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We don't even know how or where to start. Which is ironic because book is about the opposite.



Possess you stumbled upon textbooks that changed your lifetime around? Have you ever felt the Universe arranged everything so that you can be at the right time on your computer, reading the right article that mentioned the perfect book you were meant to read at that specific point in your lifetime? Since if it was written specifically for you?

That's how it felt with this book. Now that I am 2 chapters away from the end, I feel like I don't want it to. It now looks way thicker than when I first got it, with almost every few web pages dog eared. I've never read any book with the much actionable ideas after each sitting and this just might be the first book I'll consider re-reading. Not because it wasn't recognized the first time around, but because I simply want to inundate myself with all its the ideas.

Below are some of the highlights that profoundly resonated with me but I invite you to grab a copy and read the whole book. Their simple, direct, honest and immediately actionable.

one Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.

2. Achievers always work from a clear sense of priority. Instead of a to do list, you have to have a success list -- a checklist that is purposefully created around extraordinary results.

3. The majority of what you need will come from the minority of what you do.

4. Success is actually a short contest -- a sprint supported by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over.

5. It requires typically 66 days to acquire a new behavior.

6. You make doing what matters most a priority when your self-control is at its greatest. Do your most important work -- your ONE thing -- early.

seven. How we phrase the questions we ask yourself determines the answers that eventually become our lives.

8. Focusing question: What's the thing I can do such that getting into it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

being unfaithful. Our purpose sets our priority and our priority determines the productivity our actions produce.

10. That we are and where you want to go determine what we do and what we accomplish., Business textbooks are always an interesting problem. Are they a prop to market consulting gigs? Are they stretched out one note ideas? Or do they pull off something worthwhile and can they really aid someone find the business success they may be seeking?

Another aspect of business books is their audience. Are they written for a particular group or a general public? Are usually they preaching to an already converted choir to confirm their preconceived ideas or are they offering fresh insights aiming to broaden the horizons of readers?

This book is authored by the very successful founder of one of the nation's great agents, Keller-Williams. Gary Keller is targeting those business people who want to find single minded success - the kinds of self-sacrificing, dedicated, and single-minded people he wants to employ and who will make by themselves (and him) a great deal of money. " The One Thing" is based on the statement by Ugly in " City Slickers". Of course, Keller adapts it to his purposes. Keller believes in focus, utter dedication to your one thing, and generating to breakthrough barriers to get to your one big purpose. Some might call it obsession. He is not a big believer work life balance - this individual actually rejects it and calls it a rest.

The book has a couple of interesting printing twists to it as well. For example, the key ideas are imprinted in red inserts. Nevertheless the coolest thing is that he has pre-marked the book for you. Inside other words, the key way of doing something is underlined in what looks like pencil - as if a previous reader had done it for you. But the pencil marks are imprinted in. But they don't look like printed underlines, they look like pencil.

I will be positive this book can and can work well for its target audience. When I was a younger man, I am certain I would have taken to it such as a duck to water or like fire to fuel. Everything he states here will work if you use it.

Just remember that everything has a cost. Every single success (and every failure) has a price. Practically nothing comes for free.

Inside my own view of life, business success and work are very important AS A new MEANS TO SOMETHING A LOT MORE IN LIFE. In my case, I think first and foremost in family. We hear any number of executives talk about this as they are on their 3 rd marriage and fathering their own grandkids. Bear in mind this type of talk is cheap. Living real life is hard. What's outdated saying? " You pays your money and you takes your chances. " There is a whole lot of benefit that comes from having succeeded and getting the space and time that comes from financial success. However it is space and time to do something meaningful and useful. Business success as an Result in life is a poor thing. Money as an ending is bare.

All your work will be superseded. All the homes you sell will be sold again (or torn down). Your office (or cubicle) will be filled by others. An individual will be replaced and forgotten by co-workers. But not by your spouse and kids (and grandkids).

Therefore, work hard. Be centered. Have a furious purpose. But make sure it is in service to something actually worthwhile or at the ending of it all you will find yourself looking around for the satisfaction and meaning you thought you would find there and discover that you are standing all by yourself with a pile of cash in a big home with a shiny car - and not much more.

Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Saline, Michigan.,

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