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Typically the Noble Hustle falls someplace in the middle between a book about poker and a book about the author's permanently blue soul, as well as, his experiences in and around Vegas. Speaking of the latter, at times from the little much. Typically the reader is journeying inside Colson's head, and that's a decidedly unsettling location to be nearly all of enough time. Occasionally I could relate. I think relation is key here. People who don't care about poker won't like this book. Those who not necessarily the slightest bit frustrated, existentially weird, or misanthropic won't care for it, either.

I wish there had been a bit more on the poker coaching at the beginning and a little less about his younger self going to Vegas somewhere around the book's middle - that just seemed like for filler injections. Did I get a sense of what the WSOP Main Event is like? Yes, I think so. It lacked certain Arizona Hold'em details I was expecting for, but oh well.

All in all, I was pleased with The Noble Bustle. Will you be? It's difficult to say...

Go Fortune!, Colson Whitehead brings a careful eye and a wry sense of humor to the semi-glamorous world of professional poker. But the book started as a magazine article, and it still bears the marks. It reads like a " director's cut" -- all the parts that would usually be studied out for concision and emphasis are left in. Thus giving us some great users, awesome descriptions of his university road trips, and a little of colourful commentary on the Nation of Anhedonia. But at times the narrative feels baggy and disorganized. On the entire, the journey was worth it. But occasionally, I wasn't sure., Colson Whitehead does a great job of taking you inside the dreams of the normal, and more often , the abnormal, poker-playing United states. I read the publication because I heard the NPR segment about it, and my buddy was advancing to WSOP. It was a great crash course publication to see how one person figured out what it does/doesn't take to arrive and I saw many of the same tactics employed by my buddy (consulting books/cheat sheets, supplementing 'the' game with other sit n' gos, etc). Overall, I liked Whitehead's snarky, sarcastic attitude, and I know I chuckled out loud at several times, but sometimes the writing style left me trailing off of the book and pondering about other things or skimming ahead. Maybe it is a testament to him doing the same as this individual tackled this subject... trailing off, taking an aside, going back/forth in time. I do wish he had talked a little more about his actual experience at WSOP and not the leading up to it and the afterward., Could hardly get past page 50. Guide group disappointed as well. We cancelled discussion and our host pulled out decking of cards and proceeded to teach us a simple poker game and the terminology that seemed very obscure in the book. Much more satisfying., I donated this book to the Natchez Library. It also sold right way., I got read whitehead's Sag Possess and bought this one on the effectiveness of that memoir/novel. Colson failed to disappoint. I really got into his experience and found my self laughing out loud at his droll humor and funny characterizations of his poker opponents., I like memoirs and I love poker. I play poker. I are now living in Vegas and moved here for Arizona Hold 'em. But I am aware if I bought in to even a , 500 WSOP game, I'd be throwing my , 500 away. Colson got a free ride to the BIG GAME. What I wouldn't do for THAT WILL?!?! This is a publication for anyone who would want to get TO THAT GAME with average or below average poker skills. Oh, yeah, and he's funny!, For a person really considering Poker and the nuances of the game, this is not the book. Typically the author fancies himself as a comedic personality, and while a few ranges are worthy, for the most part the lack on continuity of a plot, and little describing the play and interaction of the participants in actively playing the game was a real disappointment.

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