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Jennifer McLagan has written a number of books about foods that are misunderstood, unappreciated, and underused. " Odd Parts: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal" focuses on those parts less glorious than perfect rib and crown roast but likely more tasty, nutritious, and versatile, foods such as pig's feet, turkey liver, and beef tongue.

This guide is a valuable asset given the movement in the US ALL towards real food. The particular classic French philosophy of using the entire animal when calculated resonates in McLagan's book, delivering the art of " les abbats" to non-gallic tables.

McLagan sprinkles her treatise with insights from your lifetime of preparing these neglected foods, and gives us numerous ways to add interest, flavor, and tradition back into our kitchens and into our lives., This is one of the most beautiful cook books I own. Visually stunning, well laid out and arranged, informative, and entertaining.

We brined and poached a beef tongue for the initial time--to good outcome! --using the book's very clear recipes and instructions. We enjoyed the author's narrative and a tasty hash. Even my husband, who typically is not a fan of odd bits, enjoyed the meal(s) quite definitely.

Even if you cook nothing out of this book, it is a wonderful read. You can pick it up and open it to any page and find some anecdote, photo, or bit of culinary history to delight you., A go back to the long run book for us down here in the South. Using the "odd bits" has been a way of life for a long time, but Ms. McLagan will take them to new cooking heights. If anyone is a "picky eater" and squeamish about foods, it would be me, even though I live where gizzards, cracklin and pigs knuckles can be found at the local meats markets. But I was a changed woman. Ms. McLagan's Brain Ravioli in Morel sauce is decadently smooth and rich, and to any extent further, I will think twice before putting all that tasty marrow into my soup and will save it for Marrow and Sweet Peas. Crispy Testicles with Onion, Self defense and Caper Sauce - once you taste this absolutely tasty dish, you will move on from the part and stay a true believer. And We love her "tongue in cheek" writing style., We purchased this cookbook because my mother has been raising pigs for several years, and when we have one slaughtered for food I wanted to try to use whenever possible from the animal. To me it's the only way to truly honor and respect the animals that give their lives to sustain us. I've now received a freezer full of appendage meat, feet, ears and fat that I've been slowly and gradually learning how to cook, which book really offered me a lot of inspiration -- and bravery -- to do so.

First off it's a lovely book to simply sit and read. The introduction to how usually " offal" was considered a delicacy in the past, the way different cultures respect and use organ meat that lots of American chefs have no fascination with... this was very inspiring. Additionally there is a good amount of practical information on cleaning, storage and preparation of various cuts of meats which are useful whatever kind of meat you are talking about (beef, pork, lamb, etc. ) I've so far cooked a number of the simpler recipes, specifically using liver (which We loved already) and experienced very good success with them.

If I experienced a criticism it's that I think the book could have benefited from some instructional diagrams, such as showing how to trim heart or maybe showing step by step the practice of delivering and skinning toungue before cooking. Just some more pictures in general to generate of the more perhaps " shocking" recipes become more appealing to the average reader out there., EXCELLENT BOOK, great pictures, techniques, love some of the bone marrow recipes. Publications like this you buy for the info, the techniques, the basic stocks, aspics, etc... not so much the recipes. THe bone marrow and mushroom custard, rich, delicious, perfect. Really like the tripe techniques, the detail about preparing these " odd bits" Do not get me wrong the recipes are great, but you buy a book like this for the techniques, cooking methods, cooking times, flavor profiles. If the a real chef, hardcore home cook, farmer, butcher, sausage maker, hunter, do yourself a favour and buy this book. Along with Bones, and Fat, trust me, you could probably get all three for 60 bucks. WORTHWHILE, This particular book is so much fun. I've been searching for a head cheese recipe for years since my Grand mommy has Alzheimers and can no longer remember hers.: -( This was like 1 of two books We could find that a new head cheese recipe. Of all the meats books that are out there including charcuterie making books- sigh! The particular recipe was a little different then I'm used to but still good none the less. Plus additional cool recipes like Bone Marrow Dumplings and Lamb Cobbler to make upward for it. If like anything new, odd and out of the box, this book is for you for sure. However, if you are searching for a common reference on regular meats like pork chops and chicken, then pass this one up. This guide is not for the weak at heart and a lot of the meats used in the book require a lttle bit of resourcefulness. Many of these dishes remind me of something I might see on Andrew Zimmern which is why I love it. Proceed with caution if the idea of cow's brain grosses you out., Foodies will love this book
I am german heritage and we spend nothing, this book gives alot of recipes for the yummy parts!, This particular is a fabulous book with accessible recipes and good explanations of each of the odd bits and how to get ready them for cooking. And it also makes an interesting espresso table book for being concerned dinner guests. I've made several recipes from this book already and everyone of them has been awesome. The tamarind glazed ribs (not that odd) are amazing and excess glaze keeps well in the fridge for smearing on chops or whatever. We also loved the moroccan braised heart - I used lamb hearts for a milder flavour. I suggest both this book and 'Fat: A great Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient'.

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