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While the first 69 pages approximately are, as one might expect, the tale of a man in his sixties coming to grips with the modern internet... George Takei is, fundamentally, a geek.

And brilliant.

In addition to given to reverse-engineering everything he comes across.

So the last two-thirds of the book winds up being one of the most coherent, insightful, and accessible explanations I've ever seen about how to develop and maintain a social media existence.

If you're still grappling with this social press thing, especially as part of your business, you cannot go wrong with this. Unlike your average "how to do that social media thing" book, this one's actually fun to read., Although like many in my era George Takei first became known to me as Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek, " I really arrived to appreciate him during his many appearances on Howard Stern's show. That someone with that serious, elegant demeanor and fantastic deep voice could be so hilarious was a neat thing. When he moved forward to the internet it was instantly made more potent by his presence, and "Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet)" documents not only his rise to net domination, but how social media helps and hinders us all.

Possibly the most amazing thing about George's adventures on the internet is that he's 75 years old, of the generation that is supposedly computer-illiterate or phobic. Not really only that, but he writes netspeak with a really good of the plugged-in kids, which makes his writing all the more entertaining. If you're reading this book hearing his voice in your mind (which you will) reading phrases like "lowest common denominator of butthurt" will crack you up. Oh, excuse myself, LOL.

Yes, the book contains his favorite memes and pictures, but George also writes eloquently about how exactly the speed of the internet can catch even the most savvy internet surfers in embarrassing situations, as well as how to handle trolls, the overly sensitive, and Facebook's behind-the-scenes string-pulling. I was surprised at the previous part; it was a genuine learning experience for me as I maintain a Facebook page for my website and would wonder why the page stats were so away of whack.

Whether he's being an actor, an activist, or the man who just posted the meme that made you spit coffee all over your keyboard, George Takei is, as the kids say, the man. "Oh Myyy! " is a fun, smooth read for everybody. We're all glad you listened to your husband and wrote this, Uncle George!, When I first learned that George Takei was going to write a book about his activities with the internet, I was expecting something similar to his Facebook page. At first I was upset, where was my funnies? I wanted my memes. I needed my cats and celebrity trek/wars mash ups.

And then I read some more.

Now I'm being interested and informed. Maybe not the funny ha anordna that I was expecting, but something more. George Takei allows us to have a little peek into his life.

He talks about the charitable organizations and causes he chooses to support, why and just how he chooses them. This individual talks about how exactly he gone from being the man who played Mr. Sulu to the humanitarian, spokesperson, activist.

He talks about learning how to hook up with his fans and followers using the internet. The mistakes and the successes he previously using the internet.

So while I purchased this assuming it would definitely be funny ha ha. I am so glad I assumed wrong.

I recommend this book., As at least 3. 1 , 000, 000 people know, George Takei played the character of Lt. Sulu on the original Star Trek, and he now manages one of the most popular web pages on FaceBook. "Oh, Myyy" explains how a occupied 75 year old gay and lesbian actor and activist perfected the world of Facebook and created a new icon for millions of people.

Takei is a witty and charming raconteur, and he supplies a lot of participating stories about what he has learned about FaceBook and its arcana, such as Edge Rank--he is both an advocate and a critic of the company, taking FB to task for certain things but giving its employees (many of whom are among his fans) the possiblity to tell the company's side of the story. Sprinkled through the book are illustrations of the hilarious memes that have made Takei's page so popular, as well as discussions of his efforts as an bustler. He comes across as a thoughtful, conscientious and polite fellow who hasn't let fame go to his head,

The book is also very up to date--one of the virtues of e-publishing is that the creator can keep updating the text right up until the book is released--so the narrative covers events like the presidential election and Curiosity's landing on Roter planet (umgangssprachlich). All in all, an easy, enlightening and enjoyable read. It's a must for fans of Takei's page, and well worth reading for its engaging insights about FaceBook and social press., While I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, I can't help but love George Takei. I noticed a live performance of Johan De Meij's Lord of the Rings symphony, narrated by Takei. GREATEST. GOLLUM. EVER.

And with family members who are Trekkies, I found me personally laughing and loving his Facebook page. This book is mostly about his activities on FB, as well as his followers, his husband Brad (one of the cutest couples ever), and other efforts.

While I got some terrific techniques for optimizing my HUB PAGES page, as well as being a great laughs (yes I really do wish I had him or her for a Guncle! ), it fell just brief of that fifth celebrity.

Looking forward to reading his next book! (And fwiw I finished reading this on#StarWarsDay. The irony is not lost on me)


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