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I actually learned this book from a tweet from a fellow ultra runner who described this being an awesome book. And simply put an awesome book. Corey paints an often funny account on why and how a lot of people start ultra running using its ups ands downs. Corey does a good job of explaining this and relating it to runners and non-runners alike. The humorous and emotional accounts of running, from fatigue, feet, mosquitoes, etc. Also he pays off attention to those around him on these works. Also one note, he generally seems to prove a principle I hold about running - if you go out running others will follow, the simple work of doing. And as all great running textbooks, this book does come equipped with some of Corey's success tips for those ultra runs. I feel paying a great package more awareness of spreading the peanut butter. Again a great book and now in good company with other running titles. Also check out his columns in Ultrarunning Magazine., Loved reading this book. Since a runner, much like the title of this book, I'm Nowhere Close to First in almost every case. I do find myself however at times taking it totally too seriously. Sure I want to push myself to see what I'm in a position of, but I want to have fun with this too. Cory's book jogged my memory to not lose sight of this part of things, to slow down and enjoy the odor of the orchards (near my house) when running in spring, to take a look at the amazing sunsets and sunrises I face when I've dragged myself out there early in the morning or after a hard day of work, etc. Not only do I actually run to be physically healthy, but also to be mentally healthy and a more balanced person for myself, my kids, my job, my friends, my life. Cory allowed me to bring that perspective back ~ even though before reading the book I actually wouldn't have said I would lost it. I got. I became a much more avid runner because of some major setbacks in life (although absolutely nothing like Cory's story), but it was so nice to be able to hook up with Cory's tale of running to get over our fears and constraints and do something we'd never have dreamed ourselves in a position of doing. I'm running my 8th marathon in a few weeks. I'd practically halted training for this one because it choose to go so miserably this time around. I'm actually looking ahead to it now ~ not because my contest time will be anything at all special, but because I am blessed to be able to get it done at all. Thanks Cory for the reminder., I am at present training for my first 50K so I was looking for inspiration. My race is in less than a month so I am in no position to change training plan, so that was not the sort of book I actually was looking for. I actually know 50k sounds like not enough compared to what Cory has achieved, yet he can make it sound like it is something anyone who really wants it, could do it. I actually am amazed constantly at people who achieve these incredible distances, I feel like they devote all of their time during the day to it but since Cory, I actually also have a job, I also have kids and family so it will be relatable. I really like the way he says nothing is more important than time with family, sure, when we train we have to make sacrifices but not our family. I truthfully haven't read that many textbooks about running, even though I've been running for 6 years but this book was your perfect introduction for me and now I actually am looking forward to reading more about other runners., Fun read for anyone, especially trail joggers or aspiring ultra joggers. It is great to read about normal people who just enjoy running and accomplishing difficult goals. Very funny at times. This makes me want to get out an run more., Despite the fact that this publication is about Corey wonderful navigation of life and activities in running, it is very apparent that he is a guy with a huge heart, nonstop sense of humor, and a genuine passion for helping others push past their perceived emotional and physical constraints. Fun book to read, and incredible some of the things he has been able to accomplish, if by nothing else, sheer will power!, One of the best books I've read in quite a long time. I'm new to running and also this publication has been a huge way to obtain motivation and ideas for me. I have a race coming up 2 days from now and I actually will hear Cory saying to me " just keep moving forward. " That will get me personally to any finish line!, Just started reading this publication and it is certainly a fun read for any runner. I like how I can relate to so many of the things in the book because Also i feel not in the front of pack of runners...... therefore it is nice to read a publication from someone's perspective that is the identical to mine and who enjoys everything that running has to offer even if they aren't in start. Typically the book does read like he complied his blog and then put it in book form but it isn't the first publication I've read like that and I still enjoy the stories. A bonus is the pictures at the start of the chapters, I always like to see pictures from races/training/whatever because they always show the actual runner was going through., This guide was so inspiring for me! This made me want to get out there and try different kinds of contests and not be worried about where I finish... Whilst I was running a trail half marathon, I actually just kept thinking of things from the publication like the chapter about the three not so wise men... That made me careful not to start out too quickly and save that energy for later in the race. Cory's style of writing can make it so easy to pick up the book and not want to put it down! And his stories are so funny and inspiring. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves running!!! I'm looking forward to reading it again!!!

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