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I care about the under-representation of ladies in STEM areas, and it also pains me to be able to give an e book on this specific topic a low score. Pollack expertly describes many of the subtle obstacles and pervasive barriers that deter women from STEM, but... These types of accounts were presented within the context of her personal experiences, and I discovered many of her claims (and her own motivations) counterproductive to the stated mission of the book. Many things she said had been outright insulting.

The first sign that will something was wrong came out in the book's preface:

"Even women who develop up to become feisty, successful feminists spend much regarding their adolescence obsessing regarding their appearance, romance, sex, and their popularity along with female friends.... girls may possibly dumb them themselves straight down, hide or repress their desire for classes or activities their peers deem nerdy. < b> They may possibly develop crushes on their teachers and other older men, who don't see them as threatening and are all too happy to reciprocate their affection. A child might pursue an interest because he respects the guy who teaches it, yet unless he is gay and lesbian, he won't fall inside love with that educator, as so many youthful women do. " (p. xx)

My reaction: EXACTLY WHAT?!

Her words reminded me regarding biochemist Tim Hunt's attacking statement that female experts shouldn't work with male scientists because "You adore them, they fall inside love with both you and any time you criticize them, these people cry. " Pollack's declaration implies not only that will sexual attraction will generate problems for female registrants of science, but that such problems are common. Of which will only deter male scientists from mentoring female students!

Just got more serious as Pollack revealed again and again that passionate attraction motivated much regarding her scientific pursuits. Although I appreciate her honesty, in this context honesty is damaging, especially because she portrayed her own inspires as commonplace rather than special to her personality. Her story creates the effect that many women follow science for male interest, and this romantic tension is usually a regular occurrence inside interactions between male professors and female students. Of which is not only inaccurate (from my experience, anyway), it is incredibly counterproductive to be able to the mission of having more women in COME fields.

This was such a theme in Pollack's story which i started a new document to record unsettling and/or offensive quotes through the book. I practically stopped reading altogether any time I reached page 35, when Pollack reveals she had a romance along with her high school graduation debate educator. I was disgusted. Three pages later, she identifies how she visited Yale after receiving an offer regarding admission, and she decided to go there because she was attracted to a male physics professor after viewing him lecture.

The last few chapters from the book depict solidarity over the world who want to pursue COME until they're discouraged or even turned away, but this specific comes too late. Earlier in the book Pollack made it clear she disliked and felt competition with other women as a new student. She had shock and respect only regarding men and wanted not do with other women:

"But the women's movement appeared to mean women finished up spending more time with other women, and something called 'consciousness-raising groups, ' and the last factor I wanted was going to spend more time with women. If women ran the particular world, society will be fewer competitive. But I cherished competing. How else could I prove to the particular brilliant, powerful men who rules the world yet I was as intelligent and strong because they had been? " (p. 21)

This passage was particularly attacking:

When describing the only real other female physics major: "And as much as I enjoyed the sight regarding her shining, smiling encounter, I can't say we had been friends. If a person's self-worth derives from being the particular only woman during a call, just how much affection can she feel toward another lady who might challenge that will claim to fame? Erika's decision to pursue a new bachelor's of arts level as opposed to the more demanding bachelors of science struck me as cheating. It was as if there were agreed upon up to be marines, and here we were in boot camp, each using the same uniform, yet Erika got to keep in the barracks and buff her nails although the rest of us all jogged fifty miles inside the rain. " (p. 47)

Holy s***! Majoring in physics isn't effortless, even if you're seeking a B. A. as an alternative of a B. S. The analogy she used--Erika buffing her nails, Pollack jogging fifty miles inside the rain--was so insulting. Clearly Pollock thought extremely well of herself. Far from being a proponent of female representation inside STEM, she wanted other women to abandon the particular field. She wanted to become the only woman inside physics because it made her feel smart and special.

At this level, I was disgusted simply by Pollack, and I often paused my reading to be able to vent to my spouse whenever I encountered one more offensive passage. But I kept reading, and it became more and even more obvious that Pollack's goal of physics was in least partly motivated simply by a desire to obtain men.

"Could anything become more exciting than transporting a pristine notebook embossed with 'Lux et veritas' to a lecture area where I would finally begins the life I had been waiting 20 years to start? Our status as one regarding only two women inside the auditorium struck me as less frightening as compared to erotic; it was such as going to a film with 118 dates. I was even more excited when the professor switched out to be exactly the same dark, bearded young guy whose class I experienced visited the spring prior to. " (p. 53)

"My new powers of knowing might have flowed through nothing more than Mentor Zeller's voice murmuring provocatively within my head: 'You could do it. Place it away. '" (p. 58)

"My attraction to my professors kept me working to be able to please them long right after I might otherwise have got given up. " (p. 128)

Despite these criticisms, there were many things I did like about this specific book. Pollack describes the particular subtle ways women are discouraged from pursuing COME, and the firsthand balances of other women's challenges were great. I wholly go along with the message regarding this book, and even more people need to know why we have as well few female scientists. But at the same time, Pollack's own story could be counterproductive. Normally I appreciate honesty, but I wish she hadn't revealed these things about himself. If readers assume the woman romantic motives are present in other women, it will exacerbate the issue.

Besides her apparent contempt for other women (she only respected men's opinions), Pollack also derogates scientific disciplines that aren't physics. This passage angered me:

"As to why there are more female chemists then physicists, my expectation is most chemists usually are looking to explain the particular universe, only to create a fabric that does not wrinkle or absorb smells, a vanilla pudding that will tastes more vanilla-y, a new bacterium that uses essential oil. " (p. 202)

The girl just insulted the complete INDUSTRY OF CHEMISTRY! That may be thus offensive! As if physics is the only genuine science, the only person that really requires intelligence and interest.

My last complaint regarding this book is just how woefully it covers scientific research on gender disparity in STEM fields. (Ironic, isn't it? ) You can find hundreds of psychology experiments with this very issue. The girl briefly mentioned one research on stereotype threat (without describing the phenomenon regarding stereotype threat itself), yet she completely ignored a new vast literature whose inclusion would only bolster the woman arguments. For example, interpersonal psychologist Amanda Diekman offers conducted terrific research upon why some women avoid STEM and how to be able to change this. (See: htt[... ]) But you know what? I bet Pollack doesn't even consider psychology a research.

Again, I'm totally on side with the mission regarding this book, but I wish it had another flag-bearer., I loved this book and read it inside two sittings. I discovered it compelling, but problematic. My reaction is combined because while I could relate to and enjoy her story, the book was not what I expected. The last 3rd of the book moves the direction the product sales blurbs suggest, an informal research of why women depart STEM. Instead, the book, for the first two-thirds, is more of a good explorative memoir analyzing the reason why the author herself did not survive STEM. And then she seeks to discover a confirmation of the woman one dimensional conclusions via other women's experiences or even opinions. This by simply no means invalidates her encounters, and she's not incorrect, but hers is even more of any consensus of thoughts when compared to a hard hitting research and analysis. There are a few things she forgets to mention, such as the reason she was one of the particular first two women to be able to get a physics level from Yale was because Yale had only simply began to admit women. Additional women studied the tough sciences at many nationwide and regional universities regarding many years before she showed up at Yale. Nevertheless , I am specific every one of them faced very similar encounters in their fights to be able to finish. I know this specific is so because I was an Applied Math and Engineering major inside the early 70s, pre-dating her, and there was not merely one day I felt accepted or welcome or even comfortable. Everything she claims has a ring regarding truth. But for those of us who persevered and after that continued out into the particular world to make the marks, the adverse surroundings of school was just the particular beginning. So, to me, the woman memoir, full of self analysis, feels like feel dissapointed about and seeking validation regarding her choice to depart it behind. In the particular end, this book is usually very much needed, and one I will recommend and get for friends and family to read. To begin with, so little has transformed in four. Second, simply no nation can pay for to near the door to half its most talented individuals and continue to progress. Women now make upward half of all healthcare school students and much more as compared to half of all regulation school students, but inside STEM fields the amounts hover in the lower double digits. For example, less than fifteen per cent of engineers are female, up from the 1 percent when I started, but nowhere near exactly what it could be. Exactly why? If we can become a doctor who provides babies, or a doctor who operates on brains, or a lawyer who takes on the big pharmaceutical drugs, we can be a good engineer who works on engines or roads or energy plants or missiles, or even a scientist who discovers new galaxies or finds a new subatomic molecule or cures a disease. Eileen Pollack may have got cracked that door available a sliver wider simply by asking the right queries, but what we actually need are better responses., I got this book right after seeing Ms. Pollack's interview on book TV. I believed there would be even more of a historical reference on why women hardly ever seen, in science professions... but her personal tale was interesting. I enjoyed how she correlated the woman experiences, with how she now encourages others. I had created recommend it for a new rainy afternoon., I am a pharmacologist who is usually just a few yrs more aged than the author. I couldn't position the book straight down. I identified with thus many of her encounters and outcomes. She helped me put so many regarding my own life experiences inside perspective. Now my child is beginning her profession in science, and I left the book along with her. I hope it helps her feel that she is not by yourself, when she is the only lady in the room. Sure, maybe attitudes have transformed in academia, but might be they are just even more subtle., Eileen Pollack offers written a courageous and highly personal agonizing accounts of her undergraduate days and nights as a physics main at Yale. Her encounters with indifferent to sexist professors bites. My personal student days at UPenn, years earlier, were the particular same: discouragement and outright misogyny. Few of us all escaped without scars. No wonder we went west. Pollock's memoir is a challenge to change: support youthful women., I read this specific in one sitting. She will a congrats of showing how unconscious bias influenced her life and just how it is still functional. I laughed out high in volume in several places! I am older than she actually is, and am a retired physician, and although my encounters were not as dreadful as many of hers, I possibly could empathize., This presents the important points and how changes MAY happen. It will remind me of the book Smart Girls Marry Funds by Daniela Drake, MD. The fact is the percentage regarding women in business and science means we have got to the actual money. Information don't lie. Teach your current daughters science from a good early age.

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