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Type of a crime-thriller-meets-science-fiction-time-travel short tale. The character was imply, evil, easily hated, and he received his comeuppance. I like it when bad dudes get rights. But not as good time travel as Heinlein or other sci-fi authors, and not as good a crime story as Baldacci usually produces. The basis for the ability to travel back in time is never believable here. I respect his effort, however., I enjoyed this book but I was able to suppose the ending fairly soon. I read just about everything that David Baldacci has written and really like him as an author. I am glad that I acquired this short tale even if I did guess the ending., Talkin about a short tale??! I'm a huge fan Of Mr. Baldacci but he quickly tired of this minor body of work. No plot or character development. Baldacci is a brilliant writer. I have read everything he's written and many more than once but not this one. It started with such promise then abruptly ended, Loved the finishing even though I saw it coming. This was the first time I've read anything by Baldacci, and I can see myself reading more., Have read at least 5 of Baldaccis works of fiction & enjoyed mist. These types of short stories made me unfulfilled. Still one of my favorite authors., This made me wondering just how this individual could do what this individual did.
Was that his mother or another relative?
For y o you to decide., I purchased this book due to the author. Very much to my disappointment this "book" was only 259 webpages. I think I was still connected to the Kindle fire app. but that was not the case. Presently there is no coda to this "book". It just leaves you hanging and thinking there must be more.... but no ... what you see (259 pages) is what you get. VERY disappointed., Overall: 4 stars

Plot/Storyline: 3 superstars

Almost all the reviews I have read have been pretty negative, and so I had no idea the way i would feel about the story. A few of this seems to have to do with the reviewers possibly being fans of the author, or at least knowing his name, but not particularly fans of short stories. A few of these testers dinged the story for not which makes it clear "why" the poker site seizures happened, the motives of the character that established the plot on action; I didn't think it was necessary or even expected in a tale of this size. (These details can be up to the reader to supply. I don't believe there are a shortage of men and women with motive. ) What I do agree with is that, after a certain point, about mid-way, most people will know exactly how the tale will end. From that moment on, the reader can only enjoy the other charms of the story, and continue on it order to verify what he or the girl already knows.

No Period Left had the feeling of an old Twilight Area episode. Perhaps this can be another reason why I did not have to know the exact why - because tradition has always played on the reader's sense that there are forces at work, agents who usually little out some form of poetic justice - with a twist. (Sometimes the tradition is about nourishing on our worst weird fears, but that's another topic. ) I felt like Frank Becker could have walked past Pole Serling at any moment. Of course, this leads me back to how old Twilight Zone shows also have resolutions that are obvious from the distance away.

Still, the storyplot was pleasing to me. I believe potential readers are more more likely to enjoy this if they are fans of short stories. If the appeal is the writer based on his lengthier works then there exists a chance that they might be at least slightly let down. It is a simple story with few events and only one twist.

Characters: 4 1/2 stars

The only character who matters here is Frank Becker. Again, some might mind that we never find out more about his newest customer, but I think it is to be a non-issue. Baldacci presents a very interesting character study and, in few words, hints at why Becker is the way he is - not the nicest or most popular guy.

I do have to take something off since the first portion of the story is about Becker leaving practically nothing to chance and being brilliant, but he failed to ask questions at a key moment, failed - after we're told about his patience - to take a couple of minutes to make sense of things. Baldacci wanted us to see this guy as brilliant, but allowed him to miss important details. He or she sacrificed character for storyline. This is a legitimate choice, but it's not one which he can make without it dinging characterization.

Writing Style: 5 superstars

I found the writing to be interesting and crisp. I can see why the author is popular. I felt Mister. Baldacci told this tale the best that this individual could, given the above issue of predictability and needed moment of figure inconsistency. Inside the structure and limitations of the short tale, the author got across a good amount of information, both through direct exposition and implication.

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