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I will be happy to report that will I had a much less difficult time reading this the way in which you're supposed to as compared to Used to do last time.


I really enjoyed this story and remember liking it inside the anime, too. Is actually been so long given that I've seen the starting of the anime that will I don't remember just how closely it follows typically the manga, but it seems to be close. I adore typically the side story of Chouchou the most but We also like the inclusion of Nami.


Typically the overall setting of 1 Piece, when piracy is in it's golden era, is always fun. Greatest part within this one is the Pet Food Retail store that Chouchou guards.

Character types:

Luffy is just as funny as in the very last one.

Getting used to calling Zorro " Zolo" but I loved their attitude in this one. " Oh, I have got a bad wound, Items just sleep and it will be better soon. Oh, I'm just going to cut myself to offer you a handicap in this combat. "

Nami is one of my favorites plus I love her mischievous attitude. I also like this she has issues with pirates due to her earlier but is seeing just how different Luffy and Zolo are.

I admire typically the mayor for trying to defend his town plus also for taking treatment of Chouchou.

Buggy was a funny, dramatic bad guy.

And of course, We adore Chouchou, though typically the fact he no longer offers an owner makes me personally sad.


I enjoyed seeing Luffy and Nami interact, though it mostly went like this:

Luffy: Join my pirate crew!
Nami: You're a pirate? I DISLIKE PIRATES!
Luffy: C'mon! There will become treasure!
Nami: $$$$$ Well maybe Items help... but I'm not necessarily a pirate!


General enjoyable lines, a few made me a chuckle. We really like the one exactly where the mayor says he could buy pet food to eat and the pet food owner makes a scam about him resembling a dog.


Much regarding a " to become continued" than before, nevertheless felt it ended properly.

Overall, I loved it. The story and character types are interesting, there's amusing lines, and some regarding the art is amazing. I especially just like the section art because it's innovative., I finally decided to begin collecting ONE PIECE manga.... 9 years after it can published in the US ALL of any. =P

Anyway, volume level 2 continues the enjoyment from volume one, including the crew of Push chair the Clown. We get to see two of these people fight Zoro and Luffy in detail, and learn a really little bit a lot more about Nami. While the Strawhat's run in with Buggy's Pirates might not notice like much now, you will want to remember these people for the future. These people do show up again.

Typically the only gripe I use issues VIZ's translation. I very much prefer the internet scanlations because they preserve typically the original dialogue, or what FEELS more like what the original would become. (I don't know because I can't read Western. Wish I could. ) The book is ranked TEEN, for pity's benefit, so translate it as-is. It's not like swearing is really a totally new factor... we listen to it all typically the time. It's only a minor annoyance overall; not necessarily enough to lower my score.

If you can handle that and the mispelling of Zoro's name(VIZ uses Zolo), by all means buy the book!, Excellent story telling. No regrets., Muy bueno, Luffy plus Zolo run into Copt. Buggy the clown plus his circus mates following meeting Nami the buccaneer thief! Will she become a member of Luffy's crew or pick up the gold and attach? There's also some backstory. Hard not to get right into Vol. 3 once you've reached the end of this exciting event!, The Rubberman continues to eliminate homes, attempt to become pirate, make friends, plus ruin top pirate's good days. Buggy is laughable fruit user and We can't say I had not been expect a circus buccaneer group. With Oda I am noticing you can never be positive what's coming or what will be in their comics. There are zero boundaries wonderful characters create you feel like they're real people without becoming pretentious or overbearing. Artwork work is clean, dependable, and detailed. I genuinely admire his ability to give each character their own look. Your ones that don't really issue. Everyone matter together Piece barrels forward and am appear forward to more!, When you are a enthusiast of anime or just starting out, One piece is a great manga to become a part regarding. It is one fantastic adventure after another plus the characters are just so lovable (or hatable).

This book introduces Buggy typically the Clown. He is typically the captain of a Compete with pirate crew and he has quite a unique special power. Its extremely amusing to learn the antics that luffy pulls inside this volume.

I have already been following one piece for the last six years and it offers been amazing every action of the way., We loved this book since it sidewall y raw and there is plenty of. combat. it is really really really good

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