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I got the free sample. We was hooked. I canceled a volunteer gig and my own dance practice to keep reading. Why did G-d help Esther while other families perished? I have no idea, but I'm glad they persevered. The book still left me breathless-- I had been grateful that the author updated us on everyone at the end.

I think of the good that Esther sowed-- we did not hear of how Moshe's gentile battle wife fared later, but I hope that because of Esther's kindness to her that in the approaching post war years she was kind to Jews who does suffer under Stalin.

I cheered throughout the book, I cried, We found myself whispering, " Stop yelling at Sarah! Your village would be destroyed several days later! The lady saved your ungrateful tail! "

A new person written this as fiction, they'd be ridiculed because it would not be believable-- So many situations were *too* serendipitous, however they occurred. I'm glad that it was real., This can be a true account of a family determined to stay together against insurmountable odds. Because Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler, this family endures countless hardships and are pressured to make tough selections. This should be expected reading for all students to understand the plight of the effects of battle with individuals and countries. This book has made a deep, enduring impression on me. This can be a book that will stay with me at night for years. Say thanks to you for this kind of work., A must read. We certainly have as a free people no clue of what the Jews were exposed to but through books like this. This book, It brings tears to your eyes with the turning of each page. In no way could I have thought the pain and suffering of those who made it through. God bless those that perished. Shame on those that killed any human being being because of their beliefs. Shame, shame to the Nazi regime and all of those who who helped them kill and main another person for their beliefs. God bless all those who helped the oppressed. Let's make this a loving world we all live in. Teach love, not hate., In my opinion, this book deserves several stars because not only does it offer action-packed suspense, drama and love, it provides fascinating historical facts about Hitler and the Nazi war machine (I'm fascinated, not pleased. I actually do not condone Nazism in the very least). The author is a master storyteller, which made for quite an pleasant read. It's based on a true story, one that needed to be shared with the world. It documents a family's courageous airline flight to safety during one of the world's worst wars of all time. I especially appreciate how it provides the significance of maintaining adoring relationships and embracing wish during times of difficulty and persecution., One Step Ahead: A Mother of Seven Escaping Hitler’s Paws: A True History is by Avraham Azrieli. It is a fascinating history of the efforts of any Jewish Mother in Hungary to keep her family together and alive throughout the final years of the Holocaust despite weather, bombings, Russian soldiers, and German soldiers. It is informed in first-person by the Mother.
06 22, 1941 was obviously a wondrous day for Esther. Her seven children had all made it through winter months and were all healthy. Her son Moishe was eighteen and although he or she limped from a misformed foot, he was healthy and very bright. Sally was 15 and into theatre and in love, Izzy was thirteen and spent a lot of time with his father, Clare was ten, Ashton was eight, Tonia was five, and Genia was three. Her first child Buma’leh died at 6 months. Her husband Samuel was obviously a tailor and did very well. She felt God was watching them.
Moishe came in and told her that young men were being taken and he decided to leave. Having been going to his aunt’s home with his friend Azeil Bauer, also 18. Azeil was in love with Sally and had been so since she was thirteen. After he had left, Esther learned that Sally had gone with them. Samuel and Esther were very disappointed and another morning gone after them. Esther could not be separated from her other children so they borrowed a horse and wagon, added a few pillows and covers to the wagon, and place out with their children. An orphaned nephew Yossel (13) who was partidario from Izzy, a expectant niece Toibe and her husband Lionik also came with them. They joined up with a mass of people leaving behind Skalat ahead of the Germans. By the time they finally found the three, it was in its final stages to go back. The Germans were too close. They had no choice but to be on.
Where were they heading? Right now we were holding between the Soviets and the Germans. They were constantly being bombed and strafed. It was through sheer luck or God’s intervention that they avoided being killed. Would they ever get back to Skalat and the rest of the family?
This specific book tells of a meeting that is not spoken of often. That is on the Jews who were fleeing the Germans but were running directly into the Soviets. It is quite a fascinating story., This specific tells of a family that runs from the Germans and steal to survive. These people magically find watermelon on the road. They seem to be to always find horse. I know they had a hard time but this wasn't my favorite book.
I flipped via a lot because it was average after reading about the concentration campement.

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