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We enjoyed reading Nourishing Traditions (NT) and have incorporated a few of the information from that book into my family's diet. Additionally, it caused me to delve into some areas of nutrition research that I hadn't read before NT. I expected this book to take a similar approach to day care (i. e. present qualitative and quantitative research, give an overview of historical trends, and present ideas from various cultures). We had high hopes for this book, since Sally Fallon was once again listed as an author, but after reading this book perhaps I will lookup for more from Jane Enig (the co-author of NT, but not on this book).

Perhaps the first sign that publication would be a let down were the typos throughout the pages (such as "hunbands" for husbands p 211, "sores" for scores p 104). The particular carelessness of the authors was reflected in the poor quality of the content and its display. This guide lacked a logical voice, and others have noted the contradictory assertions found throughout its webpages.

There are myriad areas without references. At other times the authors reference secondary options (in discussing toilet training they note that "Pediatrician Lindy Woodard believes which a child can and should be trained by thirty a few months; in her professional experience, children who are trained at an older age convey more problems learning to use the bathroom .. " p. 168). Usually the subject of a section would lack focus and context, such as p. 209 where the authors discuss "soul disorders" in reference to mental health. One assumes they are referencing the work of someone otherwise, but it isn't mentioned or put in context. This particular leaves the reader to ponder why the authors would consider if "wisdom tooth extraction impacts our souls. "

A few of the child parenting advice was unexpected: p. 203 "no parents can really play with their children" because they have "too much responsibility, too many disappointments, too much school finding out how to play" and "Don't get your children, just do your stuff-laundry, cooking, gardening, mowing the lawn, bird watching. inch Perhaps the authors started writing the section to stress the importance of allowing children have creative play rather than structuring all playtime with activities and parental narration, nonetheless they constructed a message of 'do your chores and leave your child to do his own thing. ' Again, there was no references in this brief section, though there are many sources the authors may have drawn from if they had done some research.

Although I predicted the publishing of this book with excitement, We cannot recommend "The Alimental, alimentary, nutrient, nutritious, nutritive Traditions Book of Infant and Child Care". Give thanks to you for taking the time to learn this review, and thanks to not pressing "unhelpful" due to the fact you argue with my view. NT is a groundbreaking publication, and I sincerely wish this book does not tarnish its reputation., Due to the fact the original Nourishing Traditions book has been so useful for me, We pre-ordered the Baby and Child Care version as soon as I noticed it was going to be released. I was excited when it was provided and I could finally read it! Having two small children, I was always happy to find out more on nourishing them.

There is a lot to like about The Nourishing Traditions Guide of Baby and Child Care by Sally Fallon Morrell and Thomas S Cowan. Some of it is exceptionally well-researched (other things I thought were a little sketchy or questionable, see further below). I could never list all the awesome things the publication discusses, but some of the highlights for myself include:

- Discussion about healthy fats. Many parents and parents-to-be are scared of fats because we have been fed a rest about cholesterol. I'm not afraid of fats and believe they are essential to nutrition and development, especially regarding children, but I sometimes feel the WAPF goes overboard with this.
- Exploration of the vitamin supplements and minerals needed earlier to conception and during pregnancy.
- Discussion about toxic chemical exposure in every day life/products and the risks of this while.
- An examination of what is in modern infant formula.
- Comprehensive recommendations for treating common childhood ailments using natural approaches instead than mainstream medicine.

Also i found myself reading and rereading a few things in the book that made me go hrmmmm:

- A suggestion that it is not necessary to take in large amounts of drinking water before and during pregnancy (p35). Apparently, the best way to hydrate your body is to 'consume plenty of healthy body fat, because fats provide the most energy on the cellular level - much more than carbohydrates and proteins, and the by product of this energy is water'. I how to start enough about this matter to comment further at this stage, but We find it strange that drinking water would be discouraged.

- "Attachment parentings can interfere with a child's need to learn about the world on his own, and his gradual emergence into his sense of self-employed self" (p156). Clearly, the authors have confused attachment parenting with helicopter parenting. One of the best outcomes of attachment parenting is confident and secure children who are not only independent, but highly inter-dependent.

- A suggestion that a infant play pen is a good idea to 'protect baby from being moved on' (p160). As much I have ever seen, baby play pens are good for two purposes - keeping little hands away from the Christmas Shrub, and having a safe place for mum to iron.

- Promotion of the time-out technique for dealing with inappropriate conduct (p173). I've worked with enough children in my career and read enough literature on child conduct and development to know that time-out is an ineffective, overused and misunderstood tool that grownups resort to when they have got no clue otherwise how to approach their child's steps (thank you Super Nanny). Most of the time it's the parents who need periods from the situation to cool down and gather their calmness. I'm not about to tell anyone how to parent, but I will say that when a child is sent to time-out to 'think about their behaviour', you can be guaranteed they're considering anything BUT that.

- An apparent misunderstanding about baby-led weaning. The book states that baby-led weaning is to be resisted and that infant's parents should be straight in charge of what baby consumes right from the start. I did a combination of purees and baby-led weaning with both my children, and I was always squarely in charge of what they ate and what they were offered. Part of my role as a mother is to prepare nourishing foods for my children. Whether they pick at it and hand-feed themselves or whether We offered it mushed up on a spoon is irrelevant. The particular book fails to recognize which a child can only choose food from that which they have already been offered or is available. If only nourishing food is offered and available, then that is actually the child will choose.

I must confess I am surprised that with the concept of Nourishing Traditions being about adopting traditional methods of preparing foods as seen in ultra-healthy non-western people groups, I expected the book on baby and child care to promote more traditional and indigenous ways of nurturing (not just nourishing) little ones, such as babywearing and co-sleeping. I guess we always have The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff for that!

With all its good bits and all its interesting pieces, I have one as-yet unmentioned gripe and disappointment with The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care. Not enough recipes!
[... ], Honestly, it's a great book. Yet the Kindle version is horrid. It jumps back and forth between matters and this makes it hard to follow. There isn't a complete lot here that isn't very covered in Nourishing Traditions, but it's still worth the additional read., Wonderful reference for anyone looking to conceive, is pregnant, or has a baby. We don't agree with everything the books talks about such as vaccines or having perfect diet 24/7 (because, real life) however, this a fantastic resource and a must read for any parent who is striving for a more natural lifestyle., Another wonderful, information-rich book from Sally Fallon. I love how everything she writes has studies and science to back it up. The only thing I don't like about her approach is the way that she almost scares the reader into taking what she is saying seriously. I think it's important to get this info out there, but I do not think it's helpful to get parents-to-be scared about what they need to do to prepare. The woman recommendations and framework provide a nice structure, but I think what she states is sometimes a little bit extreme., Appears to be a fantastic reference for crunchy mamas., Modern society would change for the better if more of us could read this book and apply the knowledge. Absolute gold. We get it for many family and friends who are expecting., Brilliant information for new Moms, I wish I had read it while pregnant. The history is great and there is a lot of documentation for whole food eating as well as how to navigate that with a little one.

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