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You will find multiple books on the market for beginning marathon runners. I suspect many, or even most, people compulsive and movitivated enough to train for a marathon will sample more than one of them. I in person think this is wise, as each one of these I have read has a little of a different perspective and various strengths.

The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer is very strong on motivation. The creators were college or university psychology instructors, and they focus way more on the mental aspect of running long miles than any of the other 'how to run a marathon' books I have seen. We would rate that as a solid point. The book is also interesting in that it provides in depth quotes from the students who were training - their insights as beginners were very helpful and motivational.

A number of the other books available have different strengths. Some highlight health great things about running, others focus more on improving as a runner, achieving better times, etc .

My only real problem - and that is perhaps too strong a word - with the book is that it uses a 16 7 days training plan that is basically a straight advancement on weekly long operates, starting with 5 miles and max'ing out at 20 miles at week 13, before the final taper. A new few weeks repeat the previous week's mileage, but it is basically a straight march upwards. Most other training plans that I have seen use some type of variation of a '2 advance, one step backward' approach - in other words, for example, they may progress from 12 to 14 distance long runs, then back down to 8 or ten miles the following 7 days, before progressing again. The advantage of such a staggered approach is it gives the body, and mind, a little more recovery time. I suppose the straight advancement of miles must work for most people, but I have personally found, in my 50 year old body, that I really need more time before ratcheting up the distance. Both Hal Higdon and John 'The Penguin' Bingham present plans for beginners where there is a simple week thrown in every 2 or 3 weeks - their systems work better for me.

Taking care of of The Non-Runner's Trainer which i really liked was a preliminary training chart for complete non-runners. Before entering into the actual marathon plan, the authors request that you be able to jog non-stop for 35 minutes. Most complete beginners are not able to do that, so the guide presents a preliminary ten step training program that starts off with a simple walking pace 3 days a week, then very gradually and methodically works up to a 30 minute jog. I found this plan to be excellent and I have recommended it to numerous non-exercising friends, even those with no wish to run a marathon.

Inside summary, Certainly with most other reviewers that is an excellent, very motivational book for beginners needing to run a race. But, at least for me personally, and perhaps other older runners, choosing a somewhat different training plan that occasionally backs off on weekly long run distance might be a good idea. There are several other publications that provide such programs, and they can be easily included into the framework with this book. I don't think these books are mutually exclusive. Such plans are also freely available online. I have recommended this guide to numerous friends and, except for my comments above, I recommend it to you.

Best wishes to everyone in their marathon missions!, A step-by-step realistic program to take couch taters to having the capacity to FINISH a complete race, in about 6 months time. Good program, also helpful tips about mental health and fitness, nutrition, hydration, injury prevention... Motivational reports from earlier participants. After knee surgeries, I thought my running days were over; using this, I'm up to running 15 miles/week; planning on entering the UNA marathon in February!, Even though I have run on and off for years and am not technically a " non-runner, " I figured this guide would be a good location to start after taking a long break from running and wanting to train for a race. This book is straight-forward, has a simple to follow running plan, and is set up in such a way as to build confidence in your ability to finish a race. This is a great book and I would recommend it without doubt!, I am 45 years old. 10 years ago I used to run about half an hour a day when I dropped smoking. I purchased this book 6 months ago and 2 times ago I run my first marathon. My time 5: 17. Actually I did so only phisical training creators recommend and not a lot of mental work. Awesome how this guide works., While I didn't actually follow the schedule provided in this book to the exact mile, I did try as much as my schedule allowed. I found the advice and the testimonials very useful. For the end, I felt like That i knew some of those people. They shared their weaknesses and worries which we all have at some point. I had gotten out of form and need to listen to words from others like me. This specific book help me get on the right track and back to running. While I haven't went a complete marathon yet, I have completed several half marathons, plenty of 15+ mile runs and even gotten a olympic triathlon under my belt since then. I also was able to drop 60 lbs, sure, sixty.
I would say that running, or exercising generally for that matter, much more mental than physical. This book also brings that to light and give tips on dealing with inspiration and striking the wall. I found this to be one of the main components of the book. I refer back to it every now and then to get some inspiration.

Something I found to be the most encouraging part; the hand written notes within. I purchased the guide used from the Amazon website a couple of years back. The previous owner, from California who had ran in San Francisco, made records about how precisely they felt before and after each run and highlighted their advancement and at times, regression, throughout the book. I enjoyed the notes equally as much as the book itself. I didn't take records ?nternet site probably should have but I would suggest that you do so. Then perhaps you can pass the book to someone else which will inspire these to get off the couch, call and make an sincere effort and change their life. While I eventually made that decision, this book helped make that possible. Also, thanks previous owner from California., I have had this book in the past and used it when training for long trail operates (well 15Ks are long for me! ). And then, once upon a time, an EVIL ex-wife chucked it or sold it rather than just perfectly give it back to me personally.......... so I purchased it again. So glad that I did - this is a great guide for novices or experienced runners who want to prep for much lengthier runs. I'll shoot for an 18 miler within the next 10 months, which means this is the " road map" that Items use in preparation., A great book I really like it every chapter is very informative easy to read and best of all will take you from beginning race running. The furthest I have ever run earlier to this book is 3 miles now I can easily run 7 kilometers and not think anything at all of it, by the way I am over fifty five and wished to have a healthy life style I highly recommend this guide to anyone that thinks they can't run but would like to. My first half marathon will take May possibly and I can't wait to run this.

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