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I received an ARC from your author... and then I bought it!

This has been such a well-written history with characters you developed deep feelings for…since an individual could understand the level of view each one of these had for the dilemma they found themselves in…

Would you put your career about the line for your one you love or carry out you carry on and hide a large portion of you? Do you expect the one you want to put an individual first or do you allow these people to come to an individual when they can?

Years after Ransom left to pursue a career in music, he returns towards the small town he grew up in, and reconnects together with Cave. Through no mistake of their own, their particular relationship comes under overview and judgements about the future must be made…all in the public eye.

Another great offering from Rachel!, This is a extremely fascinating romance. Ransom and Cave both have interesting lives. Ransom comes back to their particular little town being a songs star. Cave continues to be out his whole life and is also now raising his sister's son, Jojo. Ransom needs to pretend to be straight to keep his profession, but when he operates into Cave they discover one another all over again. The characters are nicely written. The plot is usually interesting., This was the first read from this author and I could not put it down! I was excited about the story line and this didn’t disappoint. I will certainly be starting in the first Oceanside book!, Another success by Rachel Kane. This is the third guide in the Boys of Oceanside series and I adored it. It is not that almost all the characters are so loveable (apart from Jojo that is). Far from this. They have all traits that I questioned and didn’t like. However, that manufactured the book that a lot more realistic. I yelled and I bit the nails from frustration. I quickly was melting as they were so cute with each other. I kept rooting for the guys.
Ransom and Owen had been high school boyfriends yet Ransom, feeling too shut in, had to depart to follow along with his dreams regarding making it big. And making it big he did. This individual became a famous take star. When he comes residence for a much-needed sleep he reconnects with Owen again.
Owen has stayed behind, manufactured a life for himself, and his adopted boy, Jojo. He is a new devoted father and also a partner. Maybe a bit too sweet at times as he ignores his own happiness for that of Ransom. He thinks he or she is not necessarily worth loving as everybody has left him prior to. He is too timid therefore in love together with Ransom that he forsakes his beliefs to stay out from the closet. And I so wanted him to fight.
I am not sure I truly liked Ransom. He is quite self-absorbed, sure of himself, and is constantly expressing he is a star and men and women needs to carry out what he wants. On the other hand, he also wants a new normal life. He wanted to escape a fake existence but what he offers now is faker than anything. Telling lies, denying his sexuality for his fans. He has to come to words with this and it takes him a new long time to carry out that. At times, I felt it took him as well long. I wanted to kick him sometimes and yell at him to grow some. I actually thought he loved Cave but he was too scared to do anything about it. He had to cease thinking about himself also to start thinking about Cave instead. I give this to him that he takes to Jojo immediately and he is extremely sweet with him.
I loved tiny Jojo and the way Cave kept talking to him. Toby is Ransom’s manager and a extremely dubious, self-centered person indeed. He is doing damage control as best because he can but is usually it really damage manage? I felt it has been doing more bad than good. Giselle is an additional character I will be not sure I liked. She will come across as bored and shallow. Other times the girl is really friendly and helpful.
This is usually the third book in the series and could be read as a new standalone. As there usually are recurring characters I recommend to read the very first 2 book as well. Specially All for Show because Nat and Owen enjoy an important role in this book., With " A single more Chance" we can right now enjoy the third book of Rachel Kane's " The Boys od Oceanside" and, at least in my opinion, the publications constantly get better!
On the one hand the story regarding Cave and Ransom is a sweet and easy to study second chance romance together with great, realistic main and supportive characters, each together with strengths and flaws. Cave and Ransom have a new great chemistry and I really loved the Prologue about their youth. We all get a reconnection with our beloved Owen and Nat from the former publications and we once again possess an absolutely adorable puppy dog: )
About the other hand we learn pretty a great deal about the dark attributes of fame and just what it does to the men and women involved and their private existence. And also, how hard this can be to split free from all the superficiality and phoniness. But presently there can also develop realf riendship despite the bogus circumstances.
Typically the author did a genuinely great job in showing both sides of celebrity and that glitters is usually not gold. For me personally the story was a new great reminder to benefit the straightforward things in existence also to never loose your self and your beliefs.
Altogether yet again an absolutely enjoyable read together with humor as well because angst and depth.
I really hope the creator will take us returning to Oceanside soon: )
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest and Impartial review., I received an ARC of One More Possibility for a review. Ransom leaves town, and Cave, to reach for his imagine fame and fortune. Sometimes your dreams grab both you and wring the existence out of you whilst you are holding on them with all might got. It cost your pet Cave, his first adore. Cave made a great life for himself and his adopted nephew, Jojo. Jojo is a cutie! But Cave is lonely and dreaming about what ifs with Ransom. Ransom reconnects with Cave while your dog is home to rest his voice and get some songs written. This is usually where the trouble starts as they hide their particular wish to be together. Ransom's manager, Toby, is out for himself and hates Cave. How many problems could he cause? Will Ransom man up and go after what he wants together with Cave, or run for those he's worth?
There's a lot heading on available and the characters appear real, just what with all their buddies investing in their two pennies worth. They also back again Cave towards the hilt any time the chips are down, just like real buddies do. I liked this book and I can't hold out for the next guide in the series to end up.

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