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I truly loved this book. It reads like a top-flight novel, is packed with interesting stories and details, and brings the game to life. Many of all of us are armchair coaches and general managers, always making recommendations and second-guessing our teams' decisions. We certainly have the dream and we wear it a pedestal. Ben and Sam clarify just how difficult it is. Sam's note and prepared conversation especially hit home.

But even better than the baseball parts are the psychological undertones: how Ben and Sam's relationship changes during the season, the result the season has on players, the toll it all takes on you.

If you are a baseball fan or know a baseball fan, give them this book. They will find multiple tales in it that they can connect to., This is the best baseball book I've read this year. We immediately felt linked to Ben, Sam and the Stompers go from pre-spring training signings throughout the season. Anyone with any fascination with baseball should decide on this up immediately., This specific is potentially the perfect book for everyone who is gets a kick out of sporting activities statistics. Aside from a short appearance by Jose Canseco, you won't see any big names in this true story. To me personally though, which makes it all the more endearing. Sam and Ben took the sabrmetrics approach to a tiny, independent league team in Northern California. Think Moneyball on a shoestring budget. The book is well-paced, well-written, and has great information without boring the reader in the minutiae of how stat-heads operate.

This is a great read for any and all football fans. It even obtained me to take a trip to Sonoma to watch the Stompers play a game. Can't say a book has ever done that for me before!, " This can be the greatest football book ever! " We tell my wife and she nods patiently as ten ~ 15 titles have been designated therefore through the years we've been together.
But really, what a series of lessons as two stat-heads have the chance to actually " run" an Indy-League team over their 76-game season during 2015. " Run" is the challenging term here as even General managers have to work with Managers, Mentors and Owners in the real-life world of football or anything. A great lesson for know-it-all's who in the end can't get anything done unless they get buy-in and cooperation from their teams of leaders/followers.. and even if you are right, the ball doesn't always bounce the way you think it should 53~58% of the time.

I really hope Brian Bannister of the RedSox has read this book, because he's about to live it., Why don't get this aside first. This book isn't as well-written or entertaining as Moneyball, but it's still good.

I acquired the book after reading an excerpt online, and I'm torn because the issue matter in the guide wasn't the more nerdy sabermetrics I was expecting for. Instead, it concentrates on three key things.
1) social relationship challenges to do things in an untraditional way
2) data quality and data access hurdles faced by a low budget independent league team
3) the team's performance and game narration

I found that aspect disappointing but not everyone will feel the same. The writing is good enough but had an unpolished feel to it, especially as the story voice switches back and forth between coauthors with each chapter.

None of that was enough to prevent me from reading the book in one seated. I had been surprised by how much I found myself rooting for a lot of players while actively rooting against others. The authors recognize that baseball players aren't just stats generators - they're people, and I appreciated the time the writers used on their back tales.

Overall, it was a quick, easy, and pleasant read that didn't quite live up to benefit expectations I had when I started., I experienced actually never read the Baseball Prospectus or believed the guys' podcast, but We will probably start now. This book is exceedingly well written and entertaining, while giving a fascinating inside look at the day-to-day process of running an independent league baseball team. Even if you usually are a sabermetrics obsessed stat head, you will enjoy this book. It is much more about storytelling and his passion of baseball than other things. Really enjoyed it, glad I acquired it, passed it on to a friend so he or she could enjoy it too., I want to speak about their writing voice:
Get George Plimpton, but remove the Steve McQueen greatness of Plimpton.
Take Hunter S. Thompson's Gonzo journalism but replace the drugs with an addictive inner hyper critical inner monologue.
Mix those two with large pieces of Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, and Tom from John Fitzgerald's The Great Brain Children's Books.
Likely to end up with a book that you wish was more magazine than guide, so that you could continue get chapter after chapter for the next few years.

If you like baseball get this book, if you like innovation get this guide, if you like people, or maybe wearing pants, buy this book., This is one of the better books I have read in quite a long time. It hooks you from the beginning. It is amusing, suspenseful, and told with some of the greatest writing that I have read. Ben and Sam are honest and do not attempt to hide or excuse the things that didn't go the way they planned, and both their successes and failures create very interesting insights. The particular epilogue is also informative on a very human being level.

In the end, this is the best that the majority of us will ever get to understanding the dynamics involving the front office and the dugout, and the implications that those dynamics have for employing what we might think of as ideal strategy from an outsider's perspective.

I can recommend this highly enough.

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