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I possess mixed feelings on this book. But overall, I suggest it.

When I first heard of this book, I was really enthusiastic about reading it and pre-ordered it on Amazon ~ since I like to ready and study the historical past and development of technology and Silicon Valley. I see the One Device over the course of several days. No doubt, this disapprove was released a week before the 10th anniversary of release of the very first apple iphone - Friday, June twenty ninth, 2007, to generate interest and sales.

If you want *just* a historical past of the development of the very first iPhone, this publication may not be for you – apart from the previous chapter. If you want to know more about what made the iPhone possible and everything that lead to the apple iphone in a historical circumstance, then you’ll definitely want to read this publication. I just felt that the book could have already been organized with more about Apple than a whole lot of isolated chapters with some Apple and apple iphone history sprinkled in, where the best chapter on the development of the iPhone was saved for last. These lines from the last chapter concisely, pithily encapsulates the inclusion of of the book and the development of the iPhone:

“… The stars aligned. They also aligned with lithium-ion electric battery technology, current compacting of cameras. With the accretion of China’s skilled labor pressure, and the surfeit of cheaper metals around the world. The list goes on. “It’s not simply a question of waking up one morning in 2006 and deciding that you’re going to build the iPhone; it may be a matter of making these nonintuitive investments and failed products and crazy testing – and having the ability to operate on this huge timescale … Most companies are not capable to that. Apple almost wasn’t able to do that. ”

The main one Device tells the story of the development of the iPhone – but much more so, the raccord of ideas and systems over time that made the apple iphone possible.

The publication begins with Apple’s “Explore New Rich Interactions” (ENRI) group and initial experimentations of multi-touch before even thinking about the smartphone. Then a chapter to the history of the phone, electronic marketing communications and the smartphone. After that on to a part (“Minephones”) on the resources of materials of smartphones. Then to Gorilla Cup. Then a chapter on the origins and work on multitouch over the decades.

Then back to a chapter on The apple company (“Prototyping”).

Then back to the history of the battery and lithium electric battery and the origins of lithium. Then a part on Apple’s interest in the camera & image stabilization. Then the chapter back to the history of sensing motion (gyroscopes, GPS NAVIGATION, accelerometers, etc). And onto a chapter on the ARM microprocessor (“Strong-ARMed”). Then the chapter on cellular network infrastructure.

Then back to Apple (“Enter the iPhone”), describing Apple’s thinking on developing a mobile phone, as iPod was taking off. Then to a side-tracked chapter and good Siri (along with speech recognition, and artificial intelligence). My answer is side-tracked, since the original apple iphone didn’t have Siri ~ which came out in late 2011 with the release of the apple iphone 4S.

Then a part on Foxconn and the Chinese labor force that assembles the iPhone.

Typically the back to Apple how secretive it can be as well as its marketing ability (“Sellphone”).

Then back to China and description of the Chinese component ecosystem and aftermarket and black market for phones.

After that finally the last part of the book ~ the last 50 web pages roughly (out of 380 pages) – “The A single Device” - is the meat of what I was looking for ~ getting more deeply into the details (as much as one could to a general reading audience).

Overall, I would describe The main one Device as a book version of the history of the smart phone analogous to the mil novecentos e noventa e seis three hour PBS television documentary about the PC industry titled, “Triumph of the Nerds” – which I often say, is the best three hours of tv, or at least documented television, ever made. If you’re really enthusiastic about a brief history of what made the apple iphone possible, this is fantastic primer.

Some other ideas – this book really also looks at the price of the iPhone, smartphone and electronics in general – the exploration material & labor cost, the factory worker & cellular tower worker cost, and the environmental cost.

And finally, the cost to the Apple employees who gave their lives for the iPhone:

As stated in the book, “His doctor, he admits that, gave your pet an ultimatum. Do these two things or danger dying – lose weight and quit [Apple]. Thirty-six people I worked with at Apple have died, ” he states. “it is intense. ”

That intensity is also likely the reason that the team that built the iPhone has since scattered to the wind gusts. As of 2017, besides Jony Ive, none of the executive staff at Apple was seriously involved in creating the apple iphone. ”, Lots of interesting insight into those who developed and promoted the iPhone, explaining well how much credit needs be spread around. But this book is not near to a classic like Tracy Kidder, Spirit of a New Machine, or T. R. Reid, The Chip. In lieu of the hard, hard task of explaining technology to a non-technical audience, too much narrative comprising little more than expanded quotes, with little circumstance. Let alone the various, blase politically correct asides, like asserting that Rachel Carlson, Silent Spring " uncovered the dangers of DDT" with no mention that that " expose" was bogus news that lead to the death of hundreds of thousands due to failure to control the spread of malaria., Not a nail-biter business publication, but body fat see your iPhone (or any smartphone) the same way again., Perhaps I just didn't get it, but when the writer became the story doing his undercoverish work in China I got little fed up. But the rest is magical., Thought it would be better. It dragged considerably. Type of boring a whole lot of the time. Got me a long time to finish it., Easy reading and informative publication., A little slow sometimes, but a good read., This is an interesting read. It's not necessarily a simple read. I came across it a little hard work in places - but many of the insights were truly eye opening.
Well worth the time needed to read.

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