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This trade contains two flowers and issues 31-34 from the Avengers. At the conclusion from the collection, there is usually a three page notice from Bendis towards the readers. In it, he notifies us that he is usually ending his time about the Avengers to go and write the X-Men. I was surprised whenever I read it (I don't visit comic publication stores anymore (all Amazon) and I don't keep up on comic news), but after thinking regarding it for a couple minutes, that makes sense.

Bendis had written 232 Avengers comics -- a record. His 2004 to 2009 run was inspired. I'm a huge fan of Civil Conflict and the Skrull Invasion. Bendis is a master at characterization and discussion. Unfortunately, the last couple of years happen to be weak -- Fear Itself in addition to the Avengers vs. X-Men storylines were forced, heavy and too heavy about action.

This trade scans well and is the good book. I really do suggest it. It's just not upwards to par with their other Avengers work.
Two problems:

(1) Simon Williams attacks the Avengers in the particular Annuals that start up the particular trade (something that Benids foreshadowed 2 years ago). He blames them for numerous sorts problems (Civil War, Scarlet Witch, Ultron) and claims the Avengers should not exist. A few concerns later, he returns in addition to is semi-easily accepted again into the fold. Not necessarily cool (I'm still possessing a hard time accepting the particular Cap-Iron Man peace).
(2) The Wasp is alive. She was killed during the Skrull Invasion, and then brought again 5 years later inside this trade. It seemed like Bendis was bold if he took over the publication and killed off Hawkeye, Antman (Scott Lang, not Pym), the Wasp, in addition to a few other character types, but none of the particular iconic (or semi-iconic) character types remained dead. Ah, the particular problems with having to be able to sell a comic eternally (see Jason Todd).

Bendis is great. I adore his writing. He's my favorite author that works for the big 2, and it's really not really close. Of which said, selection a great choice in leaving the particular Avengers when he performed. It's time to proceed on., I liked the lot of things regarding this collection, but right now there were some major components I didn't like very much, such as the way they reintroduced Hawkeye by having him or her take over the Ronin personality from Echo (not precisely a spoiler as that happens early on in this collection). The first concern here, which involves Hawkeye's journey back into the particular world, was well done, however. I'd absolutely suggest this for fans of this character.

We also get the New Avengers coming in to conflict using the Hand, which usually would eventually lead immediately into the Secret Invasion story. Overall some great stuff here, though the particular art wasn't my personal favorite. 1 thing I enjoyed about this team of established heroes coming together is whenever some characters are acquainted with some points in the particular Marvel Universe and others are not, such as Spider-Man and Iron Man understanding Brother Voodoo when Wolverine and Ms. Marvel had no clue who he was. Bendis is definitely good in that sort of point., Okay, whoever else that is plenty sick and tired of the Hood, raise your hand, please. I actually don't know why Brian Michael Bendis is fixated on two-bit hoodlum Parker Robbins and his increase to power, but I actually wish Bendis would reduce it out already. The particular Hood has been tormenting the New Avengers for the while now, and Bendis has been all along trying to mold this nobody into this uber-villain, but I'm still not buying it.

NEW AVENGERS Vol. 12: POWERLOSS collects issues #55-60 and, following the "Search for the particular Sorcerer Supreme" eff-up of a story arc, the brand new stretch of issues needs to be, just has to end up being, an improvement. Plus its, mainly. But, dammit, here's Parker Robbins still running around, powerless now, what with the particular Dread Dormammu having merely been exorcised from the particular Hood's body (issue #54). Blast that Loki for stepping in. The assumption of the "Power Loss" arc centers on a single of the Hood's flunkies unearthing a power-dampening device, and also you right away see where this really is going. In Times Square, a trap is jumped, the product activated, and the particular outlaw Avengers are removed of their super capabilities.

It's maybe even a bit humiliating that the outlaw Avengers weren't even the particular primary targets. The Engine having scampered off together with Loki and Madame Masque, his absence causes the power vacuum in their network of loser super-goons, until one of these people arrives at the notion of making a handle Grettle Osborn, using the power-dampening weapon as a bargaining chip. So the focuses on were actually the Darkish Avengers, necessary as guinea pigs to get a demo of the device. Moments following the New Avengers are struck down, Osborn wonderful Dark Avengers do show up.

I've always liked Mockingbird, even much more than her DC counterpart Dark Canary. She's the only one not to end up being affected by the energy dampener and she rapidly springs into action inside defense of her fallen teammates, and I'm basically digging her moxie. The lady knows she's ridiculously eclipsed, but she goes for it, anyway. Also, somewhen around this issue, FRESH AVENGERS continuity must have caught up with her in addition to Clint Barton's REUNION mini-series, because she's rocking the woman new (but not improved) costume. By the way, what am I missing that I cannot figure out why Clint WAS taken out by simply the power dampener. Isn't very he all native abilities, no super powers?

The particular most seriously afflicted is usually Luke Cage whose loss of power induces an quick stroke, and the sleep of these issues give attention to his teammates and other friends rallying around him or her. Luke Cage, front in addition to center, always translates to be able to good stories. At death's door whilst still being being badasss, Luke's come a long way from mediocrity to A-Lister. I've said this before, but he or she and his wife Jessica shares one of the particular most real relationships inside comics, and their interactions are always a highlight for me. But it's not just about him. Somewhere inside here, the Hood gets back in the photo (a pox on Loki! ) but, thankfully, he's not featured as heavily. Norman Osborn is, in addition to each and every time I see him or her I'm just raring for him to get what's coming to him. All those buying a silver lining inside the cloudy Dark Rule era should be gratified to learn that the Goblin does get royally punked not once but 2 times, first with the Hood's flunkies and, later, in the sweeeeeet flim flam drawn off by the New Avengers.

Stuart Immonen because the new artist, no problems. I'm a fan of his and i also wish he'd stayed within the new GREATEST SPIDER-MAN. Still, I just like his stuff here. Bendis is always good for funny banter and great character moments. I merely wish he'd get the move on already. 1 ongoing quibble I've had with this series is usually that, because of the without stopping mega-events it's had to be able to endure, NEW AVENGERS has for a long time now been running in place. Currently, is actually stuck in DARK RULE shenanigans, and things are at a standstill as Norman Osborn runs the Marvel World towards the ground. Hopefully, will be certainly SIEGE and then we are going to done with him in addition to it's on to Brightest Da-- I mean, Brave Age, and on to what ever new iterations of the particular Avengers. But I'm having pretty fed up together with these Avengers' "outlaw" status.

Other complaints I obtained (and maybe a SPOILER WARN stamp for two sentences): I do believe continuity gets smacked around inside issue #59 as Flat iron Fist somehow leads to two places at one moment throughout the Avengers' two-pronged affect. How can he be both at Camp H. The. M. M. E. Ur. and on the helicarrier? One more thing that bugged me personally: Hawkeye's been thru a few rough times but, in case I remember right, again during the West Shoreline Avengers run, wasn't he or she the one who condemned Bobbi for killing somebody (someone who'd assaulted her)? Yet here's Clint, vowing to personally kill Grettle Osborn. I dunno, this seems too much of a 180. I suppose the man can change... Also, not that it's a huge thing, but a couple of of the covers are misleading. One features Spidey and Spider Woman standing continual suggesting that the wicked drubbing is regarding to be handed out by them. The other has a triumphant Engine looming over a selection of beaten down Avengers.

Now the stuff I liked: The cool skirmishes (Mockingbird in action, weakened Spidey still going at Flat iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel slugging Iron Patriot, Captain The usa accepting Ares, the entire "Let's get Luke again! " caper, etc. ). And Spidey's conversation together with Jessica Jones and their more heated debate together with Clint. I enjoyed the particular makeshift Defenders reunion, as well as the other obscure characters who create a cameo. I really like that will Wolverine is AWOL for this adventure (he's apart on X-Men business). Difficult that I dislike him or her, however it makes total perception to me that Logan might miss a mission or two as he's about so many friggin' teams. Last, I thought it had been funny that Bullseye gets a bit miffed when Flat iron Patriot neglects to point out "Avengers Assemble! "

In addition to then there's Luke Competition getting the last word inside:

- After a pair of Strength Man's friends shrink on their own to investigate a miniature device implanted within Luke's body, Spider-Man comments to be able to Luke: "Weird. You have two men inside an individual. "
: Luke Cage's quick response: "Don't say that again. ", The fifth volume level of the otherwise fantastic New Avengers series is just average. Essentially a collection of one shots, the particular volume touches base together with most of the major New Avenger characters to get a feel for how they are reacting to be able to the overall Civil Conflict plotline. We get glimpses of characters like Henry Cage and Captain The usa coping with the fallout in addition to fracturing of the group. If you love Civil War or the New Avengers this is well worth picking up to find the personal touches the key event has on the characters, but there isn't a New Avengers-specific storyline that attaches each issue., Writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist Steve McNiven and the production group have fashioned a sharpened, entertaining story around 1 of Marvel's more uncommon characters, the Sentry. Evolving the bigger New Avengers history arc, while at the particular same time including a few wonderful character beats, this surprisingly moving storyline is usually an interesting take about the themes of emotional illness, guilt, isolation in addition to the importance of trying in addition to asking for help.

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