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Treena is ready to leave NORA behind forever, but NORA is far from done with her. With the hope of a life ahead with Vance, she forces onward through the uninhabitable dessert. After losing all her gear, it seems like she’ll never make it, but is preserved by a hidden subterranean settlement. Vance doesn’t know that Treena is on her way to become a member of him, but he could be upwards to his elbows in his own problems. Right after agreeing to be put on trial for his previous actions, he’s become a prisoner of his own people.

Vance and Treena are creating their own paths in this second book. They wish to be together, but first must overcome obstacles in their own lives and find the other person again afterwards. I actually enjoyed seeing Treena and Vance in their own stories as they battled with various problems.

Now that Treena is unable to turn the girl back on NORA, it is citizens, and the problems right in front of her, she will have to fight even harder for what she feels is right. For Vance it was never something of if he should or should not help others, but without having the power to acquire or change situations, he can have quite a difficult time from it!

This story recommendations up right where the first one leaves off and ends with quite the chaotic climax., I actually liked the way Treena and Vance have developed in this second guide. Both characters are establishing and becoming the best version of themselves despite having to survive the desert and it's invisible dangers. Betrayal is their frequent companion nevertheless they will never give up fighting to save their people. Vance and Treena are patients of circumstances beyond their control and it will be interesting to see if they can find a way to be collectively and still save their people., Treena and Vance are separated, but want to reunite in this second installment in the Figures Game Trillogy. Before they can find one another, they each have to go through some hard tests. I feel that their determination to be together shows their commitment to one another.

Treena finds out what life is like beyond the borders of NORA's city. Traveling through the dry wasteland of the country she is injured, but thankfully found by a community hiding underground. The girl joins their community while recuperating, but has the girl thoughts centered on finding Vance again. While there, she learns more about NORA and the outlands.

Vance has taken responsibility for his actions against his community, but is astonished by the criminal charges brought to him by the outlanders. They accuse him of things that aren't true, but will not listen to the fact. He finds out that the people in control have their own reasons for wanting the community to not believe and support Vance. He has to do what is necessary to protect himself, those he likes you, and the community as a entire.

Vance and Treena get back together in the middle of chaos. I actually don't want to mess up what goes on, but you will want to read to find out!

I felt that Treena really grew better throughout the book. She has some hard challenges in front of her leading into the last guide of the series but it will surely be interesting to observe how she handles things from her situation., Great followup to Numbers Game. We take up where we remaining off in Number Online game - and there is a whole lot of things wrong in the world that Treena and Vance need to cope with. Treena and Vance are divided as the description of the book states, but don't worry about that. Both of these are the most resourceful forces of character that this dystopian world has seen.

Rebecca Rode writes a very well paced, character driven story that poses the question that if there was another great civil war in America and if one faction won out over the other and adopted a Ratings systems that is strictly adhered to by all citizens - what would life be like. But knowing human nature and the nature of most Americans - not everyone is going to be onboard with the new system. So these people will reside in the wilderness and hide from the " Great City" and risk capture at every turn.

This second book focuses on those people and what has become of the wilderness exterior of the Great Metropolis walls - we see it from the factors of view of Treena and Vance and they also combat and struggle against character, injustice, and against one human varmint which i desired to Gibbs Slap all the way down to South The united states.

Highly recommend reading this article guide, the first book, Figures Games and the additional books Ruby's Story and Chan's Story. I read the first 2 textbooks almost in 1 establishing and I am excitedly looking forward to guide number 3..... hurry Rebecca, the suspense is eradicating me!!!, Opening line:
" I was standing on the threshold of an abandoned stucco building and reached out, fingering a flake of orange-pink paint on the splintering wood. "

It had been awhile since I read book just one so it took me several chapters to keep in mind what happened therefore i recommend reading the books in order.

What a drive! Treena and Vance are at it again: adventures, leading people and romance. They each get their own chapters and what is being conducted in their lives until they meet again right before the biggest obstacle.
Vance is captured and held as a prisoner. He's accused of treason. Treena was hurt on her way to find Vance and is kept underground until she's well enough to leave.
I got so caught up in the story I almost finished in one setting. Presently there were enough suspenseful instances to keep me reading. I wanted the good guys to win and the bad guys to be stopped., Numbers Ignite is the second guide in the Numbers Online game Series. Treena has remaining NORA to find Vance and the way she stumbles across an subterranean desert settlement. Vance must face his clan and be tried for his crimes. If you enjoyed the Numbers Game then that is a must read, you will not be disappointed.

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