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We almost didn't purchase this book because of some of the awful reviews I read. I questioned whether I needed to waste my time and money on something that some reviewers said advocates child abuse. So I began with the free sample, was happy and decided to buy it. After reading this book in it's entirety We am absolutely shocked at some of the terrible things people wrote about this author! Dobson's advice is far from violent and i also worry about a society so permissive that it would label it as such. He stresses the value of protecting the spirit of the child while helping to control the will. He alerts against discipline that is demeaning or done in frustration. He gives advice for creating a home stuffed with love and how to discipline a difficult child while so that it is apparent to the child that they are loved, special, and cared for. Dobson stresses the value if finding a balance between a household that is too harsh and too permissive as both ends of the spectrum can be harmful to a child. He or she does advocate swatting a child on the at the rear of one or two times for clear acts of defiance and only after other measures have unsuccessful. He writes that spankings should be rare, never done in anger, and always followed by holding the child and lovingly showing them what they did wrong and assuring them that they are cherished. However, if you disagree with spanking this book could be beneficial to you. It really is filled with an abundance of helpful information, nearly all of which has nothing to do with spanking. Read it and take away what is useful for your circumstances and toss what isn't. In case you have a strong willed child then We think you'll find it very beneficial!, Great book to understand your children in general, even if your child is not especially a strong-willed child. Individually I applied Dr. Dobson's advice to my 2 and half year old girl therefore far We have seen positive changes and results. We became closer, and she now shows more affection as well as respect with her parents. Would recommend to other parents who have toddlers., I LOVED this book! As I read it, I was able to recognize situations that needed to change in my home. I loved the sections on siblings, toddlers, and adolescents. Parenting is difficult, especially in this technology where we are inundated by messages telling all of us that we have no right to teach our children that there is right and wrong. Doctor. Dobson takes us to the scriptures and shows us essential parenting is to the Lord and that He has given all of us instruction in how to train His children. It is crucial that we as parents step up to the plate and acknowledge our responsibilities as parents. I felt that Doctor. Dobson provided great tools and examples of how to use those tools in our daily lives.

I plan to refer back to this book often and read his other works as my children grow. Thank you, Doctor. Dobson, for taking a stand for children and helping families., We love it and our 2 year old grandson has been transforming his behavior!, Great source of parenting strong willed children., good, Good read., Their book is fabulous it has practical parenting for the Christian family, must read! The advice is solid and real

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