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I used to be lent this book to try out, and later acquired this book for me personally. This was the first program that I've actually followed. The program goes on for about 6 months. With breaks and visits on vacation, I took over 7 months. Prior to this book, I was among those cardio addicts who spent all my time on the machines at the gym. With dieting and cardio, I lost about 30 lbs. After that as a lot of people who have a long ways to go might realize, cardiovascular alone will eventually stop working. The body can get accustomed to that hours per day of biking, or treadmilling, etc. That is my personal discovery. In addition to any diet plan proven difficult to follow for long lasting. Don't get myself wrong, I am eating much healthier than ever, but my point is, life doesn't have to be about a " perfect" diet. With lifting, I have discovered that I don't always have to consume like a bird or minimize all my grain or carbs, etc.

I had been wanting to start a weight lifting routine for a couple months before I started the program in this book. I began in January of 2015. I didn't follow any specific diet, nor do I follow the suggested diet plans. I think if I had, I might have seen even more progress. The exercises in this program started off very basic, ideal for a beginner like myself. Then there were workouts that made me painful in places which i did not know I had muscle. The workouts are challenging, but fun. I do exercises that the beginner like myself didn't know been around, but when Used to do them, I really felt the soreness later. I would declare these workouts are challenging, however with some perseverance, the routines are all doable for a beginner.

Now that I am over with the program, I can report on some of my results and thoughts about it. After I had finished the program and immediately moved onto another one, I could really tell the difference between the routines in this program vs. routines in other programs. These workouts made me feel like I was constantly working out muscles that I don't often workout, making me feel tougher and with more stability. This book focuses on health and strength, which it really delivers. There are lots of compound movements, which is why I often felt like my body was tired but in no specific area afterwards. The particular quads will conclusion up burning a lot. I became much tougher after this workout. My deadlift and squat numbers all started out with weight load that were less than the 45lb bar. By the end, I used to be deadlifting 135 at one representative max, and squatting about 95 lbs.

Visually, I got compliments by many people that I was substantially looking better. I lost more than an " off my waist, and I started to see curves on my apple-shaped body. The weird thing is, I actually didn't lose too much weight - about 7 lbs. Therefore imagine my surprise when I got all those compliments. Trust me, what concerns are the inches that are shedding off of your problem areas! Again, I haven't followed an eating plan or cut any carbs. I ended up counting my daily calories and evidently that's quite enough.

There is one hang-up I have with this program. I began out on the program about 25-30 lbs overweight. In this way, I felt that perhaps the book had not been exactly written for myself. The book does not place a lot of emphasis on cardio. I am not passionate about cardio either, however in my opinion, as someone who was 25-30 lbs overweight, some cardio is still necessary. During the beginning of the program, I was doing mainly the HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING cardio like the publication illustrates. However, I began to lose MORE body fat when I commenced to do the stable state cardio at medium intensity for over 45 minutes again. Naturally , I hear that HIIT works wonders for some people. It's simply not enough cardiovascular for my body. That's a learning process that I'm still trying out for myself.

Overall, I must pay back my high regards for this book after my full year of my life in lifting. I am sad for the people who can't follow this book. Exercise tapes are nice and provide good workouts, however books like this are educating for a lifetime of health awareness. The general fitness or health industry is a lot of flashiness, promising fast results and amazing changes. Many of these marketing pitches don't work in the long run. (Believe myself, I've tried them all. ) I personally am taste going to the arm curl section of the gym and scrapping for the squat rack. I am considering other programs from this book series later on. If there is an intermediate or advanced book for females available, I am on it., Love, Love, Love this book! It absolutely was my intro to weight lifting and am learned so much! Not necessarily only through the publication but there's an online Facebook Group committed to this book as well and the members there are super helpful with tips, critiques, and answers to questions. I have since gone on to other books in this series: The New Rules of Lifting for Abs and soon I'll be starting the new Rules of Lifting Supercharged. I cannot say enough about how much I've learned and how much I now really enjoy weight lifting as part of my regular workout program. I am a 48 year old female and only started getting serious about exercise two years ago when I needed to lose 25 pounds. I've dropped the weight and I continue to stay fit and enjoy exercise. This book has been a life changer. I recommend it to all my friends and have even purchased several copies and given them as gifts!, This particular book is awesome. There are a few odd, sexist comments every now and then (such a comment about push-ups: " Sorry for pondering like a guy, nevertheless the size of your upper body is going to determine how significantly you go down" -- is that necessary? ), but I'm following the plan and can absolutely see results after 12-15 workouts. I've also prepared a lot of the recipes, and they're delicious. I've lost about 5 lbs and my ab muscles are visibly more defined., Love this book! A good publication for beginners who want to start strength training. I've lifted weights and used machines before, the workouts in this book are not boring, but are challenging., Working out is nothing new to me but I have been conflicted about how I ought to continue to train with what is true and exactly what is a hook for magazine and book sales. This publication clears out the phony quick fixes to weight loss and explains a plan where weight lifting and rest provide the best results. It offers the right level of information to its food and workout plan. I wish I had this years before, I would be raising again by now., I'm a 40-year-old woman and I've been lifting weight load for more than a decade, and I want to say that book is fantastic. Finally someone is encouraging women to really lift weights. It just makes sense not to simulate the moves of a male bodybuilder when using smaller weights and higher reps. I laughed out loud when the author referred to "Barbie weights" (those brightly colored, worthless 1 and 2 lb dumbbells). Instead, the most benefit comes from working as much of the body as possible with each move, and using heavier weights that result in increases in muscle tissue. Also found the information on nutrition very helpful and enlightening, particularly the advice about NOT drastically cutting calories. To quote the writer, "The reward of eating less is that you have to consume even less as you lose weight and your metabolism decreases. I don't know about you, but I can't think about that I'd be happy if all I got out there of starving myself down to a smaller waist dimensions are that I received to experience even deeper levels of starvation. inches The author has a good point! I received a lot out of this book, and suggest it to any woman considering fitness., Using research-based knowledge and a wonderful sense of humor, the author provides valuable Insight into weighted workouts for women. Nutrition information is a plus. And sample quality recipes as well as daily menus make it a well-rounded read. Highly recommend., This is a very straightforward and helpful publication. The descriptions of exercises are exceptionally useful. I recommend it to everyone.

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