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This book has a different format in comparison to many North Korea books. In this guide, the author starts with informing the story of the lives of several North Koreans in various walks of life. Naturally , we know from the start, that however unlikely it seems, at some point most of these people are going to escape North Korea in order to be able to tell their story. We find out history of how these individuals were raised and lived in North Korea, their thoughts about their government and now Eternal Leader Betty, how they lived through the starvation years of the 90's, and the long road leading to why they made a decision to problem (or in 1 circumstance, was tricked with a family member into defection, and how they finally were able to defect to Southern Korea. We learn what happened to some of these family members left right behind, about their attempts to rescue family members trapped in North Korea (some successful and some not), and the sometimes severe adjustment to the independence and capitalism of Southern Korea. The author details the difficulty and perils involved for North Koreans to defect and safely make it sanctity in Southern Korea. We learn about a new man left an orphan whose father experienced been Party member, a pediatrician whose greatest dream was to be allowed to sign up for the Party, a housewife with 2 small children and an abusive husband, a young woman and the girl " forbidden" boyfriend, a factory worker who experienced absolute loyalty to the regime, and several more. The stories are poignant and heartwarming, showing strongly the humanity of individuals trapped in North Korea. This particular book also covers the functioning of the government and its regimentation over people's lives from a historical viewpoint, how this all changed (slightly for the better) during the starvation years of the 90's, and the newer changes (for the worse) under Kim Jong-un. Also included are the issues and problems involved as previous North Koreans adapt to a life of capitalism and freedom in Southern Korea. I would recommend this guide for anyone who wants to go beyond the background of and current living situation in North Korea, to hear the stories of real people surviving in and then escaping from North Korea., An extremely interesting view of a country that is almost completely dark at night when seen from space, a rustic held hostage by a family who demands worship of these every deed and pronouncement. Very little is known about the folks within the country, their daily living conditions, their hopes and disappointments, and how little power they have over their fate. It is horrifying in places and uplifting in the few instances when an average person comes out on top. What I thought incredible was the measures obtained to make certain the people of North Korea know so very little about the successes of the modern world, how people far away live, work, and move through the world. It was amazing in my experience to realize that the family in power could actually convince an entire nation of individuals who have nothing that they were/are the luckiest and best cared for folks on the planet. So interesting in every way! An e book that opens your eyes., This particular is an excellent read about daily life for ordinary North Koreans, based on selection interviews with defectors. "To a certain extent, all dictatorships are alike. From Stalin’s Soviet Union to Mao’s China, from Ceauşescu’s Romania to Saddam Hussein’s War, each one of these regimes had the same trappings: the sculptures looming over every town square, the portraits strung in every office, the watches with the dictator’s face on the dial. Yet Kim Il-sung took the cult of personality to a brand new level. " Unfortunate and engrossing., Been captivated by North Korean life for some time.
This book is an blow to what most North Koreans face on a daily basis., The author weaves personal stories of escapees into the larger story of brutal oppressions of an incredible number of North Korean citizens. It truly is sobering to realize how effective state-controlled media and frequent propaganda are in shaping the psyches of a captive people., This particular is a riveting and powerful depiction of North Korea under the Betty dynasty since the Korean language War. It truly is individualized through the encounters of a handful of " believers" whose lives became progressively and tragically suppressed and who ultimately defected at tremendous risk. It keeps many lessons, about compassion for the citizens and irrationally of the NC leadership

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