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For (hopefully) obvious reasons, here are eight ways octopuses — and this guide — rock:

1) Octopuses (and not, as I actually learned, “octopi”) are interesting, smart and have distinct personalities; they are able to solve problems and learn new strategies (though, like some other unnamed pets [hint: humans], they still have behavioral blind spots that no amount of new data inputs can override).

2) They are masters of camouflage, able to blend in with any number of environment backgrounds and even move patterns across the surface of their bodies like fleshy LED banners.

3) As an extension of #2, they can perform all this even though their sight are color blind, which makes me wonder if they have some sort of crazy, eyeless physical sight in their skin/appendages.

4) Even though this is related to squid and not octopuses, some may have a aesthetic language on their pores and skin to share information with fellow squid; in other words, they’re “living publications. ”

5) The creators are obviously experts with tons of shared experience of, and empathy for, octopuses, and the book is sprinkled with meaningful personal anecdotes.

6) Octopuses are mostly solitary, have boring sex lives that always conclusion in senescence and they pass away young. The males generally fumble around with their arms, squirt some semen and then unwell and die … or, more usually, are eaten by sharks and seals.

7) Octopus mothers are awesomely attentive to their ova, carefully hanging up strands of thousands and hundreds of eggs they carefully tending to them until just about the time they hatch. Then get sick and die. Or are eaten. And everything the little babies whoosh out into the ocean where most are eaten. But a few live.

8) The whole ink thing is insane. Some can squirt out ink with such control, they can make a fog up that hides escape, or retains condition enough that it looks like a solid octopus. They can squirt out several those, then change their pores and skin color to match and all of sudden, a predator is confronted with a bunch of inky replicates hanging in the drinking water that may or might not be the real package. Plus some, down in the depths where light can’t reach and ink is meaningless, can squirt out glowing, bioluminescent ink!

Octopuses rock and this guide is a great way to learn more about them. The Kindle version (at least on my Paperwhite) does not do justice to the images, but that’s what YouTube is perfect for. Read it if you would like to learn more about cephalopods or be inspired by the mysteries of the ocean (or build your own aquarium; I skipped that section — leave the octopuses free in the sea)., Required a good book on octopuses as research for a fiction series, which guide delivered an amazing level of scientific information in a writing style that was clear and engaging without being overly academic. Through the life cycle of these amazing cephalopods to chapters on their personalities and intelligence, from their mating behavior to their unique features, this book unveils the wonder and biology of octopuses. This book strikes the perfect balance between readability and scientific writing for a subject so complex and well-researched., Our 18-year-old Biology major girl loved this guide. I obtained it for her for Christmas, she loves marine & marine life! Therefore this was a perfect present., Well written with good information and beautiful pictures., good read. worth the time and money., "Octopus"; The Ocean's Intelligent Invertebrate (A Natural History) by Mather, Anderson, and Wood is an extremely useful encapsulated history of perhaps, one of the most least understood, least appreciated, and yet most interesting animals in this world. Here then is an animal with three hearts, eight legs, and a cognitive psychological capacity and personality to rival some of the more common mammals.

The authors of this book take the reader through the tragically short life span of an Octopus from the egg to the grownup. The writers also taken care of an aura of scientific study and terminology, but experienced the common sense to utilize a layman's "story quality" style of writing so that... even the "scientific challenged" like me could understand precisely what was being stated.

In case you have an interest in oceanography, animals, and nature, then I actually can promise... you will not be disappointed with this guide! In addition there are some 38 magnificent color photographs of various octopuses to "stoke the embers" of the readers interest in this issue matter held at arms length (all eight of them)!, I actually am a huge fan and admirer of this creature. Having been a skindiver for years I am always marveling at the Oct's intelligence and camoflage. This specific book gives me new insight to how an octo thinks, reacts and lives. Besides its great table fare., Immediately captures the reader's attention. For anybody interested in learning more about these wonderful animals: history, capabilities, intelligence-
this guide is a must read.

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