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I want to explain why I have gave this career guide a five star review. First, I really like the connection to the author from the very beginning. The lady tells her story. It can a story many visitors can connect with. I know I can. The next awesome thing about this guide is the organization. The guide is informative and easy to understand and follows a way you start with what is breastfeeding all the way to passing the exam and getting a job. As soon as I finished the how to study chapter my mind was performed up. I knew I had to talk about this book with my 16 year old who has decided to follow my steps into a nursing career. This is a well crafted guide. In addition to yes, I would recommend it to teens likely to high institution, especially ones considering a school offering magnets. They could want to take the medical route. I also recommend this guide to grownups who are looking to make a change in careers of buying beginning. Read the guide and discover all the reasons a nursing career will improve your life., The author will a fantastic job of explaining things to becoming a nurse no matter their current career and/or life situation. She takes the time to explain the various nursing career pathways, which I had no idea there were so many! Another beneficial aspect of the book is the educational requirements and getting accepted to a program, which in my opinion really helps a person who is brand new to to area of nursing. Jones also discusses funding options that are available, which is critical for those that may not have money laying around. Typically the author even has a chapter on getting appointed!! Come on now... we all need good advice on how to prepare for the interview and get the task, and who better to give that advice than someone that is currently successful as a nurse?

This book is written from the perspective of a working mom and wife whom decided to change her employment opportunity completely. As a result, it is stuffed with anecdotes and personal stories that highlight the challenges of balancing personal lives and relationships, yet lets the reader know that every folks journey is their own. I treasured the fact that the author was extremely motivational throughout the book; every chapter was essentially " YOU CAN DO THIS PARTICULAR! " while explaining the various aspects of nursing and the steps to get there. Also she was inclusive, as we all know men make profession changes and are healthcare professionals as well!

Overall, I highly recommend this guide. Whether you are already in breastfeeding and considering a change in functional area, considering a complete career change, or if you know someone who is, this is the book for you! It is motivational, informative, and resourceful. In short BUY THIS BOOK!!!, This book was written in an easy-to-relate-to manner. This obviously outlines many possible nursing career paths, and contains lots of down-to-earth methods to the difficult task of studying for a new career while keeping a job and raising a family. I recommend it to anyone considering a change off their current job to nursing, as it is packed with good advice and suggestions., This book is very informative if your thinking of heading into the nursing field. She lays all the information you should know out there and it really give she you a inside look of the breastfeeding field and how many opportunities but how difficult it may be while living your busy everyday life. Typically the author puts your concerns at ease and gives a " I can do it" attitude. A person won't be disappointed if you buy this guide., This book is a breeze to read but don't ever is it not informative. The info on the several paths to achieving a nursing career is a must read. The author's journey is uplifting and she gives practical advice on how to improve your profession while still working and having a family. When you are thinking about nursing but aren't certain you can do it... HAVE THIS BOOK!!!, Honestly a good read for those wondering if nursing is their right career choice. This information was not available for me.. I just jumped in because I new it was my way. This book was detailed, thorough, and right on with what nursing school and a nursing career is all about.., This guide is not hard to understand and well crafted the content lays away what steps one can take to guide their careers to give hope to those that can't find their path., This Publication is a great reference to the Medical Industry. The info in this guide can be used in your everyday life rather you are a nurse, PT, OT, Aid, or EMT.
The best part is that this book is an easy read. When you need to just understand the direction and the best way you are grateful for a book like this.

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