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Because of the sort of work I do, I often meet people who have disabilities and may no longer be able to get the job done, or may be loosing their job. This is one of a few textbooks that can in fact help then go through the web of SSD, so I actually demonstrate to them the book and suggest they read it cover to cover (along with the Disability Workbook). Folks need to be prepared for all the paperwork included and need to be aware of what is going to be a very long and usually uphill battle.
Luckily, Nolo creates some excellent books in many areas (I also give out their Separation and divorce book... trust me, a semi educated client is simpler to work with then one who knows nothing about the predicament they are in!

The book contains a lot of information, and is also a workbook to help them make an application for Sociable security (SSA). Lots of my the clients that can come to see me are really depressed and completely disorganized due to stress caused from their illness, and the fear of getting just lost their job or are going to. There is always downward spiral due to financial insecurity that is (or soon will be) happening, not forgetting on top of that, the often physical and emotional pain they might be in. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating SSI, but there are many people who truly have fallen into a situation, where their health has so deteriorated, this might be their utmost option... that is upwards to them and their doctor.

This book is very good and any law firm would be delighted their client had many forms filled out, and had put critical thought into their situation before they come to an attorneys office. It will save them a great deal of headaches and heartaches by getting their ideas organized, so, somebody else can review their history in a logical manner. This task will help them get the basic information they need and help them find all the documents they need.

Any law firm these folks have to see (or then SSA office) will be relieved to see the organized arranged of records this book (and another) will provide. This will allow another to review the clear documents, while they guide you through a very arduous process.

If you need to go down this road, be ready. Educate yourself!
[... ]. Thanks.: ), Trying to get sociable security disability without help is like trying to talk someone speaking another vocabulary. Nolo's presents the principles of the game. Plus it gives you access to the medical guidelines to each form of disease, NOLO'S GUIDE covers all the basis. I was approved using this book as my guide book, rather than going through an law firm and paying their fee. Definately use this as you fill your application, especially how the medical information must be listed for a proper evaluation. You can find medical terms, legal terms, and disability terms. It it imperative that you understand what that you comunicate appropriately to the disability processor chip. Fear not, it is listed very plainly in this book, and is not confusing. Select the chapters that apply to your specific circumstances rather than overloading yourself with an appliance cover to cover reasing which is not necessary. Print out out the relevant parts from the DVD incorporated to use as a guideline. Most of all BE INDIVIDUAL. Be courteous and courteous to thsoe who help you. They are actually over whelmed, heavily graded and pressured internally, and working on your application as quickly as possible. STUDY THE CHAPTER ABOUT ALL THOSE WHO PROCESS YOUR SOFTWARE. Keep dated notes on all contacts and the conversation. Get as much in writing as you can. GOOD LUCK!, I purchased this days before a statement was due to go along with a SS assessment (6/1/16) for my reconsideration so i would know best how to communicate with my doctor(s). I am aware for a FACE that without this, I would not have recently been granted my SSDI (7/22/16). I HIGHLY recommend it!, When I became unwell in Nov 2015 and not able to work this Affitto Guide help me to understand and get ready for submitting my Social Security Impairment. Thanks Nolo your guides have been very helpful in up too time. They are easy to read and provides great understanding. Please maintain the great work! I would definitely recommend your product to others., I need to document for disability because I actually have fibromyalgia, and this is a good guide for anyone not familiar with the method. I used a highlighter, because there's so much useful information in every chapter. I highly recommend this book., The book is a wonderful source. I also viewed Youtube . com videos on the same susceptible to supplement my understanding of the laws. I actually applied for Social Security Disability and got my approval 100 days later, thanks to following all the principles. I would not recommend obtaining social security without knowing the principles, because some rules seem to be really strange and unfair., As a legal professional I recommend three books to people who parents in getting their Social Security disability benefits. First is our Impairment Workbook for Social Security Applicants. Everyone tells me that this book greatly simplifies getting disability benefits. I can testify that interviewing a client is much easier if he or she has used the Disability Workbook. Second, the book How to Get SSI and Social Security Disability, by Mike Davis, is insightful and simple to read. Mr. Davis is a former disability evaluator. His clear explanations of common bureaucratic problems make his book one of my favorites. Finally, I use Dr. David Morton's Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability. Dr. Morton is a former disability determination services staff physician who describes Social Security medical decision making better than anyone else I am aware. Every doctor who communicates with Social Security about patients should have Dr, Morton's book on the shelf - and every disability lawyer. I give all three books the highest ranking.

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