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This guide has been a critical part of me getting started with OpenGL. I had developed a general understanding of 3D graphics and minimal experience with Direct3D, but it had been a while thus i located OpenGL to be fairly intimidating, especially since immediate mode was deprecated. OpenGL SuperBible has gotten me past the intimidation and initial hurdles in pretty a short amount of time. There is a lot to OpenGL, but the book provides it plainly and plainly. The tone is clear above all else. Is actually light and personal, but not super familiar or cheeky - it attacks a good balance.

Typically the clear summary of the canal and the lucid and well-explained code examples have gotten me going much faster than I would have expected. After reading Part I of the book I'm familiar enough with the basics that I'm already working on my project in solemn and reading the rest of the book either as reference and as I use time. The writing remains clear and the figures are really clear on the Kindle, both on phone and tablet. The code samples can be a little difficult on a narrow screen, but that's just the characteristics of reading code on a phone.

I think anyone entering the OpenGL world should be cautioned that it (OpenGL) is a bit of a mess, particularly if you're trying to target multiple platforms and be reasonably backwards compatible. This book is all about a particular version of OpenGL and, as it's not intended as a history lesson, doesn't do a tremendous amount to be clear about the variations between versions. It'll take some independent work on the reader's part to come to understand which version of GL suites their purposes best and then a bit more work to understand what parts of the book don't apply to that version. Possessing said that, I was targeting OpenGL 3. 2/GLSL 1. 50 and have had no trouble implementing my new understanding and only a couple hiccups using the bits of the code I've copied.

Upon that note, I tend to write my examples from scratch when learning a technology so I ending up copy-pasting items of the samples and not just using them whole hog. With all this style, the code download works well. I don't have attempted to build the examples.

Overall, complaints about difficultly with the code examples on certain platforms and difficulties with color statistics in a black and white book (which is acknowledged by the author) seem pretty insignificant when compared with the clarity of the writing, the organization of the content, and the availability of a program code download. Highly recommended., Any kind of comprehensive graphics rendering system is understandably complex. Bringing out it requires detailed modeling of the properties of sunshine transmission, reflection and mixture. Defining the interface to such a system requires detailed organization and a proper summary of the readers. These are difficult to accomplish without an excellent degree of knowledge of the subject and an admirable presentation. This book raises the standard for OpenGL courses while keeping up with the ever increasing capacity for the API.

There has been a lot of unbridled dissatisfaction with previous versions of the book. Some of it has indisputable validity, and I feel that nothing of it applies to this version. The 780 pages of the book cover the OpenGL API very well and provide enough examples of the more complex procedures to gratify all but the most hardened curmudgeon. Look, the subject fills a full year of study, so don't expect any writer to provide the full 2500 pages it should get. A lot of considering and experimenting is required to master this issue for any API. Is actually not a one stop or single volume functioning. I cover both DirectX and OpenCL API references inside my work and this book is the OpenCL reference to have on your shelf., Serves as a good introduction to 3D graphics and the OpenGL API. The framework provided has been the issue of negative reviews, but is actually a very good idea. By providing the window management and circumstance creation, as well as a complete vector math concepts library, they have separated the student to learn about OpenGL and never have to select and learn a windowing tool set. The framework is very low level, (much less than GLUT), and leaves all OpenGL function calls and shaders to be written by the user. So complaints about needing to learn the framework rather than OpenGL are unfounded., At first I didn't like it all because very few of the examples working on linux (Ubuntu 12. 04). As time continued and I learned more OpenGL, it proved more useful. You have to be able to extrapolate meaning. OpenGL is hard - no [existing] book is going to get you up to speed. It still requires a lot of private testing and exploration. Nevertheless, this is a great friend to the red book. Keep trying, it'll come!, From the great book for people that haven't done something with OpenGL in 10 years. That's the situation that I am in. A new lot of things have changed.

I am writing this review quickly here to help people that might be running into problems with the first example that uses a schattierer. In case you run into a problem where you can't get the single point to turn up, you might need to just move onto the that actually feeds vertex data to the shader. For whatever reason I couldn't get the point to show up even when I set the point size to 40 or something lower or more. I couldn't get the test code from the book to display the dot either.

My graphics credit card only supports 4. 1. Used to do modify the application and shader code so that OpenGL was set up to operate at 4. 1. Perhaps versions 4. 2 and higher support feeding a clear vertex array to the card. Or there is some other reason that it's not working for me.

So if you've struggled for hours trying to get a stupid little dot to show up on your screen and it just doesn't work, just move onto an example where you feed vertices to shader program., Overall this book is a great for studying OpenGL. Could serve as a guide book too.
I agree with the fact that pictures in the book sometimes are totally black)).
But I don't worry about it - it is not a form of art book.

My only problem is not about content of book but about it's format.
Why this book is unavailable in a hard cover?
Is actually 800+ pages - faster or later paperback will unbound and y'll have pack of separate web pages.

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