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It is a brilliant book, and absolutely worth reading. Klein has a knack for synthesizing and pushing beyond most left analysis of a particular conjuncture, and making connections that others have missed. I especially cherished her demolition of the manufactured " economics compared to identity politics" debate in Chapter 5, which has confused many folks who should know better. Also i firmly disagree with someone who argues that Klein over-emphasizes Trump's merely crass economic motivations, and downplays the graver threat of authoritarianism/fascism he represents. For the in contrast, as Klein shows, Trump's deportations, travel bans, and incitement of hatred provide cover for his up economic redistribution. Klein's research of Trump as a cultural phenomenon, in the context of late capitalist media culture, also offers essential insights into how he has built a mass base.

More importantly, while it is tempting to focus on Trump's individual character, Klein asks us to see Trump as an item of larger social forces. As Klein shows, Overcome is a logical result of interlocking systems of power that provide the rich, whites, and men impunity over other humans (and non-human species). We are unable to effectively resist Trump's unabashedly plutocratic, racist, sexist, and ecocidal agenda unless we understand where it arrived from, and have a coherent vision of a better world. While this is obviously a short treatise, it does those things very well. Bravo, Microsoft. Klein., This book is a coming together of the major themes in three previous books by Naomi Klein: No Logo, Shock Doctrine, and This particular Changes Everything. The dialogue of Trump being a brand is really interesting and insightful, and harkens back to Zero Logo. The book also explores both Trump and Pence in relation to " shock" tactics to try and pass through undesirable policies, and will serve as a warning if we do experience a shock event (beyond the little ones that Trump creates daily, if not per hour sometimes). Finally, it is climate change that makes this moment - and confronting Trump - so urgent. A great, extremely understandable and current book for our time., The first part of the book bargains with the " No" in the title--no to Trump's greed, lies, and his nefarious plans to destroy our democracy's establishments. Although we have already learned a lot than it through the press, it is beneficial to do it again the risk that Trump presents so that we do not slip and slide--unawares--to normalizing his regime.
The core of the book concerns the question that hangs over all of us--how to resist Trump and prevent him from becoming a dictator, and the way to challenge " the capitalist ideology" (82) of his cabinet people, who understands that any action that ameliorates global heating endangers their " determined need" to soak the globe with oil. This is certainly indeed a troubling question, which is for now, at least, unanswerable.
The most important task for Americans, according to Kliein, is to get aware of Trump's destructive ways of attempting to control us. The 2 important words here are " chaos" and " shocks. " Klein is precisely on targeted when she says that "[s]ince taking office [Trump's] never allowed the atmosphere of chaos and crisis to let up. The outrages come so fast and furious that many of are understandably struggling to find their footing…" (135). This kind of attack, Klein says, " has felt a little like standing in entrance of one of those golf ball machines" (135). Exactly what an apt metaphor! The purpose of the shock absorbers is to so discompose us that we is just not be capable to respond effectively.
Resistance should and has followed Trump's shock treatments. Klein praises the women's march, the scientists march, indivisible. org, and the judiciary, who bravely opposed Trump's travel ban. However, Klein alerts, if there is a terrorist attack, the President is likely to override court decisions, round up his enemies, and declare a state of emergency (165). Klein questions whether the courts would muster the courage to stand up to " public hysteria" (165). To be able to my mind, this is an imaginary scenario. I may be proven wrong, but I still believe the courts are brave and trustworthy and that Overcome cannot trump the Metabolic rate so easily.
In Klein's darkest prediction she sees Erik Knight in shining armor, the founder of Blackwater, who, reportedly, had already been in touch with one of Putin's cronies, as Trump's new point person in case Trump has it in your mind to create a private militia when it comes to surveillance and interrogation (167). This is a KGB, or a Stasi problem. Again, I think this is a fantasy that fits perhaps some of the Latin America dictatorships Klein visited and wrote about rather than America. But , of course, I may be wrong.
What can save all of us, according to Klein, is the Leap Manifesto her group created in Canada, a platform without a party and without a country, that aims to deal with the " crises of climate change, inequality, and racism together" (252). I actually fail to see redemption benefits of this Manifesto. Regarding course, it involves commendable ideas of fairness, proper rights, decency, and compassion, but many across America, across the globe, and across the centuries have portrayed these ideas with quality and eloquence. It is always good and directly to remind us of these ideas, but how are they going to help us when Trump unleashes his black tyranny?
What exactly is surprising and disappointing is the fact that Klein does not include the press among the resisters. Press from the NYT, the Washington Post, the Ocean, MSNBC, CNN, and other organizations are now doing a remarkable, painstaking work as watch dogs over Trump's presidency. They are investigating his every move and mood, revealing his secret plans, exposing his lies, and upending some of his schemes. Exactly why doesn't Klein give them credit?
To be able to fight Trump we need everything Klein mentions--protests, platforms, the judiciary. But we also need the press and brave leaders.
It was Mandela who alone stood up to the government of Apartheid. It was Gobachov (with Reagan's help) who brought down the Berlin Wall structure and so put an end to the communist dictatorship in East Germany. And it was Churchill who, with eloquence and valor, faced up to Hitler when many in the British cabinet supported appeasement.
Here's a quandary for all of us., From the launch: " This book’s discussion, in a nutshell, is that Overcome, extreme when he is, is less an aberration than a logical conclusion".
and " He could be also the personification of the merger of humans and corporations— a individual megabrand, whose wife and youngsters are spin-off brands"
and finally " This is but one attempt to look at the way you got to this surreal political moment; how, in concrete ways, it could get a great deal worse; and how, if we keep our heads, we might just be able to flip the script and arrive at a radically better future. "

If that doesn't get your juices running under high pressure you need to crawl back in your hole and wait to be consumed much like all the other human resources., I actually really enjoyed this guide. Thought the way she attached shock politics and climate change was very interesting. First book of hers that I have read. Definitely plan on reading her others after this.

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