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This is THE book you need to read in case you are looking to start out an online business. I have been learning about building online businesses for a yr and managed to get my first 3 clients and not only that I learned a lot of new things from this book. Presently there are 6 reasons why I believe this book is too good:

1) Method: Matthew lays out step by step the process to start out an online business. The book starts with reveal guide about how to find a profitable idea and niche and then take it from there. The book is laid out very methodically giving you a bird's eye view of the starting an online business and then scuba diving deep into each step of the process.
2) Action focused: Unlike many books which dump a lot of information you, this book ends each chapter with action steps you need to take before moving on to the next chapter. This is very practical and helps you get results.
3) Tools and Scripts: The book gives you practical tools and scripts that can be used. For instance, there is a desk you can use to jot down ideas for your business as well as requirements to rank them on so as to find an idea for your business. The book also contains the exact e-mail Matthew uses to get interviewed on podcasts.
4) Tactics: Typically the book strikes a fair balance between providing you a wide variety of tactics which could suit your business and proceeding in-depth into each one. As Matthew states in the book, they have an entire book on e-mail marketing but this book gives you enough to get your business upward.
5) Psychology: Being the experienced businessperson that he is, Matt will be able to anticipate psychological challenges which could hold you back again as you attempt this journey. He will extreme care you on them and offer advice about how to overcome it. For instance, as he says, when you launch your blog, your partner and/or mom might function as the only ones reading it for a while. This is normal and also you need to be patient before you get grip.
6) Strategy: The book gives you various strategies and methods for getting visitors to your website and shows you how to decide which one is the greatest for you. This specific makes the book very comprehensive and complete.

Matthew also cautions against trying to learn everything about everything before starting out - a mistake I am already guilty of. Hence, I actually have only read until chapter 5 for now and also have learned a lot. I am eager to implementing what I've learned into my business and will definitely keep coming back to this book again and again!!, I previously browse the author's other book the Five Year Turnaround even though that one was well written, I definitely prefer books similar to this with step by step actionable information that I can get results from quickly and not merely 10 years from now. I actually also we appreciate the fact that the author is not someone who has made his money only by training other people how to make money, but actually operates his own successful web business. That being said, I'd have liked to see more variety in good examples of making money from online business rather than just the usual marketing ads, e-books, content subscriptions, etc.

If you are wondering about the strategies presented here are the names of the chapters:
1 ) Picking your Niche
2. Choosing A Name for Your Business
3. Launching Your current Website
4. Content Strategy and Articles Marketing
5. Additional Marketing Strategies
6. Earning money with Advertising
7. Producing Money with Digital Products and Services
7. Creating Systems and Building a Great Team
9. Putting All of it Together

So as you can see the first few chapters are pretty basic and I'd almost say unnoticed since tutorials for anyone things are easy to look up online for free. The last few chapters are where the real content worth paying for are located since that is where he talks about the things that have directly made him money. General I'd say it's well worth the cost just for the content in the later chapters and if you are a complete newbie to online business then definitely pick up this book because it does a good job of structuring exactly what you have to do to get upward and running., I purchased Matt Paulson's book as a beginner's guide, due to the good reviews that I read and the modest price for the Kindle version. I actually found Matt's book to be extremely practical, particularly in terms of how he laid out a discrete number of right forward steps to get your online business off the ground. The steps were very basic and included great references and examples. What I particularly liked was the attitude that the biggest barrier to starting your own business is just 'getting started'. The process layed out by Matt makes it simple to get a running start. I subsequently purchased one of the books he recommends for more information -- Launch, by Jeff Walker. Walker's book is an absolutely excellent extension of some concepts covered in Matt Paulson's book. While Matt Paulson book will a very good job of covering specific technological tactics, Launch provides a grounding in a few strategic principles that can help build your business more quickly, and amplify sales results. With each other those two books provide a wealth of information. I actually look forward to now giving these tactics and strategies a try, in my first foray into building a business online. I really like them so much that I acquired a copy of each book for my son and my mate. If I avoid get rich on the internet maybe they will - then they can support me in my old age., Always love Matt book. Well written and practical. This one might not as practical as his other books since it's in regards to a huge topic. Don't expect very details illustration, but do expect a good roadmap to start out off your legitimate internet business., Great book. Will probably be of help not only to those wanting to build an internet publishing business, but also for web commerce enterpreneurs., I am very new to the idea of starting my own online business. I am twenty two years old and think this is something I actually will prosper at. This specific book has taught myself so much to get my business off the ground and i also am next it detail by detail. I plan on reading other books by Matthew and know with his wisdom I will for sure have a within the into the game.

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