for Oracle internals. This book is obviously one of a kind.

The greatest value to me was Chapter 3, "TRANSACTIONS AND CONSISTENCY. " I used to be investigating performance issues with a flashback query, and this chapter had the answer. It was as a result of "Transaction Table" rollback. I possess not found this valuable information anywhere else. There was not one DBA between the 24 We work with who realized these details (I admit We certainly did not. ) The author gave me several good tips on how to identify when your data source is performing lots of transactions table rollbacks. This particular was all excellent and very practical.

The primary suggestion I have is on the writing style. Your time and effort required to read this book is formidable. Of which is what kept me from giving the book six stars, rather than just five. Here's the point--we techies have difficulty delivering complex subjects in an understandable fashion--we just want to get into the facts, and not waste time on preliminaries. That's why presentations by techies at conferences are often terrible and unreadable. (To simplify, I've attended talks by the author, and he does NOT make that mistake at conferences. )

When discussing a fancy subject, the text sometimes will go quickly into very detailed specifics, with only a sketchy overview beforehand. The writer is so anxious to get into the nitty gritty data, he does not give us a chance to meet up with him. This makes it tougher for mere mortals to follow Mr Lewis. I think far more people would benefit if there were more pages with overviews of the topic first, before demonstrating hex dumps and details of x$ tables.

The point is, being technically right is inadequate. When trying to explain complex topics, presentation is not simply an option--it is critical. For example , on page 27, speaking about transaction tables and undo, there exists a tiny visual at the top of the page, with scant discussion--then, a few lines later, the author immediately delves into hex dumps. The point is, most viewers need to understand overall concepts first. The hex dumps can be helping data--but not the primary concentrate of the the discussion. Therefore, in it, without this preliminary, it took me some time to get the gist of what the writer was saying. All the data got in the way. I wanted to know how something worked, not what the column "wrap#" means. Maybe afterwards I will look over the raw data--but that should be secondary, not primary.

The smallish text didn't bother me too much. I guess my reading spectacles were powerful enough.

We agree with the reviewer who questioned the "Beginning to Intermediate" note on the rear cover. We seriously doubt that any beginner DBAs are set for this book (and probably no Intermediate either. ) Also, I wonder if the book is actually ideal for "DBAs and Developers, inches as explained on the back cover. I know of zero developers who would be able to follow the discussion on read consistency. Of course , We must admit that the developers who work with mcdougal may be far more proficient than the ones I know.

Despite the above criticism, this is actually a great book. The investigations and tests that the author present are really stellar, and We think the Oracle community really owes a financial debt to Jonathan Lewis. Now i'm pretty sure that much of this information is not easily available anywhere else (maybe nowhere else? )

This book sits on my desk with several "sticky notes" stuck in it. Still racking your brains on that hex dump on-page 27..., The book is very readable and understandable even for non-native engl. speakers. It gives a lot of insights and facts of how things work in a perfect way, as writer states " in circles".
It does not make one better developer, but helps one to understand what his/her computer code does ( or might do ) and why ( or why it can't ). I like would be the summaries at the of each chapter, refreshers before next topic.
From my developer's point of view I will recommend the book to any or all who want not simply to write a pl/sql code, but want to understand why Oracle is behaving the way it does., This book is great for Oracle freshers and for many who has some intermediate familiarity with the DBMS. It contains almost anything you need to know for regular troubleshooting, very good scripts for performance issues, storage, etc., Every single Oracle expert knows Jonathan Lewis and all his work about internals.
His books, like "Practical Oracle 8i" and "Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals", and the so many documents that you can find in the net, are really a must for everyone who would like to learn how Oracle works under the covers.
Oracle Core is simply perfect. It explains very well how transactions work and how locks and latches are acquired and managed.
You can study the inner structure of the Repository Buffer Cache, the Library Cache and how are implemented the LRU algorithms.
Undo and Redo mechanisms are really well cleared and they constitute the best Chapter in the book.

I think that the User level reported for the book (Beginning-Intermediate) is not really correct.
I don't want to say that the Beginner cannot read it, but We think that a Beginner may lose some important details that make this guide simply unique.
We suggest a previous reading, to well understand the Oracle architecture and get the right background (Tom Kyte's book "Expert Oracle Database Architecture" is a perfect and detailed resource).
Infact, this book cannot explain some basics (this is a 250 webpages book) because it's not been written for that scope.

Finally, I strongly recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn more, plus more, and more..., Good essential book!, This is a great book to understand Oracle., It is a great book on oracle internals with an exceptionaly easy and understandable approach. Even not that good of the DBA like me can actually understand and get a glimpse into the world of oracle internal mechanism., Jonathan is the master of undertanding Oracle. He whitening strips the core of the Oracle transaction architecture down to its essentials in an exceedingly clear manner.

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