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This book's account of Liv and Ann's long journey across Antarctica is captivating, and it's just incredible how much they endured and exactly how they managed to continue despite it. That blows my thoughts that they did this in their mid-forties.
1 of the most admirable things about this guide is how Liv and Ann come across not as cinematic superheroes but as real people, fuming about the sheer politics of just getting to Antarctica, making mistakes, bickering with one another, but still, in the end, sticking together and succeeding.

Liv's explanation (on page 21) of why she does such things is very illuminating, however you know what? After having completed the book, I still don't understand why people undertake such insanely raw challenges. I can't picture why anyone would voluntarily spend 90 days pulling 250-pound sledges across treacherous terrain in subzero temperatures. Nevertheless that's why I stay at home reading publications, as opposed to crossing Antarctica.
This book would be great for parents to read to their kids!, Very fascinating., Norwegian Liv Arneson and American Ann Bancroft had a desire -- a strange desire. Each was called to the frozen continent of Antarctica. Liv (they use their given names throughout the book) had already made her mark as the first woman to ski solo to the South Pole, and Ann had skiied to the South Pole with 3 other women in a continent-crossing attempt that failed due to lack of funds. These two found each other and started out to organize a ski trip from edge to edge, throughout the ice-covered continent.

Do you wonder why? Liv writes that everyone does, and her answer is that "an expedition is a work of art portrayed on a canvas of snow, air, and time. " She was inspired by Roald Amundsen's conquest of the South Rod, but both women were fascinated by Shackleton's Strength expediton and the courage which he gave up his mission to save his crew. Win or lose, they felt, the joy was in the journey.

Both Liv and Ann were former schoolteachers, and a huge part of their dream was enlightening and inspiring school children around the world. Their first challenge was to develop a support team and secure the huge corporate sponsorship necessary to cover the expenses of their expedition. As they got to know each other and trained for the grueling trip, their company, yourexpedition, went on the sponsorship quest; the first section of the book addresses the trials and triumphs of this two-year preparing phase. Major sponsorship was won from Volvo, Pfizer, Motorola, Apple Computers, and Continuum Control. During this phase a curriculum was developed and translated into many languages, and strategies were made for conversing with school children during the trip. The strategies and expense of this journey were huge.

Liv and Ann took the ice in the Norwegian territory of Queen Maud Land, flying there from Capetown in November 2000. They had roughly one hundred days before the The southern area of winter would close their "window" of traveling weather. With more than 2, 000 miles to cover, their plan was to ski-sail throughout the continent to the Ross Ice Corner; they were determined by the wind, the weather, their equipment, and the state of the ice surface. They used satellite mobile phones to communicate with their team and with some of the three million school children who followed their journey using the "Dare to Dream" curriculum.

No Horizon Is So Far: Two Females And Their Extraordinary Quest Across Antarctica   details the hardships that arose during the difficult trip. Injuries and equipment failure inevitably occurred in the intense cold and thin air, but their greatest hardship was the erratic character of the wind. Dragging heavy sleds and skiing right behind sails in gusty wind is dangerous and difficult, but many days they had no wind and had to with crampons on their skis -- always in danger of slipping into one of the many crevasses that twine through the ice.

Did Ann and Liv's mission succeed? Did they earn it across the frozen beauty of Antarctica before winter closed their bolt-hole? It would be a spoiler to uncover the answer to questions, but every reader will be touched by the magic created among the children who shared their journey with them. This is a thoughtful and inspiring story of a mission that nearly all of us all would never dream of; but we all make a difference in the world and I thoroughly enjoyed Ann and Liv's history of their chosen trip. I've taken one star off because I thought the book might have been organized differently, with the expedition infrastructure distribute throughout rather than focused in the first segment. However the drama of the continent crossing more than made up for that organizational issue. Extremely recommended.

Linda Bulger, 08, A non-fiction account of two women who crossed Antarctica in the the southern area of summer of 2000-2001, snowboarding independently using brute power and sails attached to their packs. It is about their joy and wonder of the achievement and the dangers and frustrations of the vacation. Occasionally I was almost in tears reading the pure poetic prose and at times I used to be in tears sharing their frustrations. At other times I raced through the webpages to read how they maintained to conquer the dangers. Simply by completing their trek they inspired millions of school children around the world via satellite transmissions and school curriculums. They got girls excited and boys as well to produce plans of their own. I have rarely come across a non-fiction book that has touched me so thoroughly. I am sharing it with my DH and recommending it to all my friends.

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