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In case you have gotten as far as Book 4 in the Lizzy Gardner series you know that Spiderman is a memory, but still haunts Lizzy Gardner.

The story starts this time with radio psychologist Madeline Blair tells her hearing audience that she actually is being stalked, totally unaware what would follow? Seth Brown had formed loving Madeline and takes it after himself to protect her. Sitting outside her home, watching nightly for which maybe stalking her, Seth sees someone looking in her windows he gets to conclusions that this individual is the stalker. A great obsessed fan turns into a killer. Hearing the horrible call over the air, causes more deaths, and Seth goes after Madeline and Lizzy when Madeline admits it was all for better scores on the radio show.

Jessica, Lizzy’s assistant, is awaiting acceptance into the FBI and has a tiny story line.

Hayley becomes the star of this history; continues on her payback on Brian and sneaking out at night. Shedding weight and having more and more despondent. Hayley are unable to deal with the death of her mother, realizing that Brian killed her makes her want revenge even more. The very darkish side of Hayley comes out in this history line.

Enter Kitally so different from Jessica and Hayley. Hayley and Kitally meet in juvenile detention; unknown to all the girl is the daughter of a wealthy couple. Driving fast cars and surviving in a luxury mansion Kitally has been helping Hayley on several cases.

Lizzy’s sister Cathy after divorcing her cheating husband, cannot live without a person and starts seeing Michael again, much against Lizzy and niece Brittany’s advice.

Jared has finally gotten Lizzy to accept his suggestion and with the pending wedding only months away, Jared is beyond sensible with Lizzy putting her PI job before her marriage, uncertain any other man would have done that. However, as a twist to the history which leaves the reading wondering will Jared stay faithful to Lizzy, is the neighbor and her short shorts.

Enter also a tiny story line involving Lizzy’s father, who is sick and will not have Lizzy see him in the hospital, where does the story line go when Lizzy finds a sketching created by a tiny child to her “Grandpa” and Lizzy starts to check into., Love the Lizzy Gardener series! Finished book 3 a couple of days in the past and immediately started publication 4, 'Obsessed. ' It's another well written, fast paced page turner. The ending had me a little freaked out - I hope that every is well by the ending of publication 5, which I feel starting today., Obsessed was all the Lizzy Gardner series - well-written, fast moving, dark, and fairly surprising. The characters are interesting, particularly the regular " cast. " However, I wasn't thrilled about the ending - it was obviously a shock. I'm reading the next in the series today to see how the story truly ends., I absolutely LOVED this publication. I use read the entire series and, IMHO, this is the best yet. Ms Ragan has a knack for delving on both the light and the dark side of her characters, making the reader like and detest, and approve or disapprove of their actions. I was glad to observe that all the main characters are back, and that Kitally also played an important role in the history. Jared was kind of delegated to the setting but that was the way the plot went. The story kept me at the edge of my seat and it was hard to put it down, however, by 5 feel, I needed to get some sleep. One observation (which I hope is not too spoilerish), Ms Ragan, do you really think you can get away with that closing without telling your readers when the next publication will be out? Well, DO YOU??? Being a lover, I sincerely hope the follow up to obsessed is in the works, if not, BE ABLE TO THIS!, please?, Still a few bumps in the trail but really getting better! It would seem as though I am used to Ms. Ragan's writing style. Good circulation and good characters, especially the main protagonist. My biggest complaint comes in the use of geek-speak, especially near the ending between Tommy and Kitara. As someone who has spent many years among the list of speakers of nerd, it felt forced and awkward.

However, kudos for the shout out to the Military Police! Because a former MP me personally it was nice to see one of mine featured in a critical scene.

On to Guide 5!, I have read the full sequence of the Lizzy Gardner series and love Lizzy. I needed to buy this but the price never went down then when I got Kindle Unlimited, it was availabe so quickly picked it up. I haven't completely finished the book but over half way through and am hoping for a good ending!, Yet again Ms Ragan has written a riveting Lizzy Gardner history. This time Lizzy discovers herself in the midsection of what began as a stalker case to a diabolical serial killer. Radio personality, Doctor Madeline Blair hires Lizzy to discover her stalker. With this edition we get to know a little more about Haley and we discover Kitally's many talents great for exploration. Kitally is a great addition to the series.

Ms. Ragan is a great romance writer and i also have read all of her books but she soars when writing the Lizzy Gardner stories. I have all ready pre-ordered her next book in the series and am eagerly awaiting it's release in Feb .., The whole series was so good I could not stop reading it- I happily purchased and read the whole series within a length of time

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