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I actually enjoyed Nightblade. This was the very first book by Garrett Robinson that I have read and i also am definitely looking forward to the following books in this series. I came across the characters to be very believable and developed with definite room to develop as the tale progresses. The writing was steady and the action was near to non-stop. I actually really liked Loren and am anxious to see her develop into the Nightblade in the next two books. I'd definitely recommend this to any fan of fantasy!, Nightblade: A Book of Underrealm is the first guide in the Nightblade Epic series. This is the first book I use read by Garrett Robinson and I enjoyed it and appear forward to reading more from him in the future. This specific is not a stand-alone book. It is very much a set up for a new serial tale. That being said it is a full-length novel, it is simply clear there will be other books in the series because you are left with many unanswered questions. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series as offered away., Loren fancies herself to be a great thief... person who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Ready trusted blade... Nightshade, she could be invincible. Unfortunately, the girl with but a girl, who the woman parents are trying to marry off. They abuse her daily, often beatings by her father, and her mother locking the woman away.

She meets a man on the run. Actually, he's being chased by the kings men, and he is a wizard. Xain promised to take her with him, if she helped him get away, then once on the road he abandoned her. She has no luck, save for the dagger she stole from her parents house.

She is picked up by a caravan, chased by the kings men and almost killed by a shapeshifter. Can things get any worse?? Of course. This can be a different story than I read, however, it is interesting. The verse used is different, the figures strange, but enjoyable. I actually think I will continue to read the next guide.

Read on my friends., Complex characters that are well developed. Loren is very much a person you would like to have as a friend. This wounderful woman has big ambitions and only wants to help others. However the woman story is not how she would have liked. One conflict after another throws itself in the woman path. Her story is well written and holds your readers interest. This is the first book in the series and i also feel looking forward to the next adventure. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes journey and overcoming the odds., I have rarely been pulled into a story as quickly as I was with Nightblade. Loren and her interactions with the woman family make her actions extremely believable in framework. In the grand traditions of the dark fantasy, the protagonist is tougher than it first appears, and pushes herself over and above anything she has actually believed possible, to follow the wisp of a dream she once got.
The pursuit begins quickly and moves along through various obstacles slowly and gradually enough for someone to follow them and quickly enough to keep the reader engaged and seeking more. I am desperately awaiting learning much more in this world. The author has me completely invested in learning what happens next to all five of the characters that we will continue to see in the continuation of Loren's story., I enjoyed this story although I was not sure what to expect. It kind of grabbed me in the starting with the key character running in one dangerous situation to a growing number of complicated ones. The action while not a taut as being a would like, was interesting enough that it kept me switching pages to see what would happen next. I actually have acquired the three set in hopes that as the characters, especially the key character, become more fleshed out and more mature we will see the appearance of the " real" Nightblade and not only the image the girl with trying to become. Overall it was a good book, not what I would call legendary fantasy, but from what I've read of future books I'm hoping mcdougal has much more remaining to provide us where the Nightblade is involved., Loved this book. Looking forward to reading the complete series. Garrett Robinson has developed both his world and his characters very well. You're instantly engaged with the key character of Loren who appears to be always getting deeper and deeper into trouble but always getting out by the pores and skin of her teeth and help from her new friends. She's the majority of the time trying very hard to understand the new world around her and to make herself into a new person based on a series of tales told to her when she was young by the only person to show the woman kindness. With each new person she meets, the lady seems to find more trouble. She makes new friends and bad opponents and falls into a quest she has no idea where it will take her or what the lady is looking for. The dark fantasy comprehensive guide., I actually enjoyed reading this guide. It grabbed me from the start and kept me fascinated all the way to the final page. I like the characters, they are complex and have lots of room to continue developing in the future books of the series. I look forward to reading the next guide in the series and recommend this book to all reader that enjoy fantasy.

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