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One of the most powerful book I've read. This book shines a powerful light in the darkest chasm of the medical field known as mental health. My dear relative is being helped by some of the supplements mentioned in this book while we wait for labs and medical assistance. Already I have seen this loved one deteriorate sharply at the hands of mental health professionals and their meds chosen by educated dart putting. It looks strongly to be low folate anxiety/depression that is a low blood histamine problem and we have observed methyl supplements bring her down (family mistake prior to seeking educated help) and seeing improvement being used of folinic acid and cyancobalamin and so forth (non methyl versions).
This is the most exciting publication i wish were in the hands of every patient and family in whose loved one suffers from disproportion of nutrients that impact the brain. It shows that tiny amounts of vitamins make a difference everything in a folks life. A person who might otherwise be a high histamine go getter MD might instead be getting sentenced to prison becuase they have pyrrole disorder where the body can't rid itself of copper. When did we ever hear of doctors testing for metallic levels to help people with emotional problems? This specific is up to now reaching and at this point so very little known that we need to do all we can to tell the world about it. So happy for the doctors who are working so bravely in this area. Therefore sad for the documents who like one in whose office I sat in said " that will not do anything" pointing at the book... and later saying my loved one should take vitamins. Duh, buddy. The book is already helping. I pray the light gets shown in all the dark crevices of the world of mental health! This publication screams HOPE to those in the abyss of the mental health system., I first heard about laser hair removal listening to an International Bipolar Foundation web conferencing. My daughter is afflicted with schizoaffective disorder. She has recently been under the nutrient remedy treatment for six a few months. After seven years taking antipsychotic medications, and these days having continuous psychosis for 1 . 5 years while on different antipsychotics, my daughter stopped having psychosis after two months of " nutritional therapy" treatment.

This book is a condensed description of Dr. William Walsh’s 30 years research in the field of nutrient remedy to treat mental disorders. The science-based medical strategy developed by this science tecnistions is named " biomedical therapy" or " nutrient remedy. " Dr. Walsh created non-profits in order to be able to carry out research about the role of vitamins, mineral, and amino acids in mental disorders. He's presented his research to the American Psychiatric Association. The treatment can be done parallel to the regular psychiatric treatment, if the patient is taking neuroleptics or any psychiatric medication. Dr . Walsh recognizes the value of methylation processes and epigenetics in brain disorders.

The nutritional remedy treatment aims at controlling the synthesis of neurotransmitters using natural chemistry, without producing the gloomy outcomes that the psychiatric drugs generate. The book is written in an easy vocabulary, so that, a layperson like me, can understand some basic chemical techniques that occur in the human body/brain. Mcdougal describes the neurotransmitter’s life routine and synthesis such as norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, and gaba.

There are chapters on epigenetics, schizophrenia, depression, autism, behavior disorders, Alzheiner’s, and about the clinical process used in the treatment. What I think is fantastic is that they use blood, urine, and sometimes hair tests to diagnose the chemical disproportion of each patient. Typically the treatment is made specifically for each person, according with the patient’s biochemistry results. Typically the author states that deviant epigenetic marks that cause brain chemistry imbalances are usually reversible.

Examining the biochemistry and biology of 30, 000 patients diagnosed with mental disorders, the researcher uncovered the incidence of methylation disorders. He correlated the DSM diagnosis with the degree of methylation he found in the mental condition patients he studied. Some biotypes tend to be more overmethylated, while some are likely to be more undermethylated. Dr. Walsh has great insights into the treatment of behavior disorders. This book is great, and it will revolutionize the psychiatric treatment. Mental health professionals need to realize that there are effective treatments that do not have the terrible side effects that psychiatric drugs do. Doctors should learn about these treatments.

“Nutrient Power” is a blessing in my family’s life. I wish I actually had known concerning this treatment before. Dr. William Walsh is a wonderful man, that has been dedicating his career to the development of a protocol for patients with behavior disorders. One great difference between nutrient remedy and the standard laboratory created drug treatment is that the nutrient treatment uses natural body chemicals to restore anyone to a normal state.

Plus viewing videos of Dr . Walsh’s presentations and interviews about his theory and treatment. I also read a number of the articles on the non-profit he created, Walsh Research Institute. If it were possible I would give more than several stars to this book and also to this great scientist., Lots of great info! That switches into detail on several key nutrient imbalances, such as copper/zinc and methylation issues. There is a super helpful chart explaining what supplements increase and decrease various neurotransmitters that is the best I've seen everywhere -- the purchase it worth it for that chart alone.

Overall, I actually love Dr. Walsh's strategy. I've read about other practitioners such as Ben Lynch and Amy Yasko who have different approaches to methylation issues and don't focus as much on other issues like copper/zinc, but when I try their approach it always makes me worse. Walsh's strategy works for me like none other, and he even explains why the protocols suggested by Lynch and Yasko don't work for those with my symptoms.

It was amazing to me that he his protocol has had so much success at coping with depression, schizophrenia, dementia, and other issues, using only OTC supplements! Also i appreciate that The Walsh Institute is a non-profit. It truly feels like your dog is trying to help, never trying to sell you on anything.

If I actually had to pick things to complain about, one complaint would be that book seems to start out away covering basic science at a pretty high degree and then just offers executive summaries of his approaches to treat various issues. I would have appreciated more detail, but then again I have studied all this stuff in great detail before buying this guide. If this is all totally new to you, then this is probably a great spot to start.

Another issue I have is that, aside from just recommending things like " supplement zinc", " supplement methionine", it does not go into great fine detail about how to do it. Portion of that is that he recommends running tests first with a trained practitioner and having them suggest the treatment protocol instead than treating it yourself, and I agree that that is the ideal route. And he points out that you can make things more serious if you don't do things exactly right; for example, treating low zinc with high zinc intake while ignoring other imbalances can certainly make your zinc/copper imbalance worse. However, if I'm not willing to spend the money to get a practitioner or there's no person trained in the Walsh protocol near me, Now i'm kind of left high and dry. I bought the book expecting to get more details about how to attempt treatment on my own.

Regardless of the drawbacks, Now i'm still very happy to have read it, and i also learned a lot despite having studied this material a lot before reading the book.

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