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by Anu Partanen
Reviewed by D J Singh (Berkeley, California)
A " Must-Read" Guide
Noticing the high praise by Robert Reich, Chancellor’s Mentor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, I purchased a copy the other day. The other day, at the Books Inc Store, Berkeley, I attended the author’s lively display. She answered audience questions with precise knowledge, concision, and grace.

“THE NORDIC THEORY OF ALMOST EVERYTHING: Searching for a Better Existence, " documented with more than 400 research info and written in highly engaging style is an outstanding example of lucid critical analysis.

The widely placed stereotype in the US of Nordic countries is that they are “nanny states” that discourage individuality and impose high taxes. Actually the Nordic countries foster improved adult individuality by minimizing dependencies on family members and employers. Plus their Nordic countries' taxes are similar to the US taxes. Just how they accomplish is convincingly detailed in the book.

The particular subtitle “In Search of a Better Life” effectively describes the author’s view-point and tone. An migrant to the US who arrived from Finland 8 years ago, now in love with the country of her adoption, she is also proud of her heritage. Rightly so, the Nordic countries have been constantly top-ranked as the happiest. The US is not even in the very best ten.

Partanen offers recommendations based on the “The Nordic Principle of Love” (Chapter 2): for better “Family Ideals for Real" (Chapter 3); for children “Attaining Academic Success” (Chapter 4); for better health care “How Universal Medical care Could Established You Free” (Chapter 5). The titles and subtitles of the next four chapters are also equally likely: “Ask What Your Country May Do for You”; “Bringing Back the American Dream”; “Business as Unusual: Just how to Run a Organization in the Twenty-First Century”; “The Pursuit of Pleasure: It’s Time to Rethink Accomplishment. ”

Recently, I submitted an update of my review of the before edition of the most widely adopted school book in the US: Diane Hacker and Nancy Sumner’s “A Writer’s Reference: Eighth Edition. ” Anu Partenen’s “THE NORDIC THEORY ASSOCIATED WITH EVERYTHING: Searching for a Better Life” merits in the same way wide adoption for all school students. Not only for school students, I whole-heartedly recommend this book to all readers.

(May I add that
after having submitted reviews of more than 120 books on amazon . com. com, this is actually the first that I recommend as a " must-read. " ) -- C J Singh
-------------, Partanen's clear, simple and amicable writing style, combined with the glimpse she gives into her own experience, brings to life the fact of the stress and stress Americans are enduring - by choice - as a result of nature of our social policies. Different choices are merely a vote away. This specific book is for each Us who thinks your stress is uniquely your own; the luck of the draw of bad genes. Imagine how different we might all feel whenever we weren't a medical crisis away from bankruptcy, or whenever we weren't worrying about how we are going to put our kids through school or treatment for our parents in their elder years. Picture a family life where both parents work whilst still being have time to treatment well for their kids. Partanen's book helps all of us do just that., I will see how my life would have been different in so ways had I lived in a Nordic country. This book has been an eye opener for the options in our modern world., An excellent and well crafted book. I have discovered a lot about Nordic countries and cultures. I believe we could a new lot from them, particularly with education and healthcare. All of it starts with the Nordic theory of love, which seeks to help each person be their best, and independent of all others., An interesting and thought provoking read. Very practical and realistic comparison of the way the Nordic cultures address health insurance, child care, vacation time and elderly care in comparison with addressing the same issues in the USA., Excellent book with thorough understanding of the issues, That is a terrific societal look at the way we could make democracy even better. I loved her take on what freedom really is and how she politely peels off the rose shaded glasses that many Us citizens have about America. In a world with a big conversation right now about protectionism versus globalization, this book highlights where we need to go to work to really be the best again., The writer makes absolutely clear the particular variations are between the way the U. S. and the Nordic governments work on account of their citizens. Fundamentally the Nordic theory of love offers care for their people from prenatal life to retirement and old age in such methods their citizens do not have to worry about money at every period of their lives, like Americans do. Heavy on footnotes (over 300) and bibliography, Anu Partanen offers a carefully detailed assessment of all aspects of life in the You. S., particularly education and health care, at the same time as she exults in her Us citizenship. Down-to-earth, almost conversational, this book is a must-read for anyone who mistakenly dismisses the Nordic countries as " socialist" without understanding how their systems really work.

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