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We don't usually write reviews, but this book should get one.

This book serves well to someone that has some familiarity/experience with setting up an OpenGL environment on whatever program. (ie. each implementation of opengl has its quarks, however for iOS this entails setting up the EAGLContext, override layerClass to come back CAEAGLayer, setting up vertex buffer objects, render buffers, and framebuffers, blah blah) Nearby understand that aspect you'll find yourself reading the book and thinking 'thats great, but how do i set this upwards initially? ' However if you're like me, and can set up the GL environment, but lacked some understanding on which exactly can be accomplished with vertex/fragment shaders then you'll be in for a treat. This book does a nice job of explaining the process of creating shaders (and their corresponding gl_programs). This book doesn't treat someone like an idiot, but it also doesn't treat you like you were a designer of OpenGL; the a good compromise in the middle. The general flow of the book is having a detailed explanation of what is going on in a shader, then it shows you the code for said schattierer. If you're patient and willing to cross-reference the text and the code, and touch base with the underlying math where you find yourself lacking, you should come out with an improved understanding of how to achieve certain results (lighting, shadows, noise, and so on. ) Goodluck, The book covers all you need to know to write opengl shaders. There are a number of illustrations covered, with source in the book and designed for download. The writing is understandable and comprehensive, if ponderous.
Our only complaint is the encyclopedic nature of the book. Tons of man page like reference substance in the back and throughout.
It lacks the inspiration of a book like Frank Luna's DirectX, where he develops techniques like normal umschl├╝sselung, cascaded shadow maps, and so on.. with the relevant math details.

But , if you have them, this book has everything you need to implement them in GLSL. So a good buy., Nice Book!, alright, The particular authors honestly warn the user that this book is not intended to be read from start to finish in sequential order. Cannot agree more. The particular material is scattered through the book with little logical order. Very often We find myself putting the book aside and heading to Internet after ineffective attempts to find even some basic information.
For example GLSL defines a number of special embedded variables, but you will not find a listing of those factors and especially examples of using them. Instead they are scattered in the text.
A good section of the book is definitely illustrations of solving some elegant tasks. GLSL is a very interesting and exciting subject and I expected to find something more useful when ordering this book.
Save your money., This is by far the best treatment on the subject of shaders I have found. It's easy to read and never too expensive, This specific book is about as comprehensive as there is present for the OpenGL Shade providing Language. The Shading vocabulary is an extremely dynamic thing, and seems to change frequently, but this guide covers the intracacies. I would recommend it., For anyone using OpenGL api on desktop and who needs to know about OpenGL3. 2 features, this a reference. Well written and comprehensive.

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