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I actually loved this book too. Usually companion books to the initial story, in this case The Wednesday Wars, are not as good or even horrible. Likewise a National Book Finalist like the initial, this book stood on its own as a great novel. There is less emphasis on literature but Jane Eyre is brought into the tale as well as art/drawing, science and geography. This is set in the 1968-1969 in the era of the Vietnam Conflict and the Apollo eleven mission to the celestial body overhead. The main character Doug, moves with his very poor family from NYC to a little town so his intoxicated abusive father can find work. Starting out as a possible outcast due to his family's financial situation and his brother and dad's criminal reputation, Doug is taken under the wing of a few people of Maryville like the town librarian, his science educator, and the grocer's daughter who see him as his own person, a good person with talents and intelligence that no-one has tried to nurture and grow until now. They help him get through the abuse and neglect he has to endure as well the town suspicion of his family for the store robberies occurring around town and his older brother returning from the battle with life-changing physical and mental injuries. This was also written as a little one's book but as an adult I still thoroughly enjoyed it., I simply love this guide! It's one of my favorites to read out loud to students. They stayed tuned in throughout the whole book. We keep guessing what might happen as we progress, and it is fun to see how the students feel about the several characters., Okay for Today is part of the unique group of books that get by without having a climax. These publications do this by engrossing the reader in the lives of the main figure and making you feel like you are residing with them and that they are your friends. It's a difficult art form to master, but Gary D. Schmidt has now accomplished it twice, with The Wednesday Wars and Okay for Now.

The particular characters in this book are vivid and reasonable, and the plot is believable the throughout the complete story. There is excellent character development, and Doug's quest to complete the book of birds comes to a satisfying bottom line. There are dark components in addition to light parts, and they are weaved collectively nicely to create an engrossing experience. Well done, Mr. Schmidt. Well done.

Another good thing about this guide is that it will please fans of The Wednesday Wars (Such as myself) while no prior knowledge about Doug is necessary for the tale to seem sensible. It's just as fresh and original as its predecessor.

Despite the fact that this didn't bother me personally, Doug had a very unique way of discussing. He uses lots of run on sentences and repeats phrases such as "You understand how that feels? inches or "I'm not laying. " plenty of times throughout the novel. This may annoy some viewers. Also at risk of alienation are Red Sox fans, as Doug is a die hard Yankee fan and looks upwards to Yankee great Later on Pepitone. Additionally there is a trivia contest in the middle of the novel about Yankee baseball that some Red-colored Sox fans might want to skip over.

Within conclusion, if you are bothered by little things like catch phrases or purposeful run-on sentences, this book is not for you. This book may be hard to read sometimes if you hate the Yankees. But if you can look past all that, you will find a wonderful story underneath, stuffed with adventure, feeling, and a great morale., I had been introduced to the Jr or Young Adult gendre of books only a couple of in years past. Whenever I was a kid we relied on things like " Lassie, " " Black Beauty, " " The trick Garden, " and the Nancy Came series. But nothing spoke to the life I had been experiencing as a troubled teenager. And then I got to read the " Thursday Wars" for a Sabbath Reading for Pastors program to make the delightful finding that there is something substantive between " Little House on the Prairie" and Harry Potter.
In recent months I heard an interview with Gary Schmidt on the vehicle radio. He or she was so interesting and the things he was saying about his hottest book were so interesting i ordered " Okay for Now" for my Kindle as soon as I got home.
This tale seems to be about real kids with real problems. When I was young, no-one discussed their parents getting single or any other kind of family trouble. All of us kept everything inside and maybe didn't even let our pastor or our favorite teacher know very well what was eating at us. Nevertheless books like this one invite a teen to think about what she's dealing with, maybe discuss it with a friend, maybe even discuss these things in the classroom. How stimulating! And how healthy!
My earliest grandchildren are too old for this selection of publications now, and my youngest are not quite ready, but Grandma will be waiting to grace their Christmas tree with publications that were really written to them.
The particular Rev. Judith A. Meier, I read this book as part of a "book club" with a boy in Foster Care I actually currently work with. I actually like this guide because it shows the realities of life with characters that are easy to associate to - for young adults and adults as well. It shows how people can change and how your perception of life has a lot to dow with attitude., This is a very good book. My 13 year old grandson enjoyed it very much. It centers around a teen boy that has many problems in his as well as moves to a new location. He or she is misunderstood by teachers and seems to be the victim of many unfair judgements. He finds friendship in a lady and learns many things while working as a delivery boy for a little deli. Mis always any happy as well as sad events happen in this book. You is always anxious to know very well what will be the outcome.

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