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Typically the Pilgrims, who have mistakenly been called Puritans, do not have a fairly easy time in creating a new colony. Simply getting the Mayflower away from Great britain required months to handle conflicts between groups of travelers and backers, getting massive amounts of conditions, and relying on trust for guidance. Relations between travelers was not all sweetness and lightweight nor was the hired ship’s staff supportive.

The difficulties of the preparation and of the voyage seemed to be glossed in most stories about the Pilgrims. The land itself was challenging. What was unfamiliar to me was that the arrival at Plymouth happened weeks after shedding anchor near Provincetown! Just what with all the gaps, it was November by the time the site for the settlement was selected and the process of building wooden residences started amidst falling snow. The 50% mortality rate that first winter because of to scurvy and other illnesses further challenged the tiny community.

The early times were very difficult. Typically the obstacles were substantial, yet new settlers arrived every year. My own ancestor arrived in 1628 and was at the group starting a new colony that eventually was named Brand new Haven. This book provided a renewed appreciation of the intrepid tenacity to make a new beginning in a wilderness environment., This is a carefully researched yet very readable account of the Separatists (Pilgrims) that joins them many years into their exile in Netherlands due to religious persecution in their native Great britain. The author brings to life the complicated preparations and setbacks to their plan for a new life in a Brand new World, their perilous journey to get there, and the early struggling survival that laid the foundation for eventual success. References to original material add to the narrative., This guide places a personal look on the trials and tribulations of the Pilgrims. It points out the tyrannies escaped, the hardships of cold, sea sickness, dangers of the agonies and mishaps of the journey, suicide and death. Typically the final landing and 50% of survivors, evidently show the perseverance and character needed to survive. These kinds of were ordinary humans alongside with some rejects of London slums who typify those who founded our nation. It furnishes a well founded pride in or national heritage. Right now there is no better guide on the subject than Tom Fleming's descriptions.

Dutch, Excellent book that is written in an engaging way. It was also fun to read about our ancester, Edward Dotey!, What I really enjoyed about this book is the backgrounds of the various travelers on the Mayflower. So many books commence when the pilgrims got at Plymouth Rock. This one fleshed out the individuals and the problems they experienced before they even embarked, let alone the disasters of the trip itself. What a wonder than any of them made it the trip., A nice short history of the settlers of Plymouth. This is a fairly easy read, a good begin to learning the history in our first European settlers., Since descendent of one of the Mayflower pilgrims, I actually was early eager to read this narrative on these early immigrants. This particular treatise is written at a high school degree and was a very quick read, packed packed with plenty details. The overall survival of these settlers allowing the first Thanksgiving was a testament to the determination and will to commence a new life in America., This is a good general account of the Separatists preparing to sail to the New, at least to them, Planet, their voyage over, and their struggle to make it through until their first thanksgiving. It offers a fantastic characterization of the efforts to develop relationships between the colonists and the local Indians. This narrative will remind the reader of the sacrifice of those earlier settlers and their hosting companies.

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