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I read this book practically totally straight through, completing it in a day. Such as Rob, I grew upwards in small-town Montana in addition to joined the military directly after high school, so I found his early chapters both very interesting nevertheless also very relatable. He manages to break down his quest through BUD/S in the way that's easy for us to understand in addition to digest yet also remain awestruck at what those guys must travel through to earn their title. The action is non-stop in addition to reveals a lot associated with information that individuals previously did not know.

And through just about all of it, Rob remains to be completely humble.

By significantly my favorite book and I plan on buying it again through Audible to listen while running., " The Operator: Firing the Shots that killed Osama Bin Laden" by Robert O'Neill, (publ. Apr. twenty five, 2017); 358 pp, hardback. (Amazingly, as I compose this review while holding the book in palm, one can read practically the entire book as provided for in Amazon Books! )

This book regards the experiences of the author in serving as a You. S. Navy SEAL associate on some 400+ " missions", together with his account associated with being the person who else actually shot and killed Osama Bin Laden -- the Islamist who coordinated the hijacked airplane, suicidal Islamikazi assaults on 9/11/2001 that destroyed a number of skyscrapers in NYC and damaged the Pentagon.

The author recounts growing up in Montana and the road that led to his signing up for the U. S. Navy to turn into a SEAL. He recounts his SEAL training -- a trying, exhausting experience that one has read in many other SEAL-training books written by other SEAL-school graduates. Following SEAL teaching, he discusses other combat-oriented training that he undertook during his 16 many years as a SEAL.

What, associated with course, features primary interest here is his account as to how their SEAL team trained for his or her mission to " neutralize" Osama Bin Laden at his secretive Abbottabad, Pakistan compound. I am not going to recount the author's entire 25-page raid of rappelling from the helicopter into Osama's high-walled " fortress", but will quote the author as claiming that as he climbed up a stairwell to Osama's 3 rd floor: " Osama bin Laden was nearby the entry at the foot in the bed, higher and thinner than I'd expected, his beard reduced and hair whiter.... Inside less than a second, I aimed above the woman's right shoulder [who was standing in front of Osama] and pulled the trigger twice. Bin Laden's head split open, and he dropped" (p. 310). Well, there's more to the author's account as to just how his team searched via the building for documents and computers for cleverness data, and the escape again to their Afghanistan bottom.

About a year-and-a-half following shooting bin Laden, the writer decided to retire -- but still about 3 many years short of being able to retire from the military and qualify for a monthly pension. Towards the ending of his SEAL OFF career, he came under criticism from other SEALs that he was planning upon quitting early in order to " cash in" on creating a book such since this. The writer was irritated by such criticism, in addition to he pondered in the ending paragraph: " I've experienced many times when We have wondered if being the one who killed Osama bin Laden was the smartest thing that ever took place to me, or the most severe. I'm still trying to figure that out" (p. 336).

Even if the author hadn't been the SEAL who downed Osama, his recounting of their other combat encounters would still make this book an interesting read. I highly recommend it., Rob O'Neill is a true American hero. This book details his encounters in the Navy SEALs in addition to the elite SEAL team 6. It is astonishing to read about the missions these kinds of guys routinely perform. They will seem to be straight out there of movies, tend to be in fact real stories (which incidentally make great movies). This book is fast paced and is also easily readable in one sitting.

The Osama bin Laden raid is captivating and exhibits the immense amount of hard work required to get to the point where Rob could put three rounds in their head. It encompasses just about all of the intelligence in addition to superior technology that has been required to hunt down the savage brute accountable for murdering thousands of innocent individuals.

This book should end up being read by all- it shows the amount associated with hard work and dedication that is undertaken by the elite special forces who are available killing the enemies of America. The story of Rob O'Neill is profoundly admirable., Riveting portrayal of humility, grace, fortitude……and humor (the unsung hero of any true success story). Rob and the team possess chronicled the journey in a relatable humanistic manner that transcends to the struggles and successes associated with every American….. “Never Quit", Robert has an state, humorous, engaging, high power personality. I acquired the CD book he actually read and did the fantastic job.
He spreads the reward around to all army personnel serving a higher purpose keeping Americans free and safe.
Hope he writes another book., This book deserves five stars for being a significant tome covering A to Z of finding your way through in addition to becoming a complete nicely tuned weapon of conflict and doing this with wonderful powers of observation in addition to ample humor... the roll on the floor kind of humor. I marvel in O'Neill's focus throughout their career, and only envy the things i lacked at the same age [although in an earlier era]. Well worth the read, and a repeat read for the entertainment value., Top notch ---- just how could you expect anything at all less from a soldier with the history associated with Rob O'Neill. Talk concerning real life heros > > > this is usually his story.
Immediately, read this > > > if most likely almost any patriot you will not regret it. It's the " Real Deal"., Truly a great outstanding account of the warrior's clear description associated with what transpired on that fateful day; the afternoon Seal Team --- avenged the senseless and cowardly take action orchestrated by a terrorist known by all since, Osama bin Laden! This specific account gives GREAT meaning to the term "TEAM" We ought to be honored and forever grateful to the males and women of this particular GREAT nations armed forces! Thank you for your current service!

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