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If you are an NFL fan and want to understand more about the professional lives of the average player, this is a good book for you. A couple of things the reader should know purchasing:

1. Overall the writing is good, however there are occasional pathways (ranging from your sentence to a few pages) that are either deeply puzzling or very out of place with content immediately before and after.
2. The creator has very strong views about the NFL, and frequently makes them without around context, but that you will understand as you work all the way through the publication. The author believes the NFL has wronged them and other players, and has been playing for long enough that it just seems clear why his dislikes the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE and doesn't take time to clarify
3. While the common themes of this publication match with those of other players who have publically announced who they are and written similar stories, other than the ball player trying to make weight, there are far fewer details within this book than similar ones
4. The writer states at the beginning that names, dates, and places are changed to try to hide their identity. Nevertheless the fine print at the finish of the book has a much more detailed disclaimer proclaiming that far more than that is changed. What particularly stuck in order to me is that people described in the book are composite figures, made up of one or more separate people. This makes the publication a unique read but definitely less autobiography, documentary, or non-fiction book as explained in the summary. Dependent on reading it, We would compare it to a political editorial. The particular broad strokes are likely true, but individual details are manipulated to fit a tale that the author would like to inform

I wish We would have known the fine print about the facts before reading so I would have experienced the context, but We enjoyed the book and would read again., We started it yesterday morning and skipped out on my work to end it today. I can't recommend it highly enough. And I am declining to know who published it, but maybe the fact I don't know (and I was guessing names/teams with each page We read) makes it even more compelling. The writing is terrific. The stories are shocking, interesting, and above all, riveting. Thank you for a point of view and a narrative NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE fans are dying for and can't get any other way -- well, unless you get a former player really, really drunk and start asking questions..., The first part of the book was obviously a little off putting at times. Got better as it went along. And while some of the figures seemed a little cliched, I believe they were probably more true than not. High marks for honesty and definitely more insights and detail within most player written textbooks. Definitely recommended even if the internet seems to have figured out the authors real identity, Right after all of the assure of " confessions" and the inner-workings of the NFL locker room, this was massively disappointing. We expected a lttle bit more materials that fans didn't already know (the players are sleeping around? the players are alcoholics / pill-poppers? the coaches and the players don't always get along? THE HELL, YOU SAY!!! ), but it was nothing more than " Johnny Anonymous'" journey through a disastrous season. The only bright area of the whole reading experience was seeing that the author was most likely a backup focus on The particular Eagles which means I could see the coaches and players in their actual contexts instead of his story retelling.

While it was humorous in some places, it was a letdown overall. Go through it if you have literally nothing else to do and want to kill a couple of hours., Sort of anti-climatic, the book starts with some anecdotal evidence of the insanity of an extremely violent game being concerned about appearance of sensitivity to the concern of a gay athlete in the NFL. If the author had continued to indicate similar issues, the publication would have gained 5 stars from me. This was almost like the author reconsidered whether he should bite the hands that fed him a th I rd of the way into the book., I am not a reader but I found personally completely engulfed in this book each and every time I selected it up. I avoid know whether it was the fact that I thought a lot more I read We would manage to figure out who Johnny was, that I enjoyed the raw honesty or that We just found I publication that peaked my interest. In any event, if you enjoy the subject of the NFL, this book offers you a not too typical, raw look inside what players put themselves through for the "love" of the game and entertain us 16 weeks annually., This is a unique looks at the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE and what a seedy ? sleazy business it is. A fresh great view of a player’s perspective, at the very least one who has thought about the consequence of the physically grueling activity and the lack of humanity exhibited by all included. Football as meaningless as it is has morphed into an entire world of crazy mentors, snotty GMs and psychotic fans driven by want to win and the ultimately the almighty dollar., This book was more an autobiography and less an expose on the darker underbelly of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. There are elements of NFL-wide " confessions" by the ball player, but it becomes clear that his opportunity is possibly more thin than he is willing to admit. He's been on two teams for a fairly short run and am feel like there is much more out there that he cannot talk to. Nevertheless, I did like " Johnny's" story in common. I do believe his history, if true, is an interesting one. If you want and hate the NFL like We do then you might just like and dislike this book.

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